Sales Advisor Job Description Example, Duties and Responsibilities

By | November 23, 2023
Sales Advisor Job Description
Sales advisors provide relevant information and advice to customers to make the best decision on their purchases.

This post provides detailed information on the sales advisor job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to perform to be hired for the sales advisor role.

What Does a Sales Advisor Do?

Sales advisors are responsible for meeting the needs of customers through phone calls, emails, or direct contact.

The sales advisor job description entails providing customers with product information, advice, and assistance in making purchases.

Sales advisors usually work in a retail establishment or in the call center unit of an organization that manufactures electronics, clothing, or groceries.

In performing their duties, advisors meet and interact with customers to identify their product requirements and to assist them in locating and selecting suitable products.

They are in charge of protecting and enhancing the image/reputation of a company, thus they carry out various responsibilities to ensure an always satisfied clientele.

They also behave politely with customers in order to establish good trust relationship and to increase customer base.

As part of their work description, sales advisors maintain a clean and tidy work area; they ensure display shelves and aisles are dust free and accessible.

They also direct and coordinate the operation of sales personnel to ensure compliance with set company policies and procedures.

The role of sales advisors may also involve monitoring stock levels with the aid of an up-to-date inventory.

They facilitate order for new shipments to replenish out-of-stock items. They also oversee the reception and storage of new products as well as proper merchandising of goods on display shelves.

In fulfilling their role, advisors assist puzzled buyers in identifying product choice; they provide appropriate answers to customer queries or solutions to their problems.

They also ensure that sales representatives conduct sales in compliance with acceptable customer service standards.

As part of their duties, advisors work with a team of sales personnel in order to achieve set objectives and goals.

They provide after sales services to customers and handle product returns and refunds.

They also operate cash registers and maintain daily cash balances.

Sales advisor usually perform a range of administrative duties, among which include handling customer calls, sending emails, and maintaining accurate customer database.

To work as an advisor on sales in a company usually requires at least a high school diploma.

Some of the qualities necessary for success in this position include computer, communication, and customer service skills.

Sales Advisor Job Description Example/Template

The role of a sales advisor involves various functions helping customers with quality advice on their purchases.

The job description example shown below highlights the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities that sales advisors mostly carry out:

  • Oversee proper merchandising of stock on shelves according to product type or other criteria
  • Meet with clients, make them sales offers and persuade them to make purchase
  • Assist customers in locating and selecting products which best meets their requirements
  • Take phone call orders and ensure reservation or delivery of booked products/services
  • Create customer profile and input relevant information to ensure an up-to-date customer database
  • Monitor display shelves to facilitate restocking of out-of-stock items
  • Supervise janitorial personnel and ensure store environment is well-maintained, clean, and orderly
  • Maintain daily cash balances and operate cash registers to ensure accurate accounts
  • Listen to customer complaints and provide solutions to address their issues or challenges
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of products so as to be able to provide useful information to customers
  • Collect cash payments and process credit/debit card transactions for product purchases
  • Set and implement action plans for achieving set objectives
  • Coordinate and manage the activities of sales personnel to ensure adherence to established customer service standards
  • Handle customer inbound/outbound calls as well as forward and reply emails
  • Receive new shipments and make provision for the storage of excess amount of stock.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Sales Advisor Job

To qualify to work as an advisor on sales, here are common employer requirements you may need to meet:

  • Education and Training: To become a sales advisor, you require a minimum of high school diploma and several years of experience as a customer service or sales representative. Having a Bachelor’s degree in a business discipline such as marketing or business administration on the other hand will increase your job prospects
  • Computer Skill: Sales advisors are proficient in using computer systems to create and maintain an up-to-date customer database
  • Communication Skills: They are able to relate with customers and sales personnel to communicate information useful in ensuring a satisfied clientele
  • Persuasive Skill: They are adept at convincing customers to make purchases in order to maximize company profits.


The sample sales advisor job description presented in this post is useful to employers in making an all-inclusive work description for attracting and hiring the best candidates for the position, and for assigning tasks to them.

Also, if this is a career you are interested in, this post will help you to learn about what sales advisors do, and so be prepared for the tasks that you may be assigned when eventually hired for the role.