R+L Carriers Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 15, 2023
R+L Carriers Hiring Process
The R+L Carriers hiring process consists of job assessment test and interviews to help the Company find the best talents for available positions.

This post guides you through the R+L Carriers hiring process, to help you learn what to expect in the Company’s job application, interviews, and the other stages of its recruitment process before you can be employed.

The R+L Carriers Hiring Process

The recruitment process at R+L Carriers involves the following stages:

R+L Carriers Job Application Process

The online application is available through the R+L Carriers website. The process is easy and simple.

After registering, applicants fill out a simple online application.

Jobs at R+L Carriers

R+L Carriers employ over 10,000 staff. Some of these positions include:

  1. Sales and Marketing Manager
  2. Parts and Service Representative
  3. Sales Representative
  4. Vehicle Maintenance Technician
  5. Management Trainee
  6. Dockworker.

R+L Carriers Job Assessment Test

R+L Carriers require applicants to take an online written exam. This part of the hiring process is used to take the candidate’s skills and intelligence level for hiring the best talent for their company.

The test consists of a series of questions that are open-ended type. This is good to review the candidate’s preparedness, and to check their aptitude.

Tips for Passing Online Written Exam

Here are some quick tips to aid your passing the written exam:

  1. Always review the previous questions before starting to solve the new ones.

2. Always try to solve only one question at a time, and always move on to the next question once you have answered the previous one.

3. Do not skip any of the questions on your exam copy. Corrections can be made after you finish typing your answers in keyboard paragraphs.

4. Always start your answers with a topic sentence. This way, you will be able to provide the recruiter with enough information to judge your answer.

You can use the paragraph format option to enter your answers where you will be provided with less space in each paragraph than in the multiple-choice section of the exam.

  • Always proofread your response.
  • Do not be afraid to guess if you have no clue what the answer is to a question.

R+L Carriers is looking for candidates that will figure out the answer on their own instead of being afraid to make a mistake, or to guess something that is not right just because they are afraid of looking bad for it.

The test is done at least once a day, so if you did not pass it does not mean that it will take forever until you can take another opportunity to take it again online.

R+L Carriers Interview Process

The R+L Carriers interview process consists of the following:

  • Phone Interview

Phone interview is the second step in R+L Carriers hiring process. This step is optional and only for some applicants.

It is used to test the phone skills of the candidate.

The candidate will be asked various questions related to customer service, security, safety, and other general knowledge questions.

  • Face-to-face Interview

Face-to-face interview is the final step in R+L Carriers hiring process. This is a crucial point.

The R+L Carriers one-on-one interview consists of behavioral questions.

In this part of the process, an interviewer will ask you various questions based on various scenarios and problems to check your aptitude, problem solving skills, ability to analyze and summarize a situation, communication skills, etc.

The best candidate will be hired.

  • Background Screening

R+L Carriers perform a background check for all applicants to ensure that no criminal record or mental illness exists among the candidates.

Tips for Passing the R+L Carriers Interviews

Here are some ideas to help you get through R+L Carriers interviews easily:

  1. Dress professionally at all times even for outdoor interviews (especially for the face-to-face interviews).
  2. Prepare a list of questions to ask during your interview to make sure that you ask what you want to know.
  3. Do not be afraid of making a mistake, and make sure that you are confident during your interviews.
  4. Always be honest as possible, but try not to give off too much information when answering questions.
  5. Ensure to practice. It is always great to have a practice interview session with a friend or even a family member.

Just make sure that you have no problem in giving the correct answers, as well as the right way to approach and ask your questions.

6. Follow-up and contact R+L Carriers staff as soon as possible once you have passed the interview process by letting them know when you would be available for the next step, whether it is for an interview, drug test, or background investigation.

R+L Carriers Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most common questions (and answers) asked by R+L Carriers during the one-on-one interview; these are relevant for all types of positions available in the company:

  1. What is the greatest strength you are bringing to R+L Carriers?

My greatest strength is that I am very goal-oriented and I always put my passion and hard work into every project.

2. What is your greatest weakness in your job?

My greatest flaw is that I am sometimes too hard on myself. I can easily beat myself up for a mistake that I have made, but at the same time, it drives me to be better and not to make the same mistake again in the future.

3. What is your biggest personal goal?

My biggest personal goal is to make a great life for myself and my family.

I want to build on the hard work that I have put into my career over the years because I know how important it is to me.

4. What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is my relationship with my sister and brother-in-law.

They are the best friends that anyone could have, always willing to help me out in any situation and they always give it their all to make me happy.

5. How would you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as being loyal, determined, goal-oriented, and hard working.

How long does R+L Carriers Hiring Process Take?

When examining 71 user-submitted interviews across all job titles, the recruiting process at R+L Carriers takes an average of 20 days.

Driver applicants had the shortest employment procedure (on average 8 days), whereas Line Haul Driver applicants had the slowest hiring process (on average 12 days).

Major R+L Carriers Careers and Jobs

Some of the major careers and jobs available at R+L Carriers include:

  • Home Time Team Drivers

Description: Home time team drivers are responsible for delivering trailers and driving trucks throughout the continental United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Home time team drivers are independent contract workers who have no ownership in the business.

They are paid on a per mile basis and earn a pre-negotiated mileage rate plus the per diem that covers all expenses incurred on the job (excluding the cost of fuel).

  • Line Haul Drivers

Description: R+L Carriers’ line haul drivers pick up and deliver trailers between two or more points each day.

In addition to driving, they must be able to perform standard pre- and post-trip inspections of the trailer, ensure they are using the correct trailer for their load, and answer any questions customers might have.

These drivers are independent contractors that are paid on a per mile basis.

  • Terminal Operators

Description: Terminal operators are the first people customers come in contact with when they enter a truck yard.

They make sure the customers look at, and ultimately order the products that will be stored in their spot.

Terminal operators are responsible for ensuring that each customer order is accurate and complete.

  • Car Attendants

Description: Car attendants are responsible for taking customer orders and guiding customers to the right place in a bid to find the products they want.

They also communicate with other employees, including truck drivers and terminal operators, to ensure that all areas are efficiently staffed.

  • Customer Service Representatives

Description: Customer service representatives ensure that customer needs are met.

They ensure that customers understand how R+L Carriers offers its customers a full service logistics experience while being easy, stress-free, and hassle-free.

What to Expect Working at R+L Carriers

R+L Carriers offer benefits like: Health, Dental and Vision Insurance, Company-paid Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Life Insurance.

The benefits are subject to change based on location.

R+L Carriers also offer Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) benefits that include: 401(k), Stock Purchase Plan, Stock Purchase Match Plan and an Employee Stock Option Plan.

Also, you can expect discounts to local businesses, like a gym membership or even a day care center.

R+L Carriers Company Profile

R+L Carriers is a privately held American freight shipping firm established in Wilmington, Ohio, that has grown from one truck to a fleet of 21,000 tractors and trailers over the period of 50 years.

The Company’s employees come from various demographic backgrounds. The firm is made up of 24.7 percent women and 35.4 percent ethnic minorities.

R+L Carriers employees are somewhat more likely to be Republican Party members than Democratic Party members, with 64.0 percent identifying as Republican Party members.

Despite their differences in opinion, R+L Carriers workers appear to be satisfied.

The organization has excellent employee retention, with employees typically remaining for 4.0 years.

The typical R+L Carriers employee earns $42,970 per year. College Sports Television, Xpress Global Systems, and Old Dominion Freight Line, for example, pay $53,314, $52,193, and $50,616, respectively.


The R+L Carriers Company is a great place to work with its top wages, flexible working schedule, and excellent benefits, as well as flexible hiring process.

If you are interested in working for R+L Carriers, this post has provided you the information you need to successful pass the Company’s recruitment process and be employed.