Resin Technician Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | March 31, 2024
Resin Technician Job Description
Resin technicians are responsible for preparing, applying, and processing resins and composite materials.

This post provides detailed information on the resin technician job description, including the typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities they perform.

It also highlights the major requirements employers usually want candidates for the resin technician role to fulfill to be hired.

Whether you’re looking to get into the resin technician line of work yourself or you’re an employer trying to nail down an accurate job description for this position, this is the place to get the full scoop.

What Does a Resin Technician Do?

A resin technician prepares, applies, and processes resins and composite materials used in the production of various products.

To make the products, they mix and blend resins as required and apply them safely and regularly.

A resin technician reports to the manufacturing manager or supervisor for the production, or a principal technician, based on the structure of the organization they work for.

They can work in a lot of different settings, in places like construction, aerospace, marine and automotive field, along with the companies developing renewable energy services.

Several industries require products that include the incorporation of resins and composite materials during their production process.

As the requirement to qualify for a resin technician role varies from company to company, and also from one position to another, an applicant is at least expected to have educational qualifications like a standard diploma.

Companies can however look for individuals possessing a 2-yr Associate’s degree or complete a vocational training program that is relevant to fields like composite fabrication and manufacturing technology.

It is a fair assumption to say you do not need a formal education to become a resin technician.

Most people with on-hands training programmes or apprenticeships have succeeded in being excellent resin technicians.

Specific industries or the manufacturing process might demand a person to have various certificates or licences.

This means that a technician is expected to keep up-to-date with all the requirements and demands in the industry.

The main responsibilities of a resin technician include preparing, handling and using resins and composite material.

Mixing and combining resins and other substances according to a formula is the main responsibility of a resin technician.

Using various equipment to apply resins is also one of the duties of a resin technician.

Production of certain resins might require a quality check and inspection to make sure they meet the set requirements.

It is the job of the resin technician to keep the equipment used for resin processing in good shape and maintain it throughout.

Apart from their major duties, the job description of a resin technician also involves keeping track of the inventory and order supplies, and performing the maintenance rounds required for the task.

It also entails keeping the processing logs accurate and updating them regularly.

The role of a resin technician is a much significant one across the world.

Countries with a high manufacturing and production team hold some very coveted jobs.

For example, U.S., UK, Russia, India and some of the other industrially developed countries provide varying demand-driving market for resin technicians.

If a country has a strong presence in the aerospace or automotive or renewable energy sector, there would be a high demand for resin technicians in various sectors.

The aerospace, automotive, and the renewable energy sectors show the highest use of composite materials in different products and processes. 

They require the best resin technicians in their team for the smooth operation.

There are competencies employers seek when recruiting for a resin technician position. Some of these are:

  • Have good experience in processing resin and composite fabrication
  • Possess keen eye for details and steadfast in adhering to standards
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Able to operate resin equipment and associated machinery
  • Can follow laid down rules and stick to safety guidelines.

Some regulations that you are expected to follow will depend on national and state regulatory organizations.

The idea is to ensure that you are staying in line as a resin technician, that you follow safety protocols and the environment is protected.

For example, OSHA lays down the law in the US. The EU Counterpart has the European Chemicals Agency that keeps things standardized.

You’ll need to stick to the guidelines from the local Environmental Protection Authority as it applies in other countries,

By learning these rules put in place by regulatory bodies and complying with them, resin techs are keeping work places safe and regulated.

Resin Technician Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The resin technician job description consists of the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Provide detailed and accurate record keeping in areas like resin batches, quality measures, processing parameters etc.
  • Work cooperatively with others as a team player to ensure smooth operation and troubleshoot issues in record time when they arise
  • Observe religious compliance with safety standards, industry guidelines and environmental regulations in handling resins and composite materials
  • Contribute new ideas that help improve formulations, techniques, and procedures
  • Train new team members on the know-how of resin handling and processing, equipment, and machinery operations and safety best practices
  • Stay updated on all things resin processing and composite
  • Liaise with external stakeholders like suppliers, vendors, and contractors in ensuring timely delivery of needed materials
  • Take part in emergency exercises and safety drills
  • Carry out preventive maintenance on equipment and machinery to reduce and ensure optimal condition
  • Help with setup and dismantling between production batches
  • Provide good inventory practices to ensure supplies are always available when needed
  • Ensure the work area is tidy and organized so production runs smoothly.

Resin Technician Job Description for Resume

If you have worked before as a resin technician or currently working in that role and are making a new resume or CV, then you can apply the sample resin technician job description provided above in creating an effective Professional Experience section for your resume.

You can highlight the resin technician duties and responsibilities in the above job description example in your resume’s Professional Experience to show that you have been successful performing the resin technician role.

This will greatly enhance your resume and boost your chances of been employed, especially if the new job that you are seeking requires someone with some resin technician work experience.

Resin Technician Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Here are key abilities, knowledge and skills commonly required by employers for hiring for the resin technician position:

  • Problem solving prowess that can resolve processing hiccups, malfunctions and any defect that may arise during work
  • Great at math and its practical application in real time, in terms of formulas, ratios, and parameters application
  • Can communicate using clear language in spoken and written format. Able to convey intended meaning correctly and document processes in an accurate manner
  • Have team building skill set necessary to work with others and get cooperation from others
  • Able to carry out accurate inspection and identify anomalies so that high standards can be upheld at all times
  • Possess safety consciousness and ability to apply good knowledge of safety protocols, accurate handling of chemicals and hazard awareness
  • Can operate a computer and use appropriate software for data entry, records and data processing
  • Possess the physical fitness that the work demands in terms of standing, lifting, and working
  • Able to adapt to necessary changes in technologies, processing, and material handling and management
  • Possess a mind that can take initiative and willing to improve all aspects of the resin technician role
  • Have good organization skills. Able to organize time, space, materials and if necessary people in meeting the goals of the company

Resin Technicians Salary

Reports from show that the average hourly pay for a resin technician is $23.15 in the United States, as of March, 2024. 

When looking at the best paying states for composite technicians in 2024, from data published by, the top 5 states are:

  • Connecticut: $39,407
  • Maine: $37,972
  • Alaska: $38,562
  • Arizona: $36,796
  • West Virginia: $34,371.


This post has shown the important role that resin tech plays across various key industries, like aerospace, automotive, renewable energy – anywhere that use composite materials at a large scale.

If you are looking to get into this position, this article did a good job at presenting the resin technician job description, breaking down the kinds of duties and responsibilities you’d be taking on, so you can evaluate if this job is a good fit.

You’d also find salary data and top-paying states, giving you a good assessment of the earning potential.

Employers would find this information useful in to crafting accurate and detailed resin tech job description that will help attract qualified candidates with the right technical prowess, problem-solving chops, and dedication adhering to approved quality and safety standards.

So whether you’re looking to pursue a career as a resin technician or need to hire one, this post has got you covered.