Real Estate Salesperson Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 12, 2023
Real Estate Salesperson Job Description
Real Estate Salespersons also conduct property inspections and assessments.

Real Estate Salesperson Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides complete information on the job description of a real estate salesperson, to help you understand what they do.

It highlights the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the real estate salesperson work description in most organizations.

It also presents the major requirements most recruiters/employers may want you to meet to be hired as a real estate salesperson.

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What Does a Real Estate Salesperson Do?

A real estate salesperson has the responsibility of using their in-depth knowledge of the real estate market to help clients find or sell property, and guide them through the process of finalizing purchases or sales.

A real estate salesperson works with a broker and helps home buyers and sellers complete home sale transactions.

The real estate salesperson job description entails building and managing a database of contacts to establish and maintain a presence in the marketplace.

It also involves conducting property inspections and assessments, and facilitating real estate transactions through to settlement using appropriate methods of sale.

Real estate salespersons arrange the sale of land, residential properties (such as houses and flats), businesses, factories, shops, and farms on behalf of the owners.

They possess the knowledge of land ownership, land issues, building structures, and council compliance, and comply with the country and state law and standards relevant to the real estate industry.

A real estate salesperson is responsible for accepting and listing properties and businesses for sale and lease, conducting inspections, and advising buyers on the merits of properties and businesses and the terms of sale or lease.

They advise vendors of sales and marketing options such as sale by auction and open house inspections.

They assess buyers’ needs and locate properties and businesses for their consideration.

If you are applying for a real estate salesperson role, some of the requirements that employers would want you to possess include good communication and negotiation skills, good presentation and a pleasant manner, and ability to network effectively and without direct supervision.

You may also be required to possess strong sales focus, good organizational skills and attention to detail, and good working knowledge of the local area.

Real Estate Salesperson Educational Qualifications

You will be required to show proof of academic qualifications if you are searching for a real estate salesperson position.

You need to build a strong portfolio with demonstrated skills and abilities for the new real estate salesperson job that you are seeking to increase your chances for an interview with the recruiter/employer.

To become a real estate salesperson, you need to complete an accredited short course in real estate or property services or a VET qualification.

You should contact your chosen institution for further information as subjects and prerequisites can vary between institutions.

Real estate salespersons have to register with the related department in their state.

To be eligible for registration, you need to complete a National Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson) (Level 4) before applying for a license from the Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA).

If done full-time, this course takes three to eight months to complete.

The candidate must be 18 years or older and a license may also be required depending on the responsibilities of the role.

Real Estate Salesperson Salary Information and Employment Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay of a real estate salesperson ranges from $45,680 to $65,379.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a modest growth of 3 percent jobs for real estate salespersons by 2024.

Real Estate Salesperson Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Real estate salespersons typically perform the responsibilities:

  • Working with homeowners to get their home listed for sale
  • Advising the prospective client on what needs to be done before the listing and showings start
  • Making the homeowner complete necessary paperwork, including agency agreements, listing disclosures, and legal documents
  • Submitting the property details to the local multiple listing services for others to see
  • Taking pictures and putting them on the web and in local classifieds
  • Taking calls from prospective buyers and other agents to schedule showings of the property to home shoppers
  • Calling the listing agent to make arrangements for a home showing; pulling pictures and listing details from the multiple listing services; and sharing them with the buyer during the home visit
  • Working with clients to submit a contract with an offer price, and actively consulting on writing an offer or letting clients make decisions alone
  • Sharing an offer received by the listing agent with the homeowners and bargaining over the offer.

Real Estate Salesperson Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a new resume or CV as someone who has worked before or are presently working as a real estate salesperson, you should include the professional experience section to your resume.

With the professional or work experience part of your resume, you can show to the recruiter/employer that you have been successful performing the duties and responsibilities of a real estate salesperson.

This piece of information can be helpful in getting the recruiter/employer to give you an interview, especially if the job that you are seeking requires some real estate salesperson job experience.

You can create a detailed professional experience section for your resume or CV by applying the real estate salesperson job description example above.

Real Estate Salesperson Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of a real estate salesperson, here are major requirements most recruiters/employers may want you to meet to be hired:

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft applications, including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to changing business and client needs
  • Ability to work remotely and independently meet timelines and deliverables
  • Well organized, self-disciplined, professional, and problem-solving skills
  • Active real estate license, interest, punctuality, and people skills
  • Personality, business, and interpersonal skills
  • Basic accounting and math, resourcefulness, honesty, and knowledge of the market
  • Self-motivation, persistence, and active listening
  • Social reminders, patience, and negotiation skills
  • Tactfulness, telecommunications, and outstanding customer service skills.


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