Property Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Property Maintenance Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Property Maintenance Technicians supervise maintenance work on buildings to keep them in top condition. Image source:

Property Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

What Does a Property Maintenance Technician Do?

A property maintenance technician is someone who takes care of buildings and other properties, supervising maintenance duties such as landscaping, painting, carpentry, and renovation to keep them in good condition.

The job description of a property maintenance technician, who may also be called building maintenance technician, entails identifying and meeting the maintenance needs of properties.

They ensure that residential and office buildings are well organized, with their air conditioning, appliances, and plumbing facilities in good working condition.

Keeping properties clean at all times is a core duty of the maintenance technician. Some buildings may be out of use for a long time and would be likely to be filled with dirt.

To get it fixed, the maintenance technician will have to supervise regular cleaning of such buildings and ensure that they are not used as dumping grounds by people.

They will put up warning notices to keep people off the properties.

The role of the property maintenance technician may also include making sure that breakdowns in buildings under their watch are promptly fixed by getting professionals to carry out repairs work on them, making them comfortable for habitation.

Beyond keeping properties clean, it is also the responsibility of the maintenance technician to keep them secured.

They make use of their contacts and work with security agencies to ensure that properties under their care are safe and out of bound to trespassers.

They also ensure that the properties are under lock and key at odd hours and are out of reach to hoodlums who may use them for illegal activities.

Property Maintenance Technician Job Description Example

People who work as property maintenance technicians perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities for their companies. Here is an example of the kind of job description usually given to them to execute by most employers.

  • Inspect buildings, equipment and appliances for functionality, checking for faults and fixing them where they exist to keep all things running and functioning properly; also, make provision for replacement of old and damaged appliances
  • Create and implement property maintenance policies and standards to serve as guide to other property workers in a bid to prevent misuse of property appliances which could result to damage
  • Develop and maintain a good relationship with contractors, vendors, and site workers to get the best bargains on property repairs, supplies, and maintenance
  • Ensure that properties are safe and void of any danger to their occupants, visitors, and workers by putting away harmful objects and equipment, and putting in place machinery to handle emergencies, such as fire outbreaks; and create exit routes with proper direction for easy location during emergencies
  • Diagnose problems with appliances and facilitate their prompt repairs for the convenience of property users, and carry out repairs on minor problems, such as light fixtures, clogged toilets, leakages, peeling wall and furniture
  • Check electrical wiring for accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards to avoid accidents
  • Maintain open communication with property owners, liaising with consultants and property managers for information regarding operations, renovations, and authorizations
  • Clean and prepare vacated buildings and rooms, getting them ready for new occupants to move in
  • Supervise the regular cleaning of the swimming pool to promote good hygiene in the environment
  • Design plan and schedule for works to be executed on properties
  • Conduct training for new maintenance workers to get them acquainted with the job

Property Maintenance Technician Resume Preparation

To prepare a resume for the job of property maintenance technician, the section of the resume that treats professional experience can be completed with information from the sample job description given above.

With some modification, you can adjust the highlighted functions for the position that are stated in the job description sample to conform with the actual experience you’ve had working as a maintenance technician for a property firm.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Property Maintenance Technician Job

The following are the skills and knowledge usually required for applicants for the position of maintenance technicians on property to have by hiring managers:

  • Mechanical skills: The maintenance technician is required to have mechanical skills to handle minor repairs and fixtures
  • Knowledge of electricity: Knowing how electricity works will help the technician to diagnose electrical problems and carry out minor repairs
  • General maintenance skills: With good maintenance skills, the technician will know how things work and how to keep the place organized, as well as how to tackle maintenance tasks in a fast and easy manner
  • Verbal and written communication skills: The property maintenance technician needs to have strong communications skills for effective delivery of information to clients, colleagues, and management