Pharmacy Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
Pharmacy Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Pharmacy Managers supervise the work of technical, professional, and subordinate supervisors for the smooth running of a pharmacy. Image source:

This post presents detailed information on the pharmacy manager job description, to help increase your knowledge of their key duties, tasks, and responsibilities.

What Does a Pharmacy Manager Do?

The work of a pharmacy manager involves being responsible for the production, compounding, and apportioning of medicines in a hospital pharmacy.

The pharmacy manager job description involves producing, preparing, and compounding prescriptions as demanded by a physician according to enacted practices of the profession, as well as the policies and requirements of the hospital.

He/she has the role to manage and oversee technical and professional personnel and subordinate supervisors in mixing various types of medicines utilized by, or sold to customers of the hospital.

The work will also involve overseeing the ordering of all equipment and supplies needed, and ensuring the establishment and maintenance of records.

It is the duty of the manager at a pharmacy to provide information on new medications to subordinates, interns, nurses or physicians.

He/she must have up-to-date knowledge on all newly certified drugs and their prescribed uses.

The work of the manager carried out under the guidance of supervisory officials of the hospital will involve dispensing medications to patients according to the physician’s requirements.

Furthermore, pharmacy managers also take directives from physical therapists, medical practitioners, and dentists. They often share operating tasks with outpatient pharmacy managers, hospital pharmacists, and pharmacist in charge, also known as PICs.

Pharmacy managers are in charge of dispensation of prescriptions by engaging standard operating principles for logging, filling, receiving, dispensing and controlling loss.

Pharmacy Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The job description of a pharmacy manager will usually contain the following duties, tasks, and responsibilities which they are expected to carry out as shown in the example below:

  • Program, direct, review, and rectify pharmacy procedures.
  • Render assistance to the technical and professional personnel in mixing, compounding and dispensing of various medications utilized by and sold to hospital patients.
  • Make formal requests for all supplies needed.
  • Familiarize self with current new pharmaceutical preparations prescribed for utilization by patients to be able to render assistance to hospital staff.
  • Set up and maintain a certified system of keeping records and the preparation of yearly budgets.
  • Oversee the organization of inventories.
  • Establish and support pharmacy services in line with state and federal requirements.
  • Design and organize job descriptions and prepare annual performance evaluation on all employees in a prompt manner.
  • Support supervising staff with the annual budget and hand over capital expenditures in line with standard policies.
  • Evaluate and improve manual of Policy and Procedure every year.
  • Institute and implement enhancement of quality for the department.
  • Perform selection of departmental staff and give orientation and supervision, as well as dismissal when necessary.
  • Plan, administer, organize, and successfully implement all activities in relation to the pharmacy operations.
  • Provide guidance on medications and prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs in line with hospital policies.

Pharmacy Manager Job Description for Resume

The above sample job description contains information about the work activities of a pharmacy manager, which can be used in writing the work history section of the resume for the position.

Pharmacy Manager Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

For pharmacy managers to be effective on the job, here are key requirements, including knowledge, skills, and abilities they should possess:

  • A graduate degree from an ACPE certified school of Pharmacy, with at least 3 years experience as assistant pharmacy manager or a related experience and training.
  • Outstandingly conversant with the principles and procedures of professional pharmacy job.
  • Sufficient familiarity with hospital practices, guidelines, and regulations in relation to compounding and apportioning medications.
  • Adequate knowledge of business in relation to organization of a hospital pharmacy.
  • Sufficient understanding of efficient instructional and supervisory procedures and techniques.
  • Ability to update records, calculate costs, organize reports and carry out other administrative and clerical staff duties.
  • Proficiency in directing, overseeing, and evaluating the work of technical and professional staff.
  • Effectiveness in maintaining and establishing efficient relationships with the public, employees, departmental staff and supervisors.