Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Ophthalmic Medical Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Ophthalmic Medical Assistants work with ophthalmologists in providing quality eye care service to patients. Image source: Work.chron.com

Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Job Description Example

An ophthalmic medical assistant is an entry-level employee who works with ophthalmologists in administering treatment to patients. They work under direct supervision of the ophthalmologist in rendering vision care to patients.

The job description of an ophthalmic medical assistant involves managing human traffic in the clinic by scheduling appointments with the ophthalmologist, supervising visit turns and giving patients direction to different departments in the clinic for treatment.

Their responsibilities also include preparing official documents for patients and assisting them to fill them correctly as they prepare to meet with the doctor.

The assistant will receive patients, attend to their inquiries and give them directions in the clinic.

Upon patients’ visit, the medical assistant will ensure that they are comfortable while they wait to be attended to by the eye doctor.

They will collect necessary information from patients, such as health history and demographics, to fill relevant documents in the course of treatment.

The role of the ophthalmologist’s assistant will also include ensuring the safety of patients’ files.

He/she will need to properly keep patients’ files following the clinic’s laid down procedures so that he/she will be able to retrieve the files easily when next the patient visits the clinic. This will help in facilitating the patient’s treatment procedures.

The ophthalmic medical assistant is not licensed to write medical prescription to patients, but they help interpret prescriptions by the doctor to patients, to ensure adherence to medication, and record statistics of the eye such as dimensions, lens, and muscle function to obtain data needed for proper treatment.

Other duties the medical assistant may perform as part of treatment procedures include preparing patients for examination by carrying out sensitization to get them ready for the actual procedure.

They also arrange the treatment room, making it clean, organized, and conducive for patients.

The assistant will ensure that necessary tools are made ready in the treatment room before scheduled time for a medical procedure by sterilizing them against infection.

He/she will also render support to the ophthalmologist during treatment by handing them needed tools.

Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Job Description Example

The daily duties, tasks, and responsibilities of most ophthalmic medical assistants are shown in the job description example for the occupation below:

  • Compile paperwork such as medical charts, treatment routine, health history and contact information for record keeping and reference purposes
  • Keep clinic equipment in good shape using procedures such as alcohol wipes to clean designated areas, as part of infection control measures
  • Perform checkups and diagnostic tests on patients to determine their state of health for proper treatment
  • Monitor treatment and administer checkup routines as post treatment activities to ensure full recovery and determine the effectiveness of treatment
  • Organize the surgery room and get patients ready for surgical procedures, assisting the doctor to ensure smooth flow of operations
  • Check clinical items for availability and place supply orders for re-stuck in line with the Ophthalmologists instructions
  • Perform series of test such as muscle balance, papillary reaction, muscle balance, dilation, intraocular etc as part of diagnostic measures
  • Assist in providing services to patients, including showing them the proper usage, fixing, and maintenance of lenses to avoid damage and side effects which may arise as a result of improper usage
  • Work with insurance officials in collecting and filling in patients’ insurance information and verify authenticity of claims to facilitate the allocation of benefits
  • Coordinate the repair of bad clinical equipment and facilities to promote clinical operations and keep the environment conducive
  • Ensure safety of patients, other staff and visitors by implementing safety procedures in clinical operations
  • Promote individual growth and career advancement by engaging in professional trainings and educational pursuits to improve job knowledge and enhance productivity

Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Resume Preparation

A resume for the job of medical assistant to an ophthalmologist can be prepared by filling the various sections of the resume with appropriate information that can really sell the resume owner to employers.

To write the professional experience section of the resume, the sample job description provided above contains the right phases and statements that can be used in making it. This information will convince prospective employers that you have the required experience and expertise to do the job.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Position

Here is a list of vital skills, knowledge, and abilities commonly required by prospective employers when considering applicants for employment as ophthalmic medical assistants:

  • Must obtain academic qualification of Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA) to show competence
  • Problem solving skills to proffer solution to challenging situations
  • Ability to pay attention to detail and instruction in administering prescribed treatment
  • Interpersonal skills in patients and team interaction
  • Ability to show compassion in dealing with patients