Nevada Software Engineer Salary and How to Increase It

By | July 17, 2023
Nevada Software Engineer Salary
Nevada offers greater opportunity to software engineers with highly demanded skills and experience.

The software engineer salary in Nevada is $98,486 yearly.

This post provides complete information on the salary of a software engineer in the State of Nevada.

It also presents the cities and companies in Nevada that pay the highest salaries to software engineers in Nevada to help guide your decision on working and living in the State.

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Nevada is located in the lower Midwest region of the US. It is a region where the best balance of salary and cost of living is achieved.

Nevada pays software engineers $98,486 salary yearly with an added bonus of $4,000. The State pays 55% above the National average salary for software engineers.

Software Engineers’ Salaries across State of Nevada

Sparks is the city of Nevada that pays software engineers the highest salary ($98,431 yearly). There is 21% difference between Sparks and the lowest paying city, Spring Valley ($79,222).

The State has a stagnant job market, but can still improve due to its lower Midwest region location.

Highest Paying Cities for Software Engineers in Nevada

The table below shows the cities in Nevada where software engineers earn the highest pay yearly:

CityYearly Salary ($)
North Las Vegas89,250
Las Vegas88,662
Carson City86,157
Sunrise Manor85,210
Spring Valley79,222
Cities that pay the highest salaries to software engineers in Nevada

Software Engineer Salary Based on Skills in the State of Nevada

Software engineers with the much in demand skills earn more than those without them:

  • Scala skilled software engineers in Nevada earn 24.30%, which is a yearly add on of $23,932.
  • Os kernel skills earn 17.55%, which adds up yearly to $17,284.
  • Big Data skills earn 17.35%, which add on is $17,087 yearly.
  • Microservices skilled software engineers earn 16.13% yearly add on to salary, which is $15,885.
  • Machine Learning skilled software engineers earn 11.91%, which amounts to a yearly add on salary of $11,726.
  • Data Structures skilled software engineers earn 10.99%, which is add-on of $10,823 yearly.

Software Engineer Salary Based on Experience in the State of Nevada

How much a software engineer earns in Nevada is determined by the number of years of experience they have acquired.

Listed below are the salaries for different experience levels for a software engineer in Nevada:

  • -1 year experience earns $75,227 yearly.
  • 1 – 2 years on the job in Nevada earns $77,288 yearly.
  • 3 – 5 years of job experience as a software engineer in Nevada earn $80,000 yearly.
  • 6 – 9 years of experience earns $88,401 yearly.
  • 10 years and older working as a software engineer in Nevada earn $101,278 yearly.

10 Highest Paying Companies for Software Engineers in the State of Nevada

The table below shows the highest paying companies for software engineers based in Nevada:

CompanySalary Yearly ($)
Octo Consulting Group153,511
Capital One151,009
Expedia Group125,223
Companies that pay the highest salaries to software engineers in Nevada

More Benefits for Software Engineers in the State of Nevada

Nevada software engineers get by with additional benefits apart from their usual yearly salary and bonuses, including:

  • Health Savings. Software engineers in Nevada get health savings programs towards getting a better health scheme.
  • Health Insurance. They get insured towards their health. Long hours of work can be stressful, so the company takes out policies towards this.
  • Gym Membership. Burning off excess stress in the gym can be beneficial to the Nevada software engineer as they are enrolled in top gyms across the State to help them burn excess fat.
  • Relocation Assistance. Nevada software engineers are given assistance to help them relocate from one part of the city or State to another. They help ease the relocation process by assisting with hauling and rents for Staffs relocating.
  • Stocks options. Stocks are issued to Nevada software engineers, which are either cashed out quarterly or yearly as the company declared dividends.

What Related Job Titles to Software Engineer Earn in the State of Nevada

Some of the major jobs related to software engineering are listed below with their earning power:

  • Backend Developer earns a yearly income of $101,325.
  • Full Stack Developer in Nevada earns a yearly salary of $97,905.
  • Application Developer earns $85,572 yearly in Nevada.
  • Frontend Developer earns $82,308 yearly.
  • Developer earns $69,320 yearly as salary.

Software Engineer Job and Salary Outlook in the State of Nevada

The job market for software engineers in the State of Nevada is not very active; it is ranked 21 out of 50 States in the US withsalaries of $98,486 yearly.

Getting by in this State for software engineers largely depends on skills, location, and years of experience.

How to Increase Your Salary as a Software Engineer in Nevada

Nevada software engineers can increase their salaries in various ways, below are some of the ways by which they can increase their salaries:

  • Relocate. Move from one part of the city to another; that is, from a low paying city to a high paying one.
  • Work for high a paying company. See the table above for the highest paying companies in Nevada for software engineers. You can strive to work for any of these companies and earn a higher salary.
  • Get a set of needed in-demand skills. Software engineers in Nevada with skills that are highly demanded by employers get paid the more. They also get more add-on to their salaries.
  • Get good education. A good education can help to increase your salary in Nevada. A software engineer with a BSC. in relevant professional field stands to get more salary boost than one without it.

More Career Opportunities for Software Engineers in the State of Nevada

Highlighted below are some career opportunities which software engineers can switch to if they wanted a career change:

  • Computer information research scientist receives yearly salary of $108,000.
  • Computer network architect earns $104,000 yearly.
  • Product safety engineer earns $93,000 yearly
  • Civil engineer earns $88,000 yearly.


The lower Midwest regions are known to be States that strike a balance between cost of living (109.4%) and salary (in this case, software engineers), $98,486 yearly.

It is a State that has limited potential for the upcoming software engineer without skills or years of experience, as potential jobs are largely rooted in skills and experience acquired.

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