Michaels Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Michaels Hiring Process
Your chances of getting employed at Michaels is higher when you know the hiring process at the company. Image source: blogto.

Michaels Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring process at Michaels involves various stages, including the job application and interview where you will be expected to answer certain questions to be considered for employment with the Company.

This post helps you learn the recruitment process at Michaels to improve your chances of getting your desired job there.

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Michaels Company Overview

Michaels, professionally known as The Michaels Companies Inc. is the largest provider of arts, crafts, floral, wall decorator, framing, and merchandise for manufacturers and independent home decorators.

It is headquartered in Irving, Texas, and was founded in Dallas, Texas by Michael J. Dupey.

Michaels operates and has at least 1,200 stores, and it also owns subsidiaries.

Mid-2018, the company claimed to have produced more than ten private organizations, such as recollections, bead landing, studio décor, as well as Ashland.

Moreover, even though Michaels has other competitors (Hobby Lobby, A.C. Moore, Jo-Ann Stores, Ben franklin, as well as many other small chain), the company still thrives predominantly in the industry.

The Michaels Hiring Process

To be among the thousands of employees at The Michaels companies Inc., you will need to take part in their hiring process.
Here are what to expect in the Michaels hiring process:

  1. Job Application Process

To start your journey into the hiring process, you only need to submit an online job application to the Human Resource department responsible for recruitment.

To do this, visit Michaels’ careers page, select your type of job after you must have provided your location, zip code, and distance.

Also, you will need to create a candidate portal to successfully submit the application form.

Your first name, last name, phone number, email address, and more will be required from you in this process.

After completing the online application form, it will be sent to the store location within not too far from where you reside. This is the reason why your location and Zip code are needed.

2. Interview Process

At The Michaels companies, the next thing that mostly comes up after applying online is a face-to-face interview, which is typically a question-and-answer session with you and the hiring manager alone.

Sometimes, the interview can be done twice, based on the job type that you applied for. But roles such as cashiers and replenishment associates should expect just a single interview session.

Apart from questions regarding your role and job skills, the hiring manager will ask you questions relating to your availability, previous experiences with co-workers, and your love for crafting.
Other Michaels interview questions to expect include:

  • Have you ever multitasked? Tell me about your experience.
  • Do you have any experience with crafting?
  • Give me a reason why you should be given this employment offer?
  • Was there a time where you had to break protocols in order to complete a task in your previous workplace.
  • Do you wish to ask me anything?

To ace your interview, you will necessarily need to prepare for it immensely. Here are few tips that can be helpful:

  • During the interview, don’t fail to discuss every of your working experience where you had to apply the expertise needed for the job you are now applying for.
  • It is highly recommended to have some major knowledge of crafts and arts, as well as other things the company now offers.
  • It is very important to come with some very significant questions ready to ask your interviewer just in case such is being requested.
  • Make sure you exhibit a professional nature by speaking clearly and eloquently, having good posture, and maintaining eye contact with your interviewer as well.

3. Hearing from Michaels after the Interview

On the completion of your interview session, the hiring manage or a Human Resource personnel will disclose to you the possibility of getting recruited.

The remaining procedures in the hiring process will be communicated to you as well.

However, you may have to leave the interview venue without getting any response or employment offer.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get hired. Your employment offer may come in a few days or a week time after you have been interviewed.

4. Background Check

Just like many other American employers, Michaels never fails to review a candidate’s background in a bid to avoid hiring someone who is a felon, or someone with very bad reputation.

Such candidates (felons) are suspected by the company to exhibit terrible behaviors and influence other employees negatively.

To recruit the ideal candidate, Michaels conducts background checks by investigating the individual’s work history, neighborhood, education history, and more.

Failure to undergo a background check will absolutely prevent you from getting employed. As an applicant who is found clean without any bad record, there is no hindrance to your employment offer.

Michaels Careers and Jobs

Below are a few of the many common jobs that you can apply for at Michaels:

  • Store planning coordinator: This employee performs very key responsibilities in the store, including accounting and varieties of procurement, as well as financial reporting. He/she is responsible for monitoring, managing, reporting, and coordinating the timing of delivery for every piece and part required to build a store.
  • Production lead: This role offers assistance to the production manager and supervisor with the quality, safety, and the department’s productivity objective they support. He/she is responsible for facilitating the training of new employees and making sure they meet the production and quality goals of the department.
  • Digital designer: This position designs and creates social media graphics, email, online and banners, and adjust the site. The digital designer mainly works in accordance with the digital design manager’s supervision. He/she is also responsible for translating marketing and business strategic objectives into a clear, visually exciting, clear, and emotionally engaging digital designs.
  • Marketing specialist – CRM: This employee develops and executes the company’s email marketing, and then manages the email lifecycle each day, while working closely with various business owners.
  • Front end developer: This role collaborates with designers that are creative and customers as an improved interactive developer that brings branded creative content. He/she is responsible for developing social media website and applications when necessary.

What to Expect Working at Michaels

Being one of the privileged employees at Michaels is great experience you tend to never forget.

Executing most of your difficult duties can be facilitated by friendly co-workers who are often ready support to offer help.

This validates one of the company’s policies that admonish all employees to be co-operative.

Michaels is the ideal workplace, especially for individuals who are artistic and passionate about creativity.

However, In spite of the caring management, many of Michaels’ previous employees do make complaints about not getting wages that are worth their dedication in the company.

Also, hardworking staffs are said not to be recognized for their diligence.


The Michaels companies Inc. is willing and pleased to hire individuals who are veterans in their expertise and are able to utilize their skilsl to make the company thrive.

The company offers adequate training and discipline, as well as leadership skills to their employees in order to make them exceptional at performing their duties.

You too can provide yourself a path for career growth and development as you work for the renowned and prestigious Michaels.