Talbots Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Talbots hiring process.
You stand a better chance of gaining employment with Talbots if you knew the company’s hiring process.

Talbots Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The Talbots hiring process consists of various stages, including the job application and interview that you will need to complete to be employed by the Company.

This post provides detail information on the recruitment process at Talbots to help individuals seeking employment there to be successful.

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Talbots Company Overview

Talbots is one of the largest fashion retail chains in the United States specialized in women’s clothing and shoes, as well as fashion accessories.

In 2018, the American company was operating more than 490 stores throughout its country.

When Talbot started business initially in 1947, Rudolf and Nancy Talbots (co-founders) opened the first shop which was located in Hingham, Massachusetts.

Later on, the company was sold to General Mills who operated and expanded the business for some years before JUSCO Co. Ltd purchased it.

Currently, Talbots is thriving greatly, and is one of the renowned brands offering beautiful, quality, and durable clothing, shoes and fashion accessories as well.

The Talbots Hiring Process

The hiring process Talbots uses to employ staffs is a very easy and straightforward procedure, making it possible for applicants to be recruited without experiencing lots of difficulties.

As a job seeker, here are what to expect in the Talbots hiring process.

  1. The Job Application Process

At Talbots, every applicant is expected to submit an online job application form, which gives an entry into the company’s hiring process.

This is usually done through the Talbots careers portal where you have access to apply for any job of your choice.

Just like other online job applications you might have submitted, it will need to create an applicant portal to complete the process.

This applicant portal is important; it can be used to monitor the progress of your submitted application.

Moreover, in order for your application to be received and reviewed within a short time-frame, you can speak with the hiring manager directly, which is a very difficult thing to do most times.

However, if you choose not speak with a hiring manager, the HR department will still attend to your application.

2. Interview Process

Talbots normally interviews a candidate whose application has been reviewed, and whose qualities meet the requirements of the job.

The interview is done in person and is conducted to assess the applicant’s potentials.

Almost all the time, the hiring manager is usually the one assigned to interview a candidate, and this can be a really tough experience for the interviewee.

As an interviewee, be prepared to answer questions pertaining to the position you are seeking for, the knowledge you possess about Talbot as a company, and your education history.

Aside from such questions, get ready to counter common Talbot interview questions, such as:

  • Are you experienced in the fashion retail industry, or have you worked in a fashion retail chain before?
  • Why should you be the preferred candidate for this job?
  • Why have you decided to leave your current employer in a bid to work for Talbots?
  • As someone who possesses sales techniques, how can you sell this outfit?
  • How do you handle a potential customer who is difficult?

Preparing for your interview is key. Failing to make preparations will prevent you from acing your interview session.

Below are helpful tips you may need.

  • When you are being interviewed, ensure you answer question very audibly and confidently without feeling intimidated.
  • Maintain eye contact with your interviewer, especially when answering a question. This act shows you are not nervous, maybe as a result of the interviewer’s threatening countenance.
  • When responding to questions, don’t fail to show skills in sales and customer services, even though they don’t pertain to your role.
  • As someone who wants to work for Talbots, you must show genuine interest in the fashion industry.

3. Hearing from Talbots after the Interview

Normally, the recruiters at Talbots take 2-4 weeks to respond to a candidate who has been interviewed.

In as much as many people find this time-frame very lengthy, it is not a deliberate act from the hiring department.

The company actually needs enough time to decide which candidate gets the job.

4. Orientation Program

Whenever an individual is newly employed into Talbots, he or she will need to learn much about the company such as its culture, history, and policies.

And if necessary, a little training will be given in order to perform work duties easily.

As a result of this compulsory learning process for new staffs, Talbots conducts an orientation program just like other organizations.

In this orientation, participants will need to watch some educative videos, tour the workplace, and then get familiar with the company’s merchandise.

The entire process can last for almost a week or just a day, depending on the role.

Talbots Jobs and Careers

Here are common roles at Talbots that are often sought for:

  • Merchandise planner: This employee is responsible for making a quick and day-to-day impact on Talbots’ business and also lives the company’s values. He/she works efficiently towards increasing Omni-channel merchandise planning activities, as well as financial sales development, inventory plans for their departments, markdown, and margin.
  • Sourcing associate: This employee is responsible for offering day-to-day assistance to the manager in every area of the product life cycle from concepts to delivery. He/she necessarily facilitates the sourcing strategy for the categories of products, and also eases interaction that ensues between significant cross functional partners and agents to deliver on the quality, aesthetic, and margin objectives of brand product.
  • Sales and service specialist: This role handles Omni-channel contacts, which include attending to phone calls, dealing with chats, texts, and emails from the company’s clients, providing sales and service support. He/she creates/builds engaging relationships with Talbots customers and also makes use of the product and its knowledge to persuade customers to be proud of the products they have purchased.
  • Purchasing agent: This position is in charge of the purchasing of company supplies, furniture, equipment, and more. He/she ensures that cost-effective products are being provided for customers; and maintains the company’s quality standards.
  • Retail inventory analyst: This role is responsible for supporting the stores field, prevention or loss, and Lakeville Distribution center by accurately recording inventory. He/she monitors internal communication, adjust inventory, and review and report on transaction trends.

What to Expect Working at Talbots

At Talbots, all employees adhere to the company’s policy that urges everyone to be Co-operative. Hence, co-workers are supportive and friendly almost every time.

The management always does its best to resolve arising issues that disrupt work duties, and Talbots’ staffs can’t deny receiving great wages.

Unlike many retail companies, you rarely encounter difficult or rude customers in the store.

However, as Talbots’ worker, expect to be given an impromptu task to perform, which does not pertain to your role.

This may be difficult and inconveniencing, but you have to retain your job by attending to any task assigned to you.


As a very large and thriving organization, having more than 540 stores and thousands of employees to its dominance, Talbots keeps offering employment opportunities to countless professionals who are able to join the company’s workforce.

As an applicant desiring to be employed at Talbots, the information provided here is significant and useful in bringing your desire to reality.