Kmart Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

Kmart Hiring Process
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Kmart Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The hiring at Kmart involves various stages, including the job description and interview that you will be expected to successfully go through to be employed by the Company.

This post provides complete information of the recruitment process at Kmart, to help make it easy for you to find employment with the company.

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Kmart Company Overview

Kmart Corporation is a big box department store chain, having its corporate Headquarters at Illinois, U.S.

The company was founded by S.S Kresge, who was acquainted with Frank Winfield Woolworth (variety-store pioneer), while he worked as a traveling salesman to all of Woolworth’s stores as at that time.

As at 1899, the company was incorporated and the name became Kmart. About ten decades after the incorporation, Kmart tremendously thrived in the business, owning more than 2,400 stores, as well as 2,323 discount stores in the United States.

Currently, Kmart is one of the America’s largest employers, advancing the careers of many individuals, and attending to the needs of countless customers each day.

The Kmart Hiring Process

Kmart has a straightforward process unlike similar companies. The company tries its best to ensure that applicants don’t lose their arms trying to get a job.

As a job seeker, expect to undergo or experience the following in the hiring process:

  1. Job Application Process

To get a job from Kmart, you have to first begin your journey into the hiring process by submitting an online application for your preferred role in the company.

Simply begin this process by visiting Kmart official website –, and then move to the careers segment.

Once you arrive at the careers page, you will be able to apply for a job by first searching for the role, and then creating a candidate profile.

This will require you to upload your resume, as well as following specific instructions and guidelines that would be provided to help you create the applicant profile and apply for the position.

Kmart validates the application of the job seeker who is at least 18 years old, and sometimes a minimum of 16 years (based on the position).

Once your application has been received by the HR department, you will be contacted shortly if you meet the job’s requirement.

2. Interview Process

For most jobs, the next stage after an application is usually an in-person interview at one of the designated Kmart offices.

The interview is typically a very tough one, conducted by the hiring manager or a senior executive.

80 percent of your interview questions will be based on the role you have chosen, and your answers to these questions will be used to assess your expertise in the position you are applying for.

Moreover, a few behavioral and general interview questions will be asked during this in-person interview.

The Kmart interview questions can include:

  • Is there a reason why you have decided to apply for this particular job at Kmart?
  • Have you ever experienced an exceptional customer service, especially in a retail store?
  • What is your description of a High-quality customer service? And how important is this to the company?
  • Why do you think you are the most suitable candidate to be given this employment offer?
  • Why have you chosen to leave your current employer or workplace?

60 percent of candidates don’t successfully pass the Kmart interview process, probably as a result of not preparing for it.

In order to be ready for the In-person interview, the HR team advises candidates to:

  • Research about the company by exploring their website – Also read about their biggest attainments all through their existence.
  • Knowing much about Kmart line of products is highly recommended to ace the interview (depending on the role).
  • Ensure you arrive at the interview venue early enough, and don’t fail to appear in appropriate attire for the interview.

3. Hearing from Kmart after the Interview

After you have been interviewed at Kmart, the Human Resource department won’t fail to send a message across to you, informing you about the possibility of getting employed.

If you don’t get a response, check the status of your application online by logging into the candidate profile you created earlier on when you applied for the job.

4. Background Checks and Drug Tests

Conducting drug tests and background checks for newly employed individuals are very compulsory in the Kmart hiring process.

Not everyone agrees with this fact, but the HR team ensures that these checks and tests are executed in order to avoid the possibility of hiring a felon or an employee who would contaminate the good reputation of Kmart.

Since a background check and drug test is highly compulsory whenever the company hires an employee, not agreeing to the policy will terminate your possibility of getting employed.

Kmart Jobs and Careers

From entry level positions to managerial roles, Kmart has countless jobs for various applicants.

Here are some positions that are commonly sought for:

  • Store manager: This employee does various duties, including handling cash, managing inventory, offering customer service, scheduling, as well as maintaining the image of the store. The store manager oversees everything that happens in the store.
  • Customer service representative: This role is sometimes assigned by the store manager to perform specific duties in the store. A customer service representative can be cashiering, stocking shelves, and even attending to the needs of customers.
  • Stocker: At Kmart, everything that is being sold needs to be on a rack or shelf. Thus, a stocker is employed to arrange products in a designated storage area after the store closes. This duty is usually done in the night. But there are other responsibilities for a stocker during the day.
  • Merchandiser: This employee mainly deals with the store’s product. He/she ensures that products are visually appealing by exhibiting them in an appropriate manner. The merchandiser displays products at specific areas of the store, so that customers can easily reach the product they want to purchase.
  • Loss prevention manager: In a store, thieves, deceitful staffs, and all around trouble makers are always around. This employee is employed to be responsible for managing a team of loss prevention employees and supervisor to make sure that any item leaving the store is paid for.
  • Distribution manager: This employee works with vendor deliveries, taking products to the store, and does some warehousing practices. The distribution manager is usually one of the ultimate task masters at Kmart ready for shipments.

What to Expect Working at Kmart

Employees working at Kmart normally have good tales to tell about their working experience at the company.

Having access to several benefits, as well as great wages is what you should expect to experience when you work for Kmart.

Fellow colleagues are always friendly and supportive, and the management ensures that there are opportunities for career advancement.

However, many people believe Kmart is not the best place to work at if you are seeking for an entry level job offer.

As a retail company, you tend to encounter rude or annoying customers sometimes. But this depends on if your position requires dealing with customers.


Kmart has hired thousands of employees with their easy hiring process. They strongly believe that employing the best candidate doesn’t depend on how lengthy or complex a recruitment process is, but the potentials that the individual applicant possesses.

With the help of this article, you can have strong knowledge about how Kmart hires. This will set your mind at ease when applying for a job at the company.