Logistics Operations Manager Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Logistics Operations Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Logistics Operations Managers ensure smooth delivery of goods.

Logistics Operations Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Logistics Operations Manager Do?

A logistics operations manager is a team leader who manages a distribution outlet.

The logistics operations manager job description usually entails transacting businesses with shipping companies to facilitate smooth distribution activities.

He/she plans and coordinates warehousing and transportation in the distribution chain.

The operations manager for logistics will be responsible for coordinating the movement of goods in the company, making sure that the right number of goods ordered is moved to the right locations and to the right persons at the scheduled time.

To work in this position effectively, the manager will need to find good vehicles and negotiate with drivers or transportation companies who will convey the goods for the best prices obtainable.

Logistics operations service is not a one man job that is only executed by the manager; it is one that requires the input of others. With this fact in mind, the manager will need to acknowledge the contributions of other team members who have a role to play in rendering quality logistics service.

The manager’s duties also include reconciling issues with workers, middlemen, and clients to ensure that work isn’t hindered as a result of unresolved disputes.

Before goods are shipped out of the office, the operations manager will ensure that they are first stored and secured in good warehouses.

He/she will see to it that the warehouses are big enough to accommodate the available quantities of goods.

He/she will also ensure that the warehouses are in good condition so as to avoid goods getting damaged; as well as ensure that adequate security to ward off thieves and looters who may want to break into the warehouses is provided.

The activities of looters and thieves if not checked might create a significant loss to the company.

To be effective on the job logistics operations managers are required to be well knowledgeable in customs operations and international laws to be able to handle international transactions successfully and prevent issues that may hinder successful deliveries.

Logistics Operations Manager Job Description Example

Here is an example of the job description, including duties, tasks, and responsibilities, usually executed by operations managers in charge of logistics in most companies.

  • Create a safe working environment for employees by putting in place safety measures to prevent accident and complications that may arise during work. Also provide safety gear to employees for protection in the event of accidents
  • Supervise activities of workers to ensure that they are hands-on in order to promote hard-work, which is needed for successful deliveries and completion of production tasks to meet clients’ demands and deadlines
  • Inspect goods to be delivered to ensure that they are in the right quantity and quality. Supervise the loading of such goods into vehicles for delivery
  • Liaise with transportation companies to create a good working relationship to be able to strike good negotiations for transportation of goods, and to prevent hiccups that may arise
  • Give vivid directions and guidelines to shipping agents about nature of goods and delivery locations, and maintain communication with them to ensure that goods are not damaged on transit
  • Prepare invoice for orders and deliveries as part of record keeping measures and evidence of transaction
  • Help in recruiting competent and hardworking workers to carryout daily operations at the organization and put them through in discharging their duties
  • Ensure that workers adhere to industry standards in dealing with clients, to promote rule of law and avoid practices such as smuggling and overloading to avoid accidents which could lead to loss of lives and properties
  • Assign different responsibilities to workers to fasten the job and promote specialization and accountability. This way, non hardworking workers can easily be identified
  • Evaluate transportation cost and other expenses and verify that they are not more than the amount charged to clients, to ensure that a positive account balance is left at the end of every transaction
  • Keep records of all shipping activities, documenting procedures, guidelines, and changes in procedures for reference purposes

Logistics Operations Manager Resume Preparation

To prepare the work experience section of a resume to be used in seeking the job of logistics operations manager, the sample job description shown above provides relevant statements about the functions of the position, which can be used in making the section.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for the logistics Operations Manager’s Job

The knowledge and skills usually expected of individuals to succeed in the role of manager in charge of operations and logistics are shown below:

  • Possession of excellent time management skills to be able to deliver goods as at when due
  • Excellent human relations skills to be able to work effectively with all members of the logistics team, getting them to perform optimally
  • Strong knowledge of logistics management for efficient service delivery
  • Good communication skills to understand the details of clients’ deliveries, and pass instructions to team members to carry out without erring
  • Multitasking skills: He/she must be able to do several tasks together without getting confused
  • Attention to detail: He/she must be mindful of even the little details of an assignment
  • Organization skills: The logistics operations manager must be able to plan and organize his/she activities for efficient delivery of goods