Health Technician Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Health Technician job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Health Technicians apply medical instruments in administering teatment to patients. Image source:

Health Technician Job Description Example

What Does a Health Technician Do?

A health technician is someone who operates instruments used in administering advanced life saving treatment to patients in medical and rehabilitation facilities, under the supervision of a medical staff.

The health technician job descriptions entail assisting medical staff in accomplishing treatment tasks and accommodating patients’ treatment needs.

They employ equipment such as centrifuges, microscopes, and dialysis machines in carrying out their functions.

The role of the health technician in a clinic doesn’t end at operating medical equipment; he/she will also carry out administrative duties, including creating performance charts and records.

The performance charts will contain a breakdown of medical activities and treatments performed with the use of the equipment that the technician works with, giving direction on how best the equipment can be used to avoid wrong usage that could lead to damage and malfunctioning.

Medical technicians also perform clinical duties like radiology, cardiovascular, and ultrasound. Such clinical tasks involve the technician relating directly with patients to perform check-ups or tests on them, or to administer treatment to them in line with the doctor’s directive.

Handling emergency cases is also part of the technician’s responsibilities. He/she is required to swing into action in the event of emergency and stabilize affected patients, especially those that are unconscious, and facilitate their transportation to the emergency unit of the hospital where they’d receive intensive treatment.

The health technician must have good knowledge of how the human body functions to be able to provide adequate support to the doctor.

Other duties the medical technician will perform include observing patients’ health condition and recording vital signs to be sure the treatment that is being administered to patients is effective.

He/she will report his/her observation of the patient’s condition to the doctor, and may also make suggestions to the doctor for a change in patients’ treatment procedures when necessary.

Health Technician Job Description Example

Given below is an example of the health technician job description, consisting of the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually performed by people holding the position.

  • Collect patients’ specimen to be tested in the laboratory; and instruct patients on specific specimen needed, and provide containers to take it
  • Ensure that collected specimens are taken to the lab; give instructions to lab technicians on the tests to perform; collect test results and make them available to the doctor in charge for further treatment decisions
  • Stay close to psychiatric patients, observing their every move to prevent them from causing harm to themselves and to people around them
  • Administer medication to patients in accordance with the doctor’s instruction and persuade patients to follow medication diligently for their own benefits, including taking of drugs and engaging in therapeutic activities
  • Bathe and groom patients, especially when they are in severe conditions and can’t do such things by themselves
  • Aide patients’ movement from one place of treatment to another and get them the needed items they cannot get by themselves
  • Take stock of medical instruments in the unit and refill those in short supply to avoid obstruction of treatment due to unavailable instruments
  • Clean equipment used for treatment, service them periodically, and facilitate repairs in the event of damage; also, carryout total maintenance procedures to keep equipment running well

Health Technician Resume Preparation

When writing a resume for the position of health technician, the work experience section of the resume can be created by using the statements highlighting the duties and responsibilities of the position in the sample job description shown above.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for the Job of Health Technician

Here are commonly required skills, knowledge, and abilities by prospective employers that applicants for the post of health technician should have to stand a better chance of being offered employment.

  • Knowledge of anatomy to understand how the human body functions
  • Understanding of medical terminologies to be familiar with procedures, instructions, and medications
  • Ability to exercise patience in dealing with patients who may prove difficult
  • Good temperament to handle patients’ agitations and complaints during treatment process
  • Technical know-how of medical testing equipment to operate them properly
  • Multitasking ability to get several things done in time
  • Ability to carry out instructions effectively in line with doctors’ directive
  • Must be physically strong to move and stand, and to carry both patients and equipment