Legal Administrative Assistant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 3, 2023
Legal Administrative Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Legal Administrative Assistants give support to attorneys that enable them to be efficient and effective on their job. Image source:

This post provides detailed information on the job description of a legal administrative assistant, including the tasks, duties, and responsibilities they perform.

What Does a Legal Administrative Assistant Do?

A legal administrative assistant performs diverse range of duties on a daily basis in a law firm. These may include giving support to attorneys in carrying out research, holding meetings with clients, and filing of various records.

Legal administrative assistants are often found working in government establishments, international embassies and research institutes.

The legal administrative assistant job description may also entail working as an officer of the court where they perform various critical tasks, including preparing reports for cases, as well as conducting interviews with potential witnesses.

In view of the diversity of roles they play, legal administrative assistants can also do the job of legal assistants in a law office.

They may be found conducting meetings with the public and offering professional advice to them.

The person holding this role will also be responsible for evaluating, preparing and editing large amounts of confidential information, and ensuring that the information is comprehensive, precise and qualitative.

He/she will also be responsible for managing fax messages, emails and telephone calls, and will be expected to perform these tasks efficiently, confidentially and in an organized manner.

The legal administrative assistant’s duties also include booking appointments, handling filing systems, and opening or closing of files in a prompt manner.

He/she may also be required to carry out conflict inquiries and processing of customer invoices from the office account system.

Other duties in a legal administrative assistant’s job description may also include the handling of timekeeper schedule, and rendering necessary assistance to enable the office to meet set targets and deadlines.

He/she also offers administrative, clerical and organizational support, in addition to providing information to clients, organizing catering and traveling accommodation.

His/her role in the firm may also include planning of conferences and meetings, as well as proofreading of work output to avoid grammatical and spelling errors.

The job of a legal administrative assistant also involves assembling of reports from reputable sources, making photocopies of relevant records, and maintenance of files, as well as electronic saving of documents into the company’s management system.

Legal Administrative Assistant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

In an organization, the legal administrative assistant will be expected to perform various specific functions, which would depend on the particular needs of the company he/she is working for.

Below is an example of job description for the position of legal administrative assistant.

It consists of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities the individual hired for the post is usually required to perform in many law firms across the country.

  • Handle situations by interviewing potential customers, and evaluating information generated with teammates
  • Assist customers by filing petitions for payment and keep them informed on progress of lawsuit
  • Assemble case documentation and evidence by working on individual cases and entering information from statements, records of charges, customer and witness statements into the management system
  • Keep record of physical copies of files, as well as log incoming mails
  • Contact collection agencies, insurance companies and others
  • Improve efficiency of partners by supervising case advancement, alerting them of issues that require their observation
  • Ensure connection with providers, opposing counsels; accomplish special projects and offer secretarial assistance
  • Settle cases by authentication of outstanding balances; handle settlement brochures and reports
  • Upgrade job knowledge by taking part in educational programs, including conferences and seminars; and going through professional journals
  • Accomplish company’s objectives by completing assigned duties as required.

Legal Administrative Assistant Job Description for Resume

The job description sample shown above can also be used in writing a resume for the position of legal administrative assistant.

The information contained can be used in writing both the objective and professional experience sections of the resume.

Here is legal assistant resume sample you can use as template in making your resume for the post.

Legal Administrative Assistant Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

The legal administrative assistant will require the following capabilities, aptitude, skills, and knowledge for efficient performance of designated duties:

  • Solid communication skills, in addition to having advanced knowledge of the use of Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook and Word packages
  • Completion of a certified program in office administration and management
  • Sound knowledge of PC Law will also boost performance
  • Strong ability to work in a diverse and fast paced environment
  • Flexibility in performing duties, with exceptional ability to execute multiple tasks concurrently.
  • High capacity to function both independently as well as in a team setting.