Kroger Courtesy Clerk Job Description Example

Kroger Courtesy Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Kroger Courtesy Clerks ensure customers get a wonderful experience whenever they visit the store. Image source:

Kroger Courtesy Clerk Job Description Example

What Does a Kroger Courtesy Clerk Do?

Courtesy clerks have similar job description as the bagger. Just like the bagger, the major duty of the Kroger courtesy clerk is to ensure that the customer gets a wonderful shopping experience by helping him/her with locating products on the shelves, picking up products and placing them in the cart on request, taking the cart to the check stand, bagging the products, moving the cart to the customer’s vehicle, and bringing in the cart into the store.

The responsibilities of the courtesy clerk is not limited to bagging and turning in products; he/she may additionally be entrusted with other roles within the store, which may consist of stocking cabinets, collecting buying carts, and picking up garbage.

The Kroger courtesy clerk is also expected to perform other functions asides the traditional tasks of a bagger mentioned above.

Courtesy clerks may sometimes be required to fill in as a cashier during busy periods so as to ensure that customers are not delayed.

He/she may also be required to double as a cleaner of sort in the absence of the cleaner and may be required to mop the floor of the store, dust and clean the cabinets and products on them, and ensure that the shelves are neatly and attractively arranged.

The clerk may equally assist the cashier in taking products dropped by customers back to the appropriate shelves.

The most important trait required of a courtesy clerk is friendliness and good communication skills.

As a courtesy clerk, part of your work description entails welcoming every customer with a smile and providing answers to every of their questions. Therefore, you are expected to be friendly and polite.

Exceptional customer service ability is also very important to be effective in this role as the courtesy clerk is the only employee expected to be with customers from the moment they enter the store to when they exit.

A degree is not required to work in this position, but a high school diploma may be a plus. In addition, experience as a courtesy clerk, bagger or front desk worker may also help you in getting this job.

The minimum age requirement is usually 16 years and the person is expected to be strong enough to lift loads of up to 25 pounds and stand/walk around the store for extended periods.

A Kroger courtesy clerk is also expected to be willing to work flexible shift. This includes working during festive periods and holidays.

Kroger Courtesy Clerk Job Description Example

Courtesy clerks working at Kroger and other stores perform various tasks, duties, and responsibilities that give satisfaction to customers.

The following job description example provides a list of these functions:

  • Greet and welcome each customer in a polite and friendly manner
  • Assist customers in locating products on the shelves
  • Assist customers in shopping by helping them to pick up items from the shelves and dropping them in the cart
  • Assist customers in moving their carts from one section of the store to another
  • Assist customers in moving the cart with their items to the checkout stand
  • Ensure that customers’ items are bagged appropriately
  • Assist customers in taking the bagged items to their vehicles
  • Move carts back to the store and pick stray carts
  • Ensure cash counters never run out of bags
  • Assist in keeping the store clean by occasionally cleaning the grocery areas
  • Ensure that the shelves and products on them are dusted and cleaned
  • Ensure that products on the shelves are neatly and attractively arranged
  • Restock shelves when they run short of stock
  • Assist in returning goods that are dropped by customers at the point of payment back to the appropriate shelves
  • Pick up and empty garbage cans in the store
  • Assist cashiers checking the costs of items picked by customers during busy periods
  • Maintain friendly but professional communication with both customers and co-workers.

Kroger Courtesy Clerk Resume Preparation

To prepare s strong courtesy clerk resume that can get you an interview from hiring managers, you will need to include a section that gives information about your work experience.

Employers would generally consider you for the role if they see in your resume that you have worked previously or are presently handling the job of a courtesy clerk or other related positions.

You can modify the sample job description shown above to reflect your actual job experience and use it in creating the section of your resume, see how to make a good resume if you need help.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the Kroger Courtesy Clerk Job

Employers looking for people to hire as courtesy clerk generally require applicants to have certain skills and qualities, which they believe help in increasing the job performance of the individual.

Here are typical skills requirements that applicants for the position need to possess to improve their chances of being listed for interview:

  • The number one skill required of a Kroger courtesy clerk is friendliness. He/she is expected to be friendly and polite. He/she must endeavor to greet and welcome very customer in a warm manner
  • Good communication skill is another important quality. The clerk is expected to be able to listen attentively to customers, answer their questions intelligently, and convince them on buying certain products
  • Exceptional customer service skill is also very important. It is the duty of the courtesy clerk to make sure that the customer gets amazing shopping experience by answering, directing, and helping them to shop
  • Other requirements include basic literacy and math skills, minimum age requirement of 16 years and stamina to stand for extended periods
  • In addition, having experience in a similar role may be an added advantage. Otherwise, most courtesy clerks are trained on the job.

Kroger Courtesy Clerk Skills for Resume

The above highlighted skills and qualities a courtesy clerk should have can also help in making a compelling skills section for your resume for the post.

The qualities are what employers are generally looking for when screening applicants for the courtesy clerk job, therefore, acquiring and using them in your resume will certainly catch employers’ attention and increase your chances of being picked for an interview.

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