Junior Internal Auditor Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 9, 2023
Junior Internal Auditor Job Description
Junior internal auditors give presentation to clients, managers, and the public.

This post provides detailed information on the junior internal auditor job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to meet to be hired for the junior internal auditor role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Junior Internal Auditor Do?

The junior internal auditor is responsible for reviewing and evaluating an organization’s operations; assessing the effectiveness and adequacy of all internal controls of management.

His/her job description entails reporting to and assisting the Director with reviews and special project work as may be required.

It may also involve assisting in training and supervising the work of internal audit graduate interns and junior staff.

He/she performs as a business consultant and assurance provider to their organization.

The role of the junior internal auditor also entails reporting results of an audit to management by preparing audit work papers and evidence.

He/she provides assistance to the external auditors of the company in ensuring that the annual financial statement audit review is performed at a low cost, thereby making some savings to the company.

His/her work description also involves identifying improvement opportunities and risk factors from analyzing company operational functions.

The duties of the junior internal auditor also entail identifying creative insights, outliers, and value by carrying out analytical procedures.

He/she also performs policy adherence test as well as personally formulate and implement the company’s internal audit programs.

He/she is also responsible for communicating and reaching agreements on findings with the audited subject, as well as initiate remedial action to resolve the finding.

The junior internal auditor creates draft internal audit report and discusses with the right management level.

He/she is also expected to carry out ad hoc assignments based on management requests and/or project assurance, etc. and update audit programs for implementation.

It is also part of the junior internal auditor’s duties to provide ad hoc assistance to internal audit managers and specialists.

Junior Internal Auditor Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The junior internal auditor performs various functions in ensuring the effectiveness of an organization’s operations.

If you want to know the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that commonly make up the job description of a junior internal auditor, see the example below:

  • Carry out financial, operational, and compliance audit duties such as: evaluating internal controls, applying professional audit techniques, preparing audit work papers, developing solutions, and documenting findings
  • Provide assistance to senior auditors as assigned by the director in effectively performing daily operations
  • Under the supervision of the director, provide relevant information under review such as findings and recommendations to organization’s management
  • Provide assistance to senior auditors as requested by the director to enable effective execution of various reviews, including audit tasks, inventory, NCAA, and petty cash
  • Help in coordinating assignments with the senior auditor
  • Provide quality training to graduate interns for them to be able to create a strong and effective training program for CPA’s in the future
  • Perform departmental monthly budget reconciliation
  • Execute other duties that the supervisor or/and management may assign.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Junior Internal Auditor Role

When recruiting for the role of junior internal auditor, employers would generally require that interested persons for the position meet certain requirements before they can be invited to an interview.

If you are seeking to work as a junior internal auditor, given below are major requirements, including skills, abilities, knowledge, and academic qualifications that most employers may want you to meet to be hired for the position:

  • Complete a four-year program in accounting and obtain a Bachelor’s degree from a college or university
  • Strong ability to read, understand, analyze, and interpret governmental regulations, professional journals, general business periodicals, technical procedures, and other relevant materials and reports
  • Strong ability to prepare procedure manuals, business correspondence, and reports
  • Strong ability to effectively respond to questions and present information to the general public, clients, and groups of managers
  • Strong mathematical skills to perform simple calculations such as volume, discounts, commissions, interest, proportions, area, percentages, circumference
  • Strong ability to apply concepts of basic geometry and algebra in work situations
  • Strong reasoning and analytical skills to solve practical problems
  • Strong ability to comprehend and interpret various instructions presented in different forms, including oral, written, schedule, and diagram
  • Possess relevant certification, such as CIA or CPA.


The information presented in this post, including the sample job description is useful to employers looking to hire the best people for the role of junior internal auditor in their organizations.

They will be able to create a description that perfectly matches the junior internal auditor role in their organization and so will be able to attract only the candidates that can effectively perform the functions of the position.

This article is also helpful to individuals looking to start a career in the internal auditing field. They will be able to enhance their knowledge of what junior internal auditors do, which makes them better prepared for the career.