IT Risk Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

IT Risk Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
IT Risk Managers help in securing company information against various possible risks.

IT Risk Manager Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post provides complete information on the job description of an Information Technology risk manager to increase your knowledge of the role.

It highlights the key tasks, duties, and responsibilities that typically make up the IT risk manager work description in most firms.

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What Does an IT Risk Manager Do?

Information technology risk managers work closely with the IT department of an organization in order to secure information, create, and implement strategies to minimize the variety of risks that could threaten the key information of the firm.

The IT risk manager job description entails ensuring that IT systems are structured in a way that is effective and efficient for the set goals of the company.

It also involves monitoring and managing the IT systems to ensure that they are secure, and if an attack occurs, it is the manager’s responsibility to make sure that the systems are not breached.

The IT risk manager does not necessarily or simply focus on external threats to data; instead, he/she manages all relevant risk factors, such as the risk of a system failure or loss of data.

IT risk managers also consider things like reputational risk, and may play a crucial role in developing and implementing policies that are designed to demonstrate compliance with industry regulations.

They handle various specific nature of risks due to the type of industry in which they work.

For example, information technology risk managers that work in the banking sector are required to be familiar with applicable banking regulations and how they impact the information technology (IT) department.

In the process of discharging his/her duties, the IT risk manager is required to possess certain skills which also include adequate computer skills.

Therefore, an IT risk manager is expected to be computer savvy; he/she must have a deep knowledge of computer systems and also be familiar with various computer programming languages.

Since IT risk managers are employed in a wide range of industries, including finance and banking, they may also be expected to be familiar with the regulations that are applicable to the industry they seek to work in.

Individuals who are interested in working in the position of IT risk manager are required to be academically qualified by possessing a Bachelor’s degree in the study of information technology, computer science, or any related field.

Some employers also demand several years of professional working experience in any related or similar organization or firm.

IT Risk Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

IT risk managers perform various functions in ensuring key company information is effectively safeguarded.

The primary tasks, duties, and responsibilities of information technology risk managers are shown in the job description example below:

  • Assisting in finding practical and cost-effective solutions to identified or revealed security and risk issues
  • Building and maintaining strong and positive working relationships and effective means of communication with other risk associates, including the Enterprise Risk Management, Operational Risk Management, and so on
  • Providing direction and guidance in the development, implementation, and communication of risk-related policies and standards
  • Undertaking risk reviews of the IT control framework
  • Completing implementation activities ranging from various technical programs
  • Build and maintain an external network with other senior IT risk professionals, as well as applicable risk forums/bodies
  • Working in relation and conformity with internal and external auditors
  • Evaluating alternative means of reducing the firm’s exposure to catastrophic loss
  • Providing technical guidance to employees, colleagues, and/or customers
  • Providing aggregated risk supervision for various high impact areas of IT services for core components of IT risk measurement and reporting activities
  • Actively engaging in end-to-end risk remediation planning, resolution, and monitoring activities.

IT Risk Manager Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a resume as someone with some experience working as an IT risk manager, you will need to include the work or professional experience section to it.

In this section, you will state the duties and responsibilities you have successfully carried out or are presently performing in your role as an information technology risk manager.

This will enable the recruiter to know you have the required experience and to effectively assess your suitability for the job.

You can create a great professional experience section for your resume by using the IT risk manager duties provided in the above sample job description.

IT Risk Manager Requirements – Abilities, Skills, and Knowledge for Career Success

If you are seeking the job of an IT risk manager, you need to know that recruiters will want you to meet certain requirements to qualify to be hired.

Recruiters hunt for people who can effectively perform the obligations, objectives, and purpose of the IT risk manager role in their organization; they give the requirements to be able to find the right candidates.

Shown below are major requirements most employers for the information technology risk manager position will want prospective candidates to fulfill to be hired:

  • Sound educational background: To be an efficient and effective IT risk manager, individuals are expected to have a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Science, or in any related field
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to develop effective trustworthy relationships with the IT department and business stakeholders
  • Staying aware of Information Security current affairs, business continuity, data management, security and encryption, and vulnerability analysis and audit
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal to be able to articulate complex IT risks in simple business terms
  • Excellent problem solving and self-management skills in order to tactically and analytically solve technical problems and successfully handling management information and metrics design, collection, analysis, reports, etc.


If you are a recruiter or HR manager needing to hire for the IT risk manager position in your organization, you are expected to make a description for the role to inform prospective candidates of the duties and responsibilities that may be assigned to them.

The sample IT risk manager job description provided above gives the major duties of the role that you can use in making a great description of the position for your company.

This article is also useful to individuals interested in the IT risk manager career to improve their knowledge of what the role does and how to qualify for employment.

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