IT Operations Manager Job Description Example

By | August 23, 2023
IT Operations Manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
IT operations managers ensure companies’ IT infrastructure is properly maintained.

IT Operations Manager Job Description Example

What Does an IT Operations Manager Do?

IT operations managers are responsible for the daily maintenance of an organization’s IT infrastructure.

The IT operations manager job description entails managing and coordinating information technology operations of a business to ensure delivery of timely and effective IT services.

IT operations managers monitor IT infrastructure using information technology control tools and real-time reporting systems.

They supervise a team of software engineers, programmers, and technicians to ensure effective performance of job duties.

They also establish policies and procedures for achieving operational objectives.

As part of their responsibilities, IT operations managers oversee the selection and training of qualified IT personnel to ensure an efficient unit.

They direct technological operations by studying organizational practices and goals.

They also ensure compliance with all internal organization standards as a step towards sustained quality of service.

IT operations managers are in charge of executing scripts and batch jobs for an organization.

They are responsible for the transfer of data between mainframe and human resources applications.

Their role also entails providing print management solution, as well as ensuringe proper maintenance of printing facilities.

Usually, IT operations managers perform backup and restoration operations to preserve company database.

They carry out infrastructure maintenance activities such as indexing of database, erasing traces of deleted records etc.

They also manage and set up networking and telecommunications systems for an organization.

IT operations manager as part of their duties, oversee the opening and closing of firewall ports to regulate network communication with outside servers.

Their work description also involves maintaining the integrity and security of a network to ensure that access is allowed only to authorized users.

They also oversee the set-up, configuration, and maintenance of infrastructural and applications server.

IT operations manager create and authorize user profiles on an organization’s system.

They also conduct periodic inspections of IT systems to ensure efficient performance.

The IT operations manager job requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or in a related discipline.

To succeed on this job, some of the qualities you will need include management, communication, and technical skills.

IT Operations Manager Job Description Example/Template

If you are aspiring to work as an IT operations manager, here is a job description example, showing the major duties, tasks, and responsibilities you may be assigned to carry on:

  • Supervise and direct the operations of software developers and programmers
  • Manage and maintain networking and telecommunication systems to ensure quick access to information
  • Protect business networks against attacks from outside sources
  • Set up remote network access for users using virtual private networking techniques or two-factor authentication
  • Monitor network performance to notify networking engineers of network resource issues
  • Oversee the management and licensing of computer/mobile device software applications
  • Set up and configure servers for the management of applications and IT systems
  • Ensure all applications have access to disk storage, backup and archiving
  • Oversee the installation, configuration and management of applications on company approved devices
  • Provide cell phone telecommunications management, provisioning, and assigning of phone contacts
  • Oversee the set up and configuration of an organization’s email and file server
  • Manage equipment floor space and operational requirements such as air conditioning, battery and power supply
  • Conduct internal audits to verify the security and efficiency of an organization’s network
  • Perform periodic backup of information and data to ensure recovery in event of system breakdown.

IT Operations Manager Resume Preparation

When preparing a resume for the IT operations manager job, you can use the content from the sample job description above in making the work description part of the resume.

For this role, most employers will like to see related duties and responsibilities that you carried out in a previous employment for them to be sure that you will be effective in their company if hired.

So, if you have actually worked as an operations manager in an IT firm before, the functions of the position highlighted above will be well suited in completing your resume’ job experience section.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for IT Operations Manager Job

To be considered by most employers for this job, given below are major requirements you will need to satisfy:

  • Education and Training: To become an IT operations manager, you require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or related disciplines. Some employers require IT operations managers to possess a Master’s degree in management information systems or business administration. Background knowledge in economics, finance, or accounting is essential for the position
  • Management Skills: IT operations managers are well versed in coordinating and directing the operations of IT specialists to meet the requirements of an organization
  • Communication Skills: IT operations managers through the use of clear language liaise with company management and it’s IT department to achieve set objectives
  • Technical Skills: They are proficient in installing, configuring, and maintaining IT systems and equipment.

IT Operations Manager Skills for Resume

The above qualities can also be adopted in creating the skills section of a resume for the post of an IT operations manager.

Applying these qualities will make the resume more effective because those are what most employers believe will enable IT operations manager succeed on their job.


This post provides the duties and responsibilities of operations managers who work in IT firms. If you are interested in this position, this information will help you have a strong understanding of what they do and what you need to succeed in the career.

The sample IT operations manager job description, which is also provided in this post, can be applied as a template by employers in creating a perfect work description for their company’s use.

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