Infant Massage Therapist Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 5, 2023
Infant Massage Therapist Job Description
Infant Massage Therapists help babies to have restful sleep.

This post presents detailed information on the infant massage therapist job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to meet to be hired for the infant massage therapist role.

What Does an Infant Massage Therapist Do?

Infant massage therapists are professionals who have received specialized training to provide massage services on infants. They work in pregnancy and post partum support centers, family spa’s, or undertake private practice, etc.

The infant massage therapist job description entails providing services that aid in the development of premature infants, as well as familiarize babies and young children with touch.

It involves manually stroking the muscles of an infant using a variety of specialized massage techniques.

The massage therapists apply special handling procedures to treat a baby with gas and colic, and utilize various modalities using strokes such as Indian milking.

He/she also applies infant appropriate Swedish massage at the end of each massage, and Chinese massage techniques on children with special needs

The role of the infant massage therapist also involves providing families with information and hands-on lessons, so parents feel confident in providing massage for their children.

They also apply vocalization, eye-to-eye contact, and other positive behavioral reinforcements to promote the social-emotional-cognitive and physical development of babies.

The infant massage therapist work description also entails applying early intervention strategies and therapeutic tools to help families cope with children with special needs, preterm’s, as well as healthy full term newborns.

They serve as a great ally for parents with children who have special needs or who have been through painful medical procedures.

Massage therapists for infants function as wonderful partners for new parents who want to bond with their baby through learning techniques they can use at home.

They show parents different ways to give gentle touch to their infants and toddlers with an emphasis on calming and soothing the child.

People with healthcare background including childbirth educators, NICU staff, early intervention specialist, midwives, nurses, child life specialists, massage therapists, and lactation consultant provide a strong foundation for work in this field.

However, in addition to the healthcare background stated above, to work as an infant massage therapist requires specialized educational training in massage therapy as well as infant massage through approved programs from reputable organizations like the American Massage Therapy Association, International Association of Infant Massage, and the Infant Massage USA.

You also require some soft skills to succeed as an infant massage therapist. These skills include strong communication, facilitating/coaching, and stress management skills. You also need to display empathy towards mothers and children.

Infant Massage Therapist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Infant massage therapists perform various functions, providing effective massaging services to infants; helping them to have restful sleep, stress reduction, and comfort from growing pains.

The job description example below shows specific tasks, duties, and responsibilities typically performed by infant massage therapists:

  • Providing therapeutic massage services to healthy infants 3 weeks and above in a clinic setting or in their homes
  • Provide education to parents and caregivers on massage, wellness, and benefits of infant massage
  • Administer and teach parents and caregivers to use gentle massage techniques in soothing common discomforts, and promote restful sleep for the infant
  • Help parents understand their baby’s individual cues and methods of communication to enhance many life changing benefits
  • Organize one-one/group training sessions to educate parents and caregivers on the benefits of massage to encourage appropriate emotional, cognitive, and physical development
  • Offer one-to-one personalized consulting for parents who desire to bond with their children through application of massage techniques at home
  • Educate them on appropriate Infant handling and positioning
  • Teach massage techniques and how to adapt these skills as infants develop
  • Administer and teach massage techniques for special situations (colic, babies born prematurely or with other additional needs, etc.)

Infant Massage Therapist Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for Success on the Job

To be hired for the position of infant massage therapist, most organizations will expect interested applicants to possess certain skills, experience, abilities, qualifications, etc. that will enable them to effectively carry out the purpose, objectives, and obligations of the role if employed.

The common requirements set by recruiters for the infant massage therapist role are presented below:

  • Education: Graduate of an accredited school of Massage Therapy, with a minimum of 500 hours of training plus a minimum of one year of experience in the delivery of professional therapeutic massage services
  • License: Infant massage therapist must hold a current massage therapy license
  • Professional certifications: Current certification as a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • They must also hold Current BLS certification, Certification in Infant Massage or Certified Educator in Infant Massage, and an Infant CPR certification are required
  • Passion: They require passion for the field of maternal/baby/family care and a deep desire to serve and make a difference for moms, babies, and families
  • Apt for learning: Infant massage is an emerging specialty therapy in the United States. Professionals in this field should be eager or desire to get advanced training in infant massage as it evolves
  • Communication skills: They require clear and concise communication skills because the bulk of the job of an infant massage therapist involves providing education and coaching to parents, etc.
  • Coaching and facilitation skills: They require this skill to share education in an accessible and easy to comprehend manner.


The infant massage therapist job description sample provided in this post will be helpful to recruiters, HR managers, and employers looking to hire for the position.

They will be able to create the perfect description for the infant massage therapist position in their organizations, which will help them get the kind of applicants they are looking for.

This article will also be useful to you if you are looking to start a career in the infant massage therapy field, to learn about the type of duties, tasks, and responsibilities that therapists perform, and what is required to succeed on the job.