Spa Receptionist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Spa Receptionist job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Spa Receptionists receive and attend to the needs of customers to a Spa. Image source:

This post provides detailed information on the duties and responsibilities that make up the job description of a spa receptionist.

What Does a Spa Receptionist Do?

A spa receptionist is a person who receives customers to a Spa and attends to their inquiries about services offered in the Spa.

The spa receptionist’s job description involves welcoming and greeting clients warmly, and ensuring that they feel comfortable and happy on their visit.

The receptionist also has the responsibility to promote the image of his/her organization by ensuring they look good at all times to give customers a positive impression about the Spa.

He/she must pay attention to his/her appearance and dress in a moderately attractive manner to sell the image of the company to new and existing clients.

He/she will build and maintain good relationship with clients by interacting warmly with them and giving them tips on the best products at the spa to meet their beauty needs.

Receptionists working in spas are usually positioned at the front desk from where they coordinate services offered in all departments of the spa.

They keep record of business transactions by registering new clients; receive payments from clients for services ordered, and issue invoices.

To perform their role effectively, spa receptionists must have vast knowledge of products and services offered by their companies, and must also be able to provide correct answers to questions from clients.

They must also be able to inform clients of newly introduced products and services in order to get their patronage.

The receptionist also has the role of making sure clients do not leave the spa with a negative feeling by finding out from them how they were treated while at the spa.

If there is any issue between a client and spa workers that could make the client to leave the spa unhappy, such problem is resolved before the client leaves. This will ensure a repeat visit from such client.

In order to protect the integrity of the spa, the receptionist is to ensure that clients are treated equally by ensuring that they are attended to on a first come, first serve basis.

Spa Receptionist Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Below is an example of the spa receptionist job description. It shows a list of important duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually carried out by people working in that position.

  • Provide guidance to clients on the procedures at the spa
  • Answer telephone calls and provide accurate information to clients
  • Keep the reception area clean and conducive for clients as they wait for their turn to be attended too
  • Introduce new beauty products to clients and educate them on their uses and benefits
  • Keep clients updated on currently available promotions and discounts in services offered in the Spa
  • Process payments from clients for services ordered from the spa
  • Keep register of long and existing clients for them to enjoy benefits given to loyal customers
  • Give appointments to clients on specific days
  • Open and close the spa at the appropriate time
  • Ensure that the front desk is clean and organized for free movement
  • Assist in getting client feedback on level of services delivered in order to improve on service delivery
  • Inform staff members of appointments that have been canceled by clients, and also alert staff members of the arrival of clients who come without prior appointments
  • Assist in developing promotional events, which focus on increasing the clientele of the spa
  • Manage the visitor register to keep record of people who visit the spa on a daily basis
  • Receive customer complaints and feedback and direct them to appropriate offices for resolution.

Spa Receptionist Job Description for Resume

Writing a resume for the post of a receptionist in a spa can be achieved by using the sample job description above.

Information about the functions and responsibilities of the position as given above is useful in writing the professional experience section of the resume, which convinces employers of the resume owner’s competence to do the job effectively.

Spa Receptionist Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

The following are key qualities most employers usually require individuals to have to work as a receptionist in a spa:

  • Good human relations
  • Excellent phone etiquette
  • Possess strong knowledge of how computers work, as well as the ability to use MS office package to process and store information
  • Excellent multitasking skills to successfully handle several assignments together
  • Possess strong organizational skills required for achieving efficiency on the job
  • Good knowledge of beauty products to be able to promote them to clients
  • Excellent communication skills needed for effective discussions with clients to promote the spa’s products and services to them.