Hotel Room Attendant Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 20, 2023
Hotel Room Attendant Job Description
Hotel room attendants must change the bedding of a room when a new guest is expected.

This post provides detailed information on the hotel room attendant job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to meet to be hired for the hotel room attendant role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Hotel Room Attendant Do?

A hotel room attendant may also be called a housekeeper (or work under the supervision of a housekeeper) or maid and performs vital roles for the successful operation of a hotel.

The hotel room attendant is responsible for replacing towels and changing bed linens, as well as performing general cleaning of all surfaces in the hotel.

His/her job description may involve vacuuming and special bed turndowns for higher-end establishments.

In preparing a guest’s hotel room bed, the attendant must remove and replace the dirty beddings and pillow cases for clean, fresh linens.

He/she may also replace the duvet covers between guests depending on the hotel he/she works with.

When a hotel is expecting a new guest, the attendant’s role will be to change the bedding of the room the guest is to stay before he/she arrives. The attendant may also be required to make the guest’s bed each day in the course of their stay.

The duties of a hotel room attendant also involve keeping the bathroom cleaned all the time. He/she washes the bathtub/shower, scrub the toilet and floor, and clean the sink and counter.

He/she is also responsible for taking away and replacing used towels with clean ones; and should understand that a guest needs a new towel if he/she drops his/her towel on the floor.

Hotel room attendants’ work description also entails cleaning the entire room when expecting a new guest before they arrive.

The type of cleaning tasks the attendant performs may include vacuuming the floor and carpets, dusting the surfaces and items on the bedside table and desk, emptying the garbage cans, cleaning the fridge, wiping down the mirrors and windows, and cleaning coffeemaker and microwave.

Room attendants are expected to check the inventory of items in guest rooms to be sure they are available, otherwise, he/she should fill them up, i.e. items like toilet paper, soap, and shampoo should be readily available to guests.

They are also expected to be courteous and professional when in contact with guests in the common room, hallway, or elevator.

They are to greet guests with a friendly smile and provide whatever assistance they might need cheerfully.

Hotel Room Attendant Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Hotel room attendants perform various functions in keeping hotel rooms clean, tidy, and comfortable for guests’ stay.

The following is a job description example that aptly captures the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities of hotel room attendants:

  • Ensure high quality cleaning service at public areas of hotel
  • Service guest bedrooms by order of floor/section to the required standard
  • Restock/replace items in rooms and bathrooms for guest use that have run out of stock or need replacement
  • Make bed professionally following standard procedure
  • Service bathrooms by washing and emptying bins; wash all glass surfaces and floors; clean shower, bath, basin, bidet, and toilet to the best quality standard
  • Using the right cleaning chemicals, dust and polish all hard surfaces to achieve a quality sheen
  • Vacuum bathrooms, bedrooms floors, corridors, stairs, and lifts to remove all debris; check the vacuum cleaner each week and if necessary change the dust bag
  • Ensure service area is well stocked with necessary products and cleaned always
  • Report issues such as equipment and light bulb damage promptly to supervisor or department manager for immediate action – ensure such reports are correctly logged
  • Provide professional personal service, including shoe cleaning, ironing, and minor clothing repairs to guests
  • May be directed to pack guest luggage
  • May perform regular deep cleaning of all areas of hotel as instructed
  • May perform cloak room duties for special occasions and functions.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Hotel Room Attendant Role

If you are seeking the job of a room attendant in a hotel, here are major requirements most employers will expect you to meet to be offered an interview:

  • Knowledge of and ability to comply with work place statutory requirements, including health and safety, fire prevention, hygiene, and handling of potentially harmful substances
  • Ability to communicate effectively with hotel guests, i.e., to announce arrival at door and to clearly understand requests from guests
  • Strong ability to use cleaning supplies, vacuum, safety equipment, and other equipment and materials used in carrying out housekeeping functions
  • Physically fit, with the ability to move around work area effectively and efficiently and lift 50 pounds of supplies or more
  • Ability to work effectively in a place of varying levels of noise
  • 2-6 months work experience as a housekeeper or guest room attendant
  • Ability to solve problem relating to guests, with strong customer service skills
  • Strong self-starting personality and ability to display professional attitude and appearance always
  • Ability to work in a team setting, providing support to co-workers whenever called upon to offer assistance
  • Employers may require you to take certain assessment tests before hiring you for this job.


If you are an employer in the process of hiring for the hotel room attendant job, you will need to make and publish a description of the job so that prospective applicants can know the duties and responsibilities of the role they will be expected to perform.

The sample job description provided in this article can assist you in creating a detailed work description that can help you attract the best room attendants for your hotel.

This post will also help you if you are someone interested in becoming a room attendant to learn what the role entails so you can better be ready for the job.