Grocery Store Manager Job Description Example

By | August 31, 2023
Grocery Store Managers job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Grocery Store Managers ensure the store is well stocked and it operates efficiently.

Grocery Store Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Grocery Manager Do?

A grocery store manager is an individual saddled with the responsibility of managing in-stock positions, merchandise, and inventory in a grocery store.

The grocery store manager job description usually entails maintaining company standards and procedures by ensuring that there’s high productivity or sales in the department.

In a bid to promote continuous sales, the store manager will facilitate constant supply of goods sold in the store, without allowing items to get out of stock to the disappointment of clients and customers.

They will liaise with manufacturers and suppliers to get the delivery of high quality goods, as well as negotiate for the best prices.

The role of the grocery store manager also includes inspecting all items, checking for quality and quantity upon the delivery of goods to the store, to ensure that sub-standard products aren’t included, as part of measures to provide excellent services to customers.

The manager is also responsible for the operations and activities that happen in the store. He/she will conduct training for members of staff and enforce acceptable behavioral patterns and customer service to get staff acquainted with the terrain.

His/her responsibilities also include bringing out the best in staff. To achieve this, the manager must create conducive working environment for staff to make work enjoyable to them.

He/she will ensure that staff payments are made timely, and that salary delays are prevented. He/she will also facilitate allocation of allowances, which can inculcate a positive working attitude in staff.

Grocery Store Manager Job Description Example

The major duties, tasks, and responsibilities performed by most grocery store managers are given in the job description example for the position below:

  • Assign duties to staff based on their areas of expertise, to ensure that they make use of their knowledge to render best services in the store
  • Create a work schedule for staff to follow, seeing to it that they adhere strictly to their shifts and execute disciplinary actions to members of staff who are absent on their shifts and duty posts, to promote seriousness among staff
  • Increase sales by carrying out market surveys, researching consumer needs, to identify products that are high in demand, and make them available in the store to customers who are likely to purchase them
  • Visit competing stores to get information relating to products, styles, prices, and services, and implement details of useful findings in the store to improve the quality of service delivery
  • Observe market prices of goods to ensure that prices of goods sold at the store are not higher compared to what is obtainable outside. The manager must look for ways to reduce prices of goods, making them lower than those of competitors so as to attract more customers and be ahead of other stores in sales
  • Increase sales by embarking on sales promotions, showcasing products to customers at good rates to make them aware of all products available, and entice them to buy more while promotions last. The store manager must also promote sales of new products by outlining their uses and benefits to customers, and putting them at discount prices
  • Handle customer complaints and returns in a cordial manner, creating mutual benefits to both the store and customers, and implement customer suggestions on how to render better services in the store
  • Answer customers’ questions about products and supervise the loading of products bought
  • Prepare workers’ performance report at the end of every month to evaluate their performances, identifying areas with low performances to work on
  • Maintain good hygiene by ensuring that the store is constantly cleaned by workers designated to the task, putting away dirt
  • Create a safe atmosphere by implementing safety measures for the protection of workers and customers, and handle emergencies promptly to prevent loss of lives and properties.

Grocery Store Manager Resume Preparation

The employment history section of the resume for the post of grocery store manager can be prepared using the sample job description above as a source of useful information to completing the section.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Grocery Store Manager Position

Here are vital skills, knowledge, and abilities usually required from applicants for grocery store manager job by majority of employers.

  • Excellent communication skills: Grocery store managers need to be able to communicate effectively in writing and in speech to staff and management
  • Good human relations skills: The manager relates frequently with people of different background who visit the store for their groceries, and so needs to have a great deal of skills in human relationship to be able to deal with them satisfactorily
  • Ability to resolve conflict: The manager should expect to have crisis situations sometimes among his staff, or between staff and customers, and so should have the skills to resolve quarrels in the store whenever it occurs
  • Multitasking skills: The manager’s job description is large and so should be able to work on and complete several tasks at the same time so as to be efficient on the job
  • Managerial skills: This grocery store manager’s position needs someone who can manage both people and materials resource for the efficient operation of the store
  • Organizational skills: The manager must be able to create effective organization in the store that will enable the staff to carry out their duties efficiently