McKesson Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

McKesson hiring process.
Your quest to gain employment at McKesson is greater if you knew the company’s hiring process.

McKesson Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The McKesson hiring process involves various stages, including the job application, interview, and other stages to pass through to be employed by the Company.

This post provides complete information on the recruitment process at McKesson, to help increase your chances of gaining employment at the company.

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McKesson Company Overview

McKesson Corporation, preferably called McKesson, is an American distributor of pharmaceuticals and provider of medical supplies, information technology, as well as care management tools.

The company also provides the health care industry with wide network infrastructure.

McKesson was founded in the eighteen hundreds by Charles M. Olcott in Ney York, importing and selling botanical drugs.

Later on, the company was known as Olcott McKesson & Co. after John McKesson became part of the business in 1833.

Currently, This American company is rank among the Fortune 500 and is also recognized as the sixth largest organization in the United States by generated revenue.

Moreover, McKesson is a part of the CommonWell Health Alliance, which is a joined effort of Health IT suppliers to identify how interoperability can be achieved in healthcare through the promotion and building of standards and policies.

The McKesson Hiring Process

McKesson only hands over an employment offer only to candidates who are able to complete the company’s hiring process successfully.

The McKesson hiring process involves the following stages:

1. Job Application Process

To begin the hiring process, you need to first fill and submit an employment form through www.mckessoncareerscom – the company’s careers website.

Once you visit the site, search for the role you want to apply for and review the job description.

Ensure you check the job requirements to see if they align with your skill and experience. If they do, then you can apply for the position by clicking the job title.

You will need to include your resume/CV in completing this process, as well as a cover letter to show how serious you are about the job.

Your resume must emphasize every of your relevant work experience and qualifications.

2. Interview Process

An interview at McKesson is normally conducted immediately after the online job application process, and only a candidate whose resume meets the qualifications and other requirements of the job would get an interview invitation.

McKesson Human Resources department (recruitment team) is usually responsible for scheduling the interview.

Most times, candidates experience a panel interview. A few executives will be assigned to conduct the interview and also personality test towards the end of the interview.

Moreover, be ready to answer series of questions from your interviewer(s). The typical McKesson interview questions include:

  • How can you influence individuals who aren’t under your supervision?
  • Have you worked in a fast paced environment before, and how was the experience like?
  • Can you work effectively in a team?
  • Have you ever gone beyond your limits to ensure a customer gets satisfied?
  • What do you know about our company?

Bear in mind, to ace an interview, an intense preparation is highly needed. It isn’t something you should be skeptical about, preparing for an interview is very compulsory if you want to land a job offer.

Below are some interview tips that can increase your performance with McKesson:

  • As an interviewee, make sure you are amiable and easy-going throughout the interview.
  • Don’t oppose your interviewer on his/her opinion, except you are convincing enough?
  • Avoid being anxious during the interview. Interviewers are very quick and good at observing a candidate’s state of mind.
  • Attend the interview early enough, even before it commences.

3. What is the Duration for McKesson Hiring Process

After an interview, candidates are always eager to hear from recruiters and then know the possibility of getting hired.

McKesson doesn’t delay in responding to an individual who has been interviewed. In less than six working days after your interview, you should get a message from the company which will communicate the remaining steps to be taken in the hiring process.

Bear in mind, even candidates who didn’t succeed in the interview will definitely hear from the recruiters. However, an employment offer shouldn’t be expected at all.

4. Pre-employment Exam

Just like some other related companies, McKesson always conducts a pre-employment exam before recruiting an employee.

Every candidate must sit for the exam. It is what helps the Human Resources team to know if you are a perfect individual for the available position you are applying for.

This isn’t an aptitude test, skill test, or even a personality test. However, a personality or skill test may be included in the exam.

McKesson usually give two types of pre-employment test. One is an entry test, which entail the police technical and supplements as well.

The other is a correctional test, which entail the dispatcher and promotional test.

McKesson Jobs and Careers

McKesson has varieties of job opportunities, but here is a list of a few common roles you can apply for:

  • Material handler: This employee is mainly involved in the transportation of good – shipping and receiving. He/she plays a significant role in unpacking and examining goods for accuracy and quality against purchase orders. A material handler may sometimes need to utilize specific equipment, such as hand tools, forklifts, as well as different computer systems.
  • General clerk: This employee mainly executes clerical duties, which include filling and sorting invoices, maintaining records, receiving and organizing reports, tracking data and more. A general clerk must possess sound phone skills and efficient typing skill. He/she must be able to utilize office equipment like copiers, typewriters, as well as fax machines.
  • General Payment representative: This position is assigned to handle payment transactions information, which will require accuracy in order to prevent errors from occurring. This employee must be familiar with computer as well as basic programs, and be able to efficiently communicate through phone always, and utilize both hard copy mail and email.
  • Content marketing specialist: This role is mainly responsible for providing copywriting services for marketing materials. He/she is the main content writer for print materials, websites, press releases, social media, whitepapers and more. The content marketing specialist collaborates with the managers in charge of accounting with the aim to fulfill the request of content from marketers.

What to Expect Working at McKesson

McKesson is a healthcare-orientated company. Thus, everyone working at the organization participates in varieties of complimentary health and wellness resources, like weight watchers, biometric screenings, flu shots, and smoking cessation programs.

As a generous company that cares about the future of employees, the management ensures every worker receives profit-sharing investment as well as retirement plans.

Moreover, McKesson is the ideal place for an individual to develop skills.

However, unlike other organizations, co-workers at McKesson aren’t very co-operative and supportive. Regardless of how long you work, don’t expect salary increment except you get promoted to a senior role.


The McKesson hiring process may seem easy and concise, but it’s pretty tough to scale through.

The pre-employment exam conducted at the end of the hiring process is the part where most candidates are rejected.

You might have aced the interview, but the recruiters can’t be satisfied until you prove yourself as the preferred candidate by passing the pre-employment exam successfully.

Discover the kind of test you may be expected to take to be hired at McKesson; find lots of practice tests to prepare with: Job Assessment Tests.