General Foreman Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 15, 2023
General Foreman Job Description
The general foreman is also responsible for interpreting plans, blueprints, and sketches of proposed structures.

General Foreman Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

The information in this post emphasizes the job description of a general foreman, to help you understand the main work that they do.

The job description of a general foreman provides information about the several duties, tasks, and responsibilities that companies would like their employees to perform.

You will also discover the major requirements that most employers/recruiters would want you to meet to be qualified for hiring as a general foreman in their company.

Ultimately, you will find out more about the general foreman career as you continue reading this post:

What Does a General Foreman Do?

A general foreman is responsible for overseeing the teams engaged in construction activities; and planning, coordinating, assisting in cost control, and ensuring a safe work environment.

The general foreman job description entails operating and promoting safe working on site and implementing company requirements and legal regulations, paying specific attention to HSE legislation and quality.

The general foreman performs and records site inspections; as well as places orders, receives, and distributes materials to specified sections for future work.

They are involved in recommending repairs, supervising the maintenance of tools and equipment, and determining work procedures.

They are also responsible for planning the hiring of contract equipment and operators in order to assure proper utilization; and interpreting, implementing, and enforcing regulatory requirements related to safety, environmental, and industry standards.

The general foreman ensures all works are performed in accordance with approved method statements.

They conduct and amend risk assessments, and deliver toolbox talks/briefings; and prepare reports on project time and equipment.

The general foreman work description also involves interpreting plans, blueprints, and sketches of proposed structures in terms of the relevant specifications.

They also organize and monitor the work of subcontractors on site, and perform equipment and material management duties, and ensure the completion of works on time and within budget.

If you are competent for the general foreman job position you are seeking, you need to prove it by demonstrating remarkable skills and abilities when performing your duties and responsibilities.

Some of the requirements that employers/recruiters would want you to meet to be hired for the general foreman role include analytical mind, attention to detail, and ability to make unplanned decisions based on objective criteria; proven people management skills including the management of subcontractors, excellent people skills with proven leadership qualities, and excellent communication, organizational, planning and time management skills; and the ability to motivate others.

General Foreman Educational Qualifications

Employers want to see your qualifications for the general foreman job that you are applying for, so it is important to provide proof of academic qualifications.

If you can present strong portfolio with proven skills and abilities for the new general foreman job, you will have the opportunity for an interview with the employer.

Individuals interested in becoming a general foreman are usually required to possess a High School diploma or its equivalent with previous years of experience in the field or in a related area.

Nonetheless, employers would prefer an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree in any of the following fields: Construction Science, Building Science, Construction Management, and Engineering.

General Foreman Salary

The average salary for a general foreman in the United States is $43,000 per year.

General Foreman Job Description Example/Sample/Template

You will be required to carry out several duties, tasks, and responsibilities in your job as a general foreman.

Shown below is a sample job description for the general foreman role:

  • Studying blueprints and project specifications and inspecting work sites to assess project size and scope
  • Reviewing individual crew daily Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for compliance, and attending weekly crew safety meeting to make sure all employees are engaged in conversation
  • Preparing work orders and determining resources needed to complete jobs, as well as prioritizing, scheduling, and assigning work to foremen and their crews based on the extent of work required, urgency, and availability of resources
  • Sharing any Document conflict discovered with project management as soon as discovered, and ensuring all work installed meets CEC, NEC, state, federal, or any other codes that apply to the project jurisdiction
  • Reviewing initial and final cost estimates prepared by foremen for completeness and appropriateness; and authorizing requisitions for materials, tools, and equipment submitted by foremen
  • Reviewing all crew material and tool orders prior to release for delivery to project, and reporting all accidents and injuries immediately
  • Analyzing complex structural ironwork projects and recommending alternative strategies to complete the same projects
  • Reviewing project status reports prepared by foremen and reallocating resources to ensure projects are completed on time.

General Foreman Job Description for Resume

If you are writing a resume or CV for a new job and have worked previously as a general foreman, or are presently working in that position, it will do your resume a lot of good to have the professional or work experience section in it.

With the professional experience part of your resume or CV, you can effectively let the recruiter/employer know that you have been successful performing the duties of a general foreman.

This information can influence the recruiter/employer to offer you an interview appointment, especially if the new position you are applying for requires someone with some previous general foreman work experience.

You can quickly and easily create a great professional or work experience section for your resume by applying the general foreman job description example shown above.

General Foreman Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking to work as a general foreman, here are major requirements most employers/recruiters may want you to meet:

  • Knowledge of bridge and structural iron repair, maintenance, sand preventative maintenance methods, practices, and procedures
  • Knowledge of the use of safety equipment and protective gear
  • Knowledge of applicable safety and code standards specific to the structural ironwork trade, including OSHA standards
  • Knowledge of applicable emergency operations
  • Knowledge of supervisory methods, practices, and procedures
  • Written and oral communication, problem-solving, leadership, analytical thinking, attention to detail, and dependability abilities
  • Active listening, critical thinking, monitoring, management of personnel resources, and equipment selection abilities.


Individuals interested in the general foreman career will find this post helpful in learning all they need to know about the duties and responsibilities of the role.

With this knowledge, they can then decide if the general foreman career is the right choice for them.

The information on this page is also beneficial to employers/recruiters looking to hire the best person for the vacant general foreman position in their company.

They can apply the general foreman job description sample above in making a detailed one for their organization.