Front Desk Agent Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Front Desk Agent job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities.
Front Desk Agents provide warm reception to guests and customers.

Front Desk Agent Job Description Example

What Does a Front Desk Agent Do?

Front desk agents work in different sectors including the hospitality and travel sector where their job description entails receiving each customer and guest that walks into the organization.

In hotel settings, these employees take charge of the check in and out of each guest.

Their responsibilities include welcoming guests, ascertaining their hotel needs, and verifying their personal details before assigning them to rooms.

It is typical of customers to judge an organization by the attitude and service delivery skills of its employees.

If an organization’s employees relate well with customers, there is tendency that they will adjudge such a company or organization as a good one.

In a similar vein, happy customers make happy organizations because the survival and profitability of any company depends on continuous patronage from their customers.

Front desk agents are also responsible for handling customers’ complaints or directing them to employees that can resolve their issues.

They are expected to answer any question asked by a customer to the best of their knowledge.

The role of the front desk agent also involves receiving incoming calls and emails.

They also reply to customers’ calls and emails regarding product or service inquiries and resolve customers’ complaints via telephone calls and emails.

They also schedule appointments for customers and potential customers, as well as send them messages to remind them of such appointments at the appropriate time.

Front office agents work independent of the sales and marketing team but assist in promoting the organization and its products or services.

They are expected to paint the company in positive light when customers call or approach their desks to make inquiries about the company.

Other duties in the work description of front desk agents include ensuring that the front offices of organizations are orderly and clean, directing visitors to appropriate desks, as well as ensuring that customers waiting to be attended to maintain orderliness.

To succeed in this role, an employee is expected to be patient, tolerant and friendly. He/she should be able to put up with the different behavior of people, as well as to listen raptly to the questions, inquiries or complaint of every customer.

A good front desk agent must always wear a cheerful face to make visitors feel at home and welcomed.

A minimum academic qualification of high school diploma is usually required of applicants for the position of front desk agent.

Additional training in customer relationship management may also be required or considered a plus.

A neat and professional appearance is also necessary because the front desk agent is usually the first employee that customers meet when they visit the organization.

Front Desk Agent Job Description Example

The job description of front desk agents in most organizations consists of the following tasks, duties, and responsibilities in the example below:

  • Receive each customer or guest that walks into the organization
  • Ensure that visitors and customers’ details are correctly entered into log books
  • Communicate with customers and visitors to ascertain the reason for their visit
  • Assist customers to get served in a timely fashion
  • Direct visitors to the appropriate desks and offices
  • Assist customers in resolving product or service issues
  • Direct customers to the appropriate employees where their complaints will be resolved
  • Receive incoming calls and emails and respond to them appropriately
  • Assist customers and potential customers to schedule appointments and reminded in due time
  • Ensure cleanliness of the front office and orderliness of customers waiting for appointments
  • Assist visitors and customers in filling forms appropriately
  • Manually and/or electronically store and retrieve files when required
  • Obtain accurate and relevant information from customers and visitors.

Front Desk Agent Resume Preparation

If you are seeking to work as a front desk agent, you will be expected to send a resume to hiring managers for proper assessment of your suitability for the role.

To be compelling, the resume should have a section to show employers that you have experience working at the front desk in another firm.

Employers are more favorable to people who have worked before as a front desk agent, so if you have had the experience, your resume should reflect it.

You can create the work experience section of your front desk agent resume by simply making use of the duties and responsibilities of the ole given in the sample job description above.

Requirements – Abilities, Knowledge, and Skills – for Front Desk Agent Job

You will need to have the following qualities and skills if you are seeking to work at the front desk of most organizations as these are what employers usually require from applicants vying for the post:

  • Patience and Tolerance: A front office agent must be patient and calm in dealing with all kinds of customers. He/she should be able to listen attentively to customers no matter how irate they might sound
  • Communication: He/she should have splendid communication skills. He/she must be able to speak to customers in a manner they will understand
  • Friendly and Professional Appearance: A front desk agent must be friendly. Being able to wear a cheerful face always is very important. A front office agent must be personable, and above all professional in handling customers’ issues and relating with them
  • Education and Training: Minimum of high school diploma is usually required of applicants for front desk agent job. Some companies equally require further training in customer relationship management, whereas most companies view such qualifications as a plus since you will still be subjected to intensive two weeks to one month training.

Front Desk Agent Skills for Resume

An important part of a resume is the skills section where you highlight relevant qualities for the job that you have acquired.

Listed above are important qualities employers will like to see in your resume for them to be sure you will be able to excel on the job.

Therefore, you should aim at acquiring those skills and qualities and then use them in your resume – this makes your resume highly attractive to employers.


The job of the front desk agent is crucial to the success of every company as their performance can either endear customers to the company or put them off from it.

Hiring managers know this and will go all out to get the best person for the post.

Having the knowledge of front desk agent job description will give you an idea of the kind of duties, tasks, and responsibilities to expect to perform if hired for the position.

And for the employer, the sample job description provided above can be used as a template in making one for the new front desk agent position you are recruiting for.