Lawyer Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Lawyer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Lawyers need to read a lot to obtain necessary information to effective advice and defend their clients.

Lawyer Job Description Example

What Does a Lawyer Do?

Generally, a lawyer’s job description entails representing clients in legal proceedings, which may be criminal or civil litigation.

They draw up legal documents as well as advise clients on legal aspect of business transactions.

Their role also involves interpreting laws and regulations for individuals and corporate organizations.
Lawyers analyze the likely outcome of clients’ cases as well as defend clients in the law court.

They also obtain information and evaluate findings to support arguments in court, and develop strategies and counter strategies to win court cases.

A lawyer may also work as a crime investigation officer to gather evidence required to validate arguments.

He/she also carry out investigations through interviews, observation, and monitoring to ascertain the facts and root causes of a case.

Senior lawyers hire and train others in the field, as well as assist them in preparing argument for court and government cases.

Lawyers are also expected to supervise and direct legal assistants, and draft legal documents such as contracts, business deeds/agreements, wills, and mortgages.

The work description of a lawyer also entails mediating in disputes between individuals, or between people and government.

His/her duties and responsibilities may also include managing clients’ business transactions and decision making by acting as trustee, agent or executor.

Lawyers also work as consultants to government agencies where they assist in the formulation of public policies.

If you have the intention of being a lawyer then you should be ready to spend seven years in the university and law school.

This long period of training is to expose you to the knowledge and intricacies of the profession.

The law profession involves a lot of reading and writing. So, a lawyer need be a lover of written documents.

He/she must find it comfortable reading large volume documents to obtain necessary information.

In addition, he/she should be able to prepare legal reports and documents accurately.
Other necessary skills to succeed as a lawyer include persuasiveness, time consciousness, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Lawyer Job Description Example

The following job description example details the common duties, tasks, and responsibilities of lawyers, which can serve as a template in writing one for your employees as an employer:

  • Represent clients in legal proceedings such as criminal and civil litigations
  • Draw up legal documents and advise clients on legal aspect of business transactions
  • Interpret rules and regulations for individuals and corporate organizations
  • Act as consultants to government agencies in drafting public policies
  • Analyze the likely outcome of clients and defend them in law court
  • Obtain information and evaluate findings to support argument in law court
  • Develop strategies and counter strategies to persuade judges in the law court
  • Hire, train, and coordinate the work activities of junior lawyers
  • Hire, supervise, and direct legal assistants
  • Draft legal documents such as deed/agreements, wills, contracts, and mortgages
  • Mediate in disputes between different people or between individuals and government agencies
  • Manage clients’ business transactions and decision making by acting as trustee, agent, or executor
  • Interpret laws and regulations for individuals and corporate organizations
  • Assist corporate organizations and individuals to understand court rulings
  • Enlighten the public on laws and rules and regulations guiding individuals and business relationship
  • Build and maintain good rapport with clients and potential clients.

Lawyer Resume Preparation

Do you need to make a resume for the job of a lawyer? If so, the sample job description provided above can be useful in creating the work experience part where you highlight lawyer’s duties and responsibilities which you have carried out.

If you have worked previously or are presently working as a lawyer, you can highlight your work activities as a lawyer in your resume by using the duties and responsibilities contained in the above lawyer work description.

This makes your resume more impactful to employers.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Lawyer Job

The following are major requirements, including skills and qualities that most employers would usually expect applicants for the lawyer job to fulfill:

  • Education and training: Lawyers are mandated to spend a minimum of seven years in the university and law school. This period exposes them to knowledge of the legal system and tricks required to win court cases
  • Reading and communication: To succeed as a lawyer, the ability to read extensively is mandatory. A lawyer must be able to read documents regardless of the volume, and should be quick in deciphering information contained in documents. Ability to communicate effectively is also required of lawyers. The grammar and oratory prowess of a lawyer must be flawless if he/she is to convince judges in law court
  • Logical reasoning and persuasive skills: a lawyer must be able to talk people into believing in his/her argument. To do this, he/she needs facts and evidences to support his/her argument, but most importantly he/she must be able to present such facts in a logical and convincing manner
  • Analytical and problem solving skills: A lawyer acts as an advisor. So, he/she is expected to have splendid analytical skills. He/she should be able to look at complex issues and proffer legal solutions to them. In addition, a lawyer must be able to dictate the probable result of legal actions and proceedings.

Lawyer Skills for Resume

Again, if you are making a lawyer resume, the skills section is a part to include. It tells prospective employers that you’ve got the qualities that will enhance your job performance.

The skills requirement for the position stated above can help you to easily make the section.


Knowing what duties and responsibilities usually constitute a lawyer’s job description is necessary to adequately prepare for the role.

Employers will also find the lawyer sample job description given above useful in recruiting the best person for the job.