Finance Assistant Job Description Sample

By | September 2, 2023
Finance Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Finance Assistants provide both finance and administrative assistance to members of their team.

Finance Assistant Job Description Sample

The job description of a finance assistant covers providing a combination of finance and administrative assistance to his or her coworkers.

The finance assistant position is usually found in the accounting departments of organizations or banks, and someone in this role will typically have more knowledge about accounting principles and finances than most administrative assistants.

He/she might be responsible for checking data in addition to administrative tasks or running reports.

Also, he/she will be responsible for tasks like greeting clients, answering the phones and scheduling appointments or meetings, among other office duties.

Many businesses hire finance assistants to help in their accounting or payroll departments.

Big organizations with financial concentration, such as accounting firms or big banks, will often hire finance assistants also.

These people have knowledge of bookkeeping, finance and basic accounting practices in most cases, but may also be able and willing to perform other office administrative duties.

In this way, a serious assistant can offer tremendous benefit to the organization for which he/she works and be able learn enough so as to be promoted into higher positions, like for instance, loan officers in a bank.

The job description of a finance assistant may vary based on the type of organization for which he/she is working.

The individual might engage in other activities like entering data into the computer, running certain daily or weekly reports or performing basic bookkeeping duties.

He/she might also serve as a proofreader who checks others’ work for errors before being taken to other department.

If it is a payroll department, the assistant might be responsible for entering employee data, like hours and benefits.

Within reason, most organizations are ready to train this type of assistant to perform these functions; however, they would be expected to have some existing financial experience.

The other half of the job is to provide administrative office support. These tasks include greeting clients, customers and answering the phones when they come into the office.

It might also involve maintaining a filing system, scheduling meetings for others and dealing with the mail when it is received and sent.

These are just some part of the most common administrative tasks; though the duties depend on the size of the office, which may be lesser or greater than described.

Finance Assistant Job Description Sample

Listed below are key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that make up most finance assistants’ job description.

  • Check and scrutinize invoices for accuracy.
  • Check goods and order to be sure they have been received.
  • Monitor and maintain staff mileage.
  • Service and attend staff meetings; take minutes of meetings when required.
  • Establish and maintain computerized databases of the organization’s service providers, contacts and other relevant information when required.
  • Organize travel and accommodation for the organization’s visitors and staff.
  • In agreement with the line manager, establish and maintain filing systems as appropriate.
  • Perform general clerical cum administration support including mail-outs, photocopying, filing and equipment supplies.
  • Maintain overall standard of the office space.
  • Liaise with cleaning services and keep an equipment inventory of all fixture, capital and fittings.
  • Assist and deputize on behalf of the finance manager.

Information from the above job description example can also be employed in writing the job history section and other sections of the resume for the finance assistant position.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for the Post of Finance Assistant

Below are important traits usually required to function effectively working as a finance assistant:

  • Detailed and organized approach.
  • Professional telephone manner.
  • Ability to use e-mail communication.
  • Proficient in MS Office and Excel.
  • Self-motivated, proactive and innovative style.