Field Operations Manager Job Description Example, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 23, 2023
Field Operations Manager Job Description
Field operations managers are also responsible for ensuring company personnel deliver on assigned tasks promptly and effectively.

This post provides detailed information on the field operations manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights major requirements that you may be expected to meet to be hired for the field operations manager role.

What Does a Field Operations Manager Do?

Field operations managers are responsible for the design and implementation of strategies to drive the field operations of a business organization.

The field operations manager job description entails directing and supervising company employees to ensure they properly utilize company resources to achieve set objectives.

Field operations managers develop and implement strategies for achieving operational targets.

They monitor company personnel to ensure they perform their duties in a timely and effective manner.

They also design operational management systems, procedures, and best practices to guarantee the efficiency of an organization’s operations.

Field operation managers in performing their duties conduct research to discover operational solutions vital to improving general staff productivity.

They are part of the team responsible for the interviewing, hiring, and training of company human resources.

Their role also involves ensuring quality control and monitoring production key performance indicators.

Usually, operations managers collaborate with support service departmental heads to ensure availability of tools necessary for maximizing output.

They ensure standard procedures and legal formalities are complied with when using the services of third party agencies or contractors.

They also oversee the implementation of field best practices to ensure an efficient supply chain.

As part of their responsibilities, field managers build and establish good customer relationship by assisting field personnel in avoiding obstacles associated with operational policies and procedures.

They prepare and oversee the management and allocation of operations budget.

Their work description also entails liaising with the safety department to ensure the work environment is safe for employees.

Field operations managers continuously monitor customer satisfaction level to make sure company operations meet client requirements.

They plan and organize training programs for company staff to enhance their job knowledge and skill.

Overseeing administrative tasks, such as promotions, salary negotiation, and transfer is also part of their functions.

The field operations manager job requires Bachelor’s degree in business administration, engineering, operations management, or in other related discipline.

The qualities necessary to succeed on the job include problem-solving, interpersonal, and time management skills.

Field Operations Manager Job Description Example/Template

The job of a field operations manager involves various functions. Given below is a job description example highlighting the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities people who work in this position normally perform:

  • Develop and implement policies for maximizing operational efficiency and profitability
  • Address and resolve all issues concerning field office operations
  • Monitor key metrics and develop action plans for improving company profits
  • Develop and implement best practices and procedures to enhance business growth
  • Motivate and reward high performing employees by recommending salary increase, bonuses or promotions
  • Oversee the preparation, allocation and management of operations budget to ensure target achievement
  • Develop and introduce new proposals and technology to enhance business productivity
  • Collaborate with functional units of an organization to integrate new or existing services
  • Manage services provided by a company to ensure they meet client expectations and requirements
  • Build and maintain positive trust relationship with customers to minimize clientele attrition
  • Ensure company operations comply with all local and federal labor laws and legislations
  • Liaise with the finance team to determine the need for salary increment, allowances or bonuses
  • Create workshifts and assign duties to company staff to ensure efficient operations
  • Create and oversee the implementation of field tools to enhance operational effectiveness
  • Ensure company operations are completed in a timely and effective manner.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Field Operations Manager Job

If you are seeking to work as a field operations manager, the following are requirements most employers will expect you to meet to be considered for the role:

  • Education and Training: To become a field operations manager, you require Bachelor’s degree in business administration, engineering, or operations management, or in other similar field. Experience working in a technology industry preferably as a support service agent is also required. Few years of experience in a management position is an added advantage
  • Problem-solving Skill: Field operations managers are able to come up with strategic solutions to effectively address operational issues
  • Interpersonal Skill: They are able to work with company departmental heads and field agents to ensure smooth work operations
  • Time management Skill: They are able to achieve operational objectives within set deadline.


The sample field operations manager job description provided in this post can be applied as a template for creating a perfect work description for the role in your company, with some modifications to suit the nature of your business.

This post also provides useful and detailed information of what field operations managers do.

Seekers of the position can increase their knowledge of the role with the information, and then prepare themselves adequately to succeed in the career.