Fannie Mae Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Fannie Mae Hiring Process
Your chances of gaining employment at Fannie Mae are higher if you knew the Company’s hiring process. Image source: americanbanker.

Fannie Mae Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The Fannie Mae hiring process involves various stages, including the job application and interview, where you will be required to answer certain questions successfully to be hired.

This post provides complete information on the recruitment process at Fannie Mae to help increase your understanding of how to find employment with the Company.

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Fannie Mae Company Overview

Fannie Mae is an American sponsored Federal Mortgage Association (FNMA) popularly known as Fannie Mae.

It is a well-known name in the Financial Services industry.

Fannie Mae was founded in the year 1938 whose purpose of existence is to expand secondary mortgage markets by investigating and giving out loans and enabling clients to get involved into more lending in the mortgage sector.

This is in view to help reduce excessive dependence or reliance on savings and loan associations.

The headquarters of Fannie Mae is at Midtown Center, 1100 15th Street, NW, Washington DC, 20005.

As at 2019, it has a total workforce of over 7,500 employees on its payroll.

The products of Fannie Mae are Mortgage-Backed securities (MBS) which are made available to only Americans living in the United States of America.

Fannie Mae Hiring Process

Before thinking of applying or making moves to get hired at Fannie Mae, there are some skills you should be sure you have prior to that time.

This will help you all through the application and interview process of the organization even when you get employed.

Here are some of the skills and abilities you should be able to show:

  • Proactive: You should have the ability to make things happen rather than wait for things to happen before you react or decide on what you do.
  • Team oriented: You will not be working alone; you have a whole lot of people to work with. So you need this skill to be able to work closely and smoothly with other colleagues in the workplace.
  • Innovative: You will need to be a critical and creative thinker who thinks outside the box as ideas will be needed from you all the time in regards to your job.

Then the next thing you will need to be sure of is your resume. The quality of your resume will be critical in your application and interview.

So, here are some things you need to check out in your resume:

  • Your resume should be free from both typographical and grammatical errors whatever.
  • Your resume should be able to engage the reader from the onset. This is important as there could be many resumes to peruse within a short time.
  • Your resume should have an excellent summary that highlights your major skills, experience, and accomplishments.
  • Lastly is what you can offer if eventually hired. With this we have resume objective in mind.
  1. Fannie Mae Job Application Process

If you have gone through your resume and you are sure it is up to standard, then you can proceed to applying for the particular job you want.

There are two sets of opportunities at Fannie Mae: Internship and full time opportunities.

This entails that the mode of application vary depending on the category you are applying for.

If you are applying as an intern, then you will be requested to apply via the Company’s school career site.

But if you are applying for full time opportunities, then you will be requested to apply via the company’s official website at

Note that if you are a first time user or applicant, you will be asked to create a profile which will include your username and password for subsequent visits or logins.

This is necessary for you to be allowed to apply for any job in the company.

The email address you will be provided will be needed for the organization to get back to you after your application is accepted or for any other notifications.

2. Fannie Mae Interview

The interview at Fannie Mae is to test your abilities on three fronts: Technical abilities, work related behaviors, and experience probably from your past job.

In testing your abilities, you will be asked technical questions related to the job you are applying for.

For work related behaviors, you will be asked questions related to everyday activities in a workplace and how you react or your view about some habits of coworkers and management team.

The last to be considered is your experience. Your experience in your past job and the job you are applying for is brought to the fore with questions related to the qualifications and experience you stated in your resume.

Fannie Mae Interview Questions

Here are possible interview questions you may be asked if you are sitting for an interview at Fannie Mae:

  1. What statistical models do you know and how can you apply them to this job?
  2. What tools do you think are efficient for a Business Analyst?
  3. Which day in the past do you consider to be your toughest day at work? What happened and how did you handle it?
  4. Do you think everyone should own a home?
  5. Recall the last time you failed and how you handled the failure?
  6. What lessons and experience have you taken from your past job?
  7. How best can you handle a conflict?
  8. Recall a challenge you have faced working in a group and how you handled it?
  9. Tell us about your research experience
  10. Describe a team player.

Fannie Mae Jobs and Careers

There are sure to be a job or two that match your profile, resume, and experience.

You can consider the top jobs below:

  1. Program Manager
  2. Recruiter
  3. Risk Analyst
  4. Financial Services Executive
  5. Facilities Strategist
  6. Project Manager
  7. .Net Developer
  8. Financial Analyst
  9. Asset Manager
  10. Sales Representative.

Also note that most jobs are dependent on the city you are or you are applying to.

This will determine the jobs that will be available to you as the job search has provision for filter by city of preference.

What to Expect Working for Fannie Mae

If you eventually get hired at Fannie Mae, here are some benefits you can consider will be made available to you:

  • Defined Benefit pension plan
  • Good contribution pension plan
  • Profit sharing
  • 401 (k) plan
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Accidental death & dismemberment insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Severance pay
  • Health insurance
  • Vision and dental insurance
  • Prepaid legal


Fannie Mae was brought into existence for two reasons: To help clients invest more into the mortgage lending scheme and help them depend less on lending associations and savings.

The workers there are paramount to this vision. This entails hiring of applicants who are on top of their game.

This article does not just provide you with the basic history of Fannie Mae, but also the hiring process for you to learn what you need to know to get employed at the Company.