Berkshire Hathaway Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Berkshire Hathaway Hiring Process
Your chances of gaining employment with Berkshire Hathaway are brighter with the knowledge of the company’s hiring process. Image source: pymnts.

Berkshire Hathaway Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

The Berkshire Hathaway hiring process involves various stages, including job application and interview where you will be expected to answer certain questions to prove you are suitable for employment.

This post provides exhaustive information of the recruitment process at Berkshire Hathaway, to help your quest in gaining employment at the company.

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Berkshire Hathaway Company Overview

Berkshire Hathaway, commonly addressed as Berkshire, is a renowned multinational corporate holding company, having its corporate headquarters at Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

The American organization is the absolute owner of GEICO, BNSF, Duracell, Lubrizol, Net Jets, Helzberg Diamonds and pampered chef.

The company is also a significant shareholder in some of America’s largest companies, such as Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.

Berkshire Hathaway is controlled and overseen by Warren Buffett, the chairman and Chief executive, as well as Charlie Munger – Berkshire’s vice-chairman.

Moreover, this company is ranked the third largest public organization across the globe, the 10th biggest conglomerate in terms of revenue, and the biggest financial services organization worldwide.

The Berkshire Hathaway Hiring Process

In spite of the large number of applicants seeking for employment at this company, Berkshire typically conducts an easy hiring process for every candidate, regardless of the role.

Here are what to expect in the Berkshire hiring process:

1. The Job Application Process

The very first thing to do when seeking for a job at Berkshire is to send a job application to the Human Resources department responsible for recruiting staffs.

The company doesn’t usually accept in-person applications, they prefer an online job application instead.

Hence, as an applicant, you will need to visit Berkshire official website, and then move to the careers section.

Once you arrive at the careers page, search for the role you prefer and click on the job title.

After clicking on the job title, you will be asked to create a candidate profile/account in order to complete the application.

The profile/account will enable you to check the progress of your application later on.

2. Assessment Test

Berkshire does not conduct an assessment test most times. Only a few positions require an assessment test in the hiring process.

The assessment test usually varies, based on the position a candidate applied for. However, the assessment entails an English and math tests, which every candidate must attend to regardless of the role.

In the English (verbal reasoning) and math (mostly square roots and fractions) section of the assessment test, your assessors will ensure you don’t use any aid such as calculator (for math).

You will be requested to complete the test in a very limited time, probably 30 minutes.

3. Interview Process

The interview stage in the hiring process normally comes up after a successful completion of the assessment test.

But if you weren’t requested to sit for any test, expect an interview after your application has been reviewed and found suitable for the position.

Typically, Berkshire interviews an applicant over a phone call before an in-person interview can be done.

The phone interview is absolutely simple and straightforward. The interviewer will only ask normal questions pertaining to your employment history and resume, as well as your high school and college GPA.

Weeks after the phone interview, you will be invited for an in-person interview, only if the Human Resources team finds you eligible for the job.

The Berkshire Hathaway in-person interview doesn’t entail much. You only need to answer some behavioral questions from the interviewer and get done in less than 40 minutes.

Moreover, the interviewer will assess your knowledge of the job you are applying for and how passionate you are to work for the company.

According to several experts, it is ideal for a candidate to be prepared for an interview if he/she wants to ace the screening.

Interview preparations may seem difficult, but it is the only way you can wow your interviewer and then land the employment.

Here are some interview tips to consider:

  • Research about Berkshire Hathaway as a company. You should know their core values and what they really desire to get from an employee. This can be helpful during the interview.
  • Your interviewer mustn’t catch you looking away. Try to maintain eye contact, it shows confidence and that you aren’t intimidated.
  • Ensure your answers are being delivered audibly and concisely.
  • Arrive at the interview venue early enough and make sure you are dressed in an appropriate attire.

4. What is the Duration for Berkshire Hathaway Hiring Process?

Berkshire contacts a candidate within 8 working days after the interview has been conducted.

But sometimes, the role you are applying for can determine when to hear from the recruiters.

For example, if someone is interviewed for a managerial position, it could take nearly a month to receive a response or job offer from the HR department.

5. Drug Test

Berkshire Hathaway always ensures that the consumption/use of drug and alcohol is prohibited within the premises of the company.

Hence, the Human Resources department usually drug test every employee that is newly employed into the company.

Sometimes, even as an employee who has been working with the company for long, you may be demanded to undergo a random drug test.

Once you have been drug tested and the company realizes that you don’t use or consume drugs/alcohol, your employment offer is no longer far away from you.

Berkshire Hathaway Jobs and Careers

Here are common jobs and career that you can apply for at Berkshire:

  • Technical product owner: This employee is responsible for working closely with external and internal clients to have an understanding of business processes/objections and recognition of issues in business that can be resolved with technology solutions.
  • Premium auditor: This employee is responsible for developing accurate and whole audits on polices of large employees compensation through the examination of policy holders and operations, as well as payroll records. The premium auditor is also responsible for maintaining a high communication level with other departments of the company regarding any situation or unusual occurrences in operations of finance derived during the audit which could have negative impacts on Berkshire as a company.
  • Utilization Review specialist: The main duty of this role is to make sure every area of an injured employee’s treatment demand by a provider is appropriate medically, and is also reviewed in agreement with the laws of the state and polices of the company. This employee also serves as an advocate for the injured employee and claims department, making sure the treatment requests that are being proposed suit the diagnosis.
  • Medical network assistant: This role helps to enroll and maintain medical networks and panels in treating workers who are injured. He/she is responsible for making sure that the provider documentation is absolutely complete, accurate and current.

What to Expect Working at Berkshire Hathaway

Working at Berkshire is an exciting experience. There are several individuals or co-workers who are actually pretty nice and willing to give you the aid you need in any situation.

As an employee, you have countless opportunity to learn more about your expertise, and you can also perform your work duties using the latest technology (based on your role though).

The management of the company is always ready to listen to the needs of employees.

However, Berkshire is one of those companies that don’t guarantee employees job security.

Moreover, the job might seem difficult sometimes, and you might experience long working hours.


To become a Berkshire employee, you will need to undergo the hiring process conducted by the company, which is used to screen out incompetent applicants, and then recruit the qualified candidates.

The comprehensive guideline on how to get a job from Berkshire has been provided in this article for you to apply.

Discover the kind of test you may be expected to take to be hired at Berkshire Hathaway; find lots of practice tests to prepare with: Job Assessment Tests.