Elementary School Teacher Resume Sample

By | September 3, 2023

To stand a better chance of getting hired for an elementary school teacher position, you need to make a resume or CV that can quickly convince the employer/recruiter that you will be effective teaching elementary pupils in their school.

The sample resume for elementary school teacher below can serve as a template to writing your own.

The elementary school teacher looking for a new employment needs to be able to sell him or herself effectively to the new employer to stand the chance of being invited to an interview.

This can be done through a well created resume, such as the example below.

A good resume for this position should reflect high competency, ability to organize your classroom, and to achieve result in the new school if employed.

Ensure to highlight some of your biggest achievements in your previous teaching assignments and your core competences that make you a must have by any prospective employer.


Elementary School Teacher Resume Sample/Example/Template

Maria Stone
ABC Link Street • Atlanta, Georgia • 77777 • Home: (111) 555-9999, Cell: (222) 999-9999 • mariastone@this-is-an-elementary-school-teacher-resume-sample.com

OBJECTIVE: Seeking Elementary School Teacher position in a creative and challenging platform, where I can put my drive for teaching to use with great enthusiasm, passion and foresight coupled with diligence.


Diligent, passionate, result-oriented, and enthusiastic and research driven elementary teacher with vast experience and expertise in helping children improve comprehension and applying what they learn in their daily lives.

Exceptionally committed and recognized for developing students’ interest and skills in math, science, and technology by organizing field trips to science centers, including the Challenger Learning Center.


  • Full six years experience in teaching and instructing elementary student
  • Excellent understanding of the formulation and application of the curriculum of study
  • Exceptional coordinating skill in the arrangement of the class structure to enhance and foster good learning position for the students
  • Cognitive method of evaluation that enables the realization of the student strong points and weak points and help in area of concentration and improvement appropriately
  • Outstanding ability to enable a fast learning environment
  • Unmatched ability in managing student’s temperament
  • Comprehensive understanding of the use of instructional material to help the student have a mental picture of what is being discussed
  • Ability to coordinate, take and welcome feedback that create room for improvement
  • Ability to work under varying atmosphere foster by flexibility and the enthusiasm
  • Effective skills in the consciousness of time
  • Great ability in ensuring classroom management and discipline.


Solton School, Able Green, California
2010 – Present

Elementary School Teacher

  • Developed and implemented the effective learning and study style in the consciousness of the students interest area and ability
  • Supervise student learning process to achieve the core goal of the curriculum
  • Achieved great success in quality of performance and innovation of classroom teaching evident in the lesson plan and in the use of instructional materials
  • Introduced constructive method through which the introduction of technology and technological innovations are introduced for learning and the technological innovations are used to foster learning
  • Conducted evaluation to check the student’s response to the academic activities
  • Arranged the class in a proper fashion to enhance a convenient sitting position and a focused attention
  • Helped student behavioral pattern and indiscipline by enforcing classroom discipline
  • Established a good relationship with the students, their parents, fellow teachers and school administration
  • Prepare students adequately for state required standardized tests
  • Actively contributed to the educational materials developed by the school and outside the school that calls for the school’s contribution for the development of the learning process
  • Communicate with parents over the improvement of their ward, the weakness of their ward and places where there ward needs assistance
  • Ensure adequate watch on the student during the physical exercise break.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, California State University, 2005
  • Master Degree in Curriculum, California State University, 2007
  • CPR / First Aid Certified
  • State CT Certification.

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