Dishwasher Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 7, 2023
Dishwasher Job Description
Dishwashers ensure cleaned and properly arranged dishes in restaurants.

This post presents detailed information on the dishwasher job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the dishwasher role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Dishwasher Do?

Dishwashers clean dishes, utensils and food preparation equipment.

The dishwasher job description entails handling kitchen elements such as pots and dishes to ensure they are clean and available for customer service.

Dishwashers usually work in restaurants or cafeterias where they maintain a spotless and functional kitchen.

In performing their duties, dishwashers clean plates, cups and utensils. They often wash dishes by hand or operate a dishwashing machine.

They also put away clean dishes in proper storage areas such as in cabinets or racks.

Dishwashers are responsible for unloading dirty dishes brought in bussers. Their role also involves scraping, sorting, and stacking dirty dishes prior to loading them into a dishwashing machine for cleaning.

They also clean kitchen floors, sinks, and countertops to ensure a tidy work area.

As part of their responsibilities, dish washers carry out stocking of supplies such as food and utensils in cupboards, refrigerators or serving stations.

They sweep kitchen floors and take out trash when necessary. They also clean garbage cans with water or steam to avoid unhygienic conditions.

Usually, the work description of dishwashers entails setting up and arranging tables and dining areas.

They transfer supplies between storage areas and serving stations using a hand truck. They also prepare various food items for cooking or serving.

In fulfilling their role, dishwashers ensure proper storage of food items in reserve areas.

They comply with set standards for customer service during work operations, and also maintain dishwashing machine, and report mechanical/functional faults to the kitchen manager.

As part of their duties, dishwashers handle tableware carefully to prevent breakage and loss.

They monitor inventory level of dishwashing and cleaning stock to determine the need for replenishment, and also perform various other duties as may be assigned by a chef or kitchen manager.

To work as a dishwasher does not require formal education, but having a high school diploma is usually preferred by employers.

The qualities you need to succeed on this job include physical stamina, technical skill, and organizational ability.

Dishwasher Job Description Example/Template

Dishwashers perform various functions in restaurants to ensure that kitchen equipment are properly cleaned for use by customers.

Here is a job description example showing the major tasks, duties, and responsibilities of dishwashers in most restaurants:

  • Scrape and sort dishes before loading them into a dishwashing machine for cleaning
  • Monitor dish machine water temperature during sanitary wash cycle
  • Unload dishwashing machine after a wash to put away utensils and dishes at proper storage units
  • Sweep and scrub kitchen floors to ensure a clean and tidy work area
  • Bag kitchen trash and discard in a dumpster at intervals
  • Maintain adequate levels of detergents and other cleaning supplies
  • Assist in the preparation and serving of food as may be required
  • Participate in periodic employee meetings and contribute to the growth of an establishment
  • Stock supplies such as food items and utensils in kitchen and storage areas
  • Load or unload trucks that deliver or pick up food stock from a restaurant
  • Use hand trucks to move supplies or equipment from a storage area to work area
  • Set up banquet tables and dining areas according to set standards
  • Maintain dishwashing machine and report any mechanical faults to supervisor
  • Stock and arrange kitchen utensils and dishes in an orderly manner
  • Handle glassware and other fragile tableware to prevent breakage
  • Maintain a customer-focused attitude while performing job duties.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Dishwasher Role

Are you interested in applying for the job of a dishwasher? If you are, here are major requirements most employers may expect you to meet to qualify to access the job:

  • Education and Training: The dishwasher job does not require specific academic qualification. Prior experience and knowledge of food preparation and kitchen maintenance is necessary to secure a dishwasher job although training is usually provided by most employers
  • Physical stamina: Dishwashers are able to work for extended periods while standing or moving
  • Technical skill: They are able to operate and regulate dish washing machines to clean utensils and tableware
  • Organizational skill: They maintain a clean and tidy kitchen by ensuring dishes and utensils are arranged in proper storage units.


If you are an employer looking to hire a dishwasher and needing a description for the job, you can easily make one by applying the sample job description for the role provided in this post.

The dishwasher duties and responsibilities highlighted in this article can assist you in creating a good work description that can attract the best qualified individuals to respond to your job advert.

This post also provides in-depth information about washing dishes in restaurants and cafeterias for individuals looking to work in that role to learn about the job and the kind of tasks and responsibilities to expect to be assigned.