Database Administrator Job Description Example

Database Administrator job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Database Administrators ensure effective and efficient management of a firm’s database systems.

Database Administrator Job Description Example

What Does a Database Administrator Do?

Database administrators oversee the performance of company database and information management systems to ensure its security, efficiency, and integrity.

Their job description entails interviewing clients to identify their database needs and information management requirements.

They design and build database systems that meet the security and performance specifications of clients.

They also ensure database systems address the information needs of end users.

Database administrators oversee the efficient and timely distribution of data to an end user.

Their role also involves installing modified or new database systems. They also maintain the security and performance of database systems to ensure optimum operation and data integrity.

As part of their duties, database administrators provide users with training and help resolve issues with database access, back-up and recovery.

They liaise with I.T experts and other technical personnel to develop strategies necessary for the effective management and organization of a database.

They monitor the performance of a database system, evaluating operating systems and hardware to ensure seamless flow of information.

Database administrators oversee the integration of rapid transaction recovery and data backup into a database system.

They ensure quick display of query results by minimizing database downtime. They also oversee the implementation and adherence to database policies and procedures.

Usually, database administrators are responsible for conducting database audit, modification and amendment using SQL commands or by manual editing.

They oversee the merging of old databases into new ones to ensure proper data organization.

Their work description also involves developing new database designs or improving on already existing ones.

Database administrators collaborate with network administrators to plan and coordinate security measures for a database system.

They provide troubleshooting and precautionary steps to users as part of database management support.

They also participate in educational workshops, conferences to update job knowledge and expand personal network.

The database administrator job requires a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems or in any computer related discipline.

Qualities required for the job include analytical, problem-solving, and logical thinking skills.

Database Administrator Job Description Example/Template

Database administrators perform various tasks, duties, and responsibilities in ensuring a company’s database and information management systems are created and working optimally.

Here is an example of a typical job description holders of the role usually carry out:

  • Interview clients to identify their information management and database requirements
  • Design and build database systems that meet the security and performance specifications of clients
  • Ensure database system addresses the information storage and accessibility needs of end users
  • Oversee the efficient and timely distribution of data to end users
  • Carry out the installation of new or modified database systems
  • Maintain the security and optimal performance of a database system
  • Provide users with training and help them resolve technical issues with database
  • Liaise with I.T experts to develop and implement strategies effective for the organization and management of a database
  • Ensure seamless flow of information by monitoring the performance of database management systems
  • Oversee the merging of old and new database to ensure proper information organization
  • Ensure quick display of query results by minimizing database downtime
  • Conduct database audit and modification using SQL commands
  • Oversee the integration of rapid transaction recovery and data backup into a database management system
  • Develop new database designs or improve on already existing ones
  • Collaborate with network administrators to plan and coordinate security measures for a database system
  • Participate in workshops, conferences to update existing job knowledge and expand personal network.

Database Administrator Resume Preparation

Are you looking to prepare a database administrator resume? If so, then the above sample job description, consisting of the functions of the position will be helpful in completing the work experience section of your resume.

If you have worked previously as a database administrator, highlighting the above duties and responsibilities in your resume will prove to potential employers that you actually know what the job is about and have the relevant experience to effectively carry out the work description that will be handed to you.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Database Administrator Job

If you are looking to work as a database administrator, here are the major requirements you will be expected to meet by most employers to be considered for an interview:

  • Education and Training: To become a database administrator, you require a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems or in a related computer science/technology discipline such as software engineering and computer science. Prior experience in I.T or technology related fields can also increase your chances of securing the database administration job
  • Analytical Skills: Database administrators are skilled in assessing and analyzing database systems to identify source of security/performance issues
  • Problem-solving Skills: Database administrators are adept at developing strategies that are effective in meeting the database management needs of clients.

Database Administrator Skills for Resume

The skills section of your database administrator resume can be prepared by making use of the above qualities and skills that employers usually expect applicants for the position to have.

Acquiring these qualities and using them in your resume will make it more appealing to employers as they would be able to see that you have the capacity to be effective on the job.


The database administrator job description shows the duties and responsibilities that mostly make up the daily work activities of people who work in that position.

So, if you are interested in the job of a database administrator, the above work description will help you to know more about the functions of the role and to decide if that is what you really want to do.

The sample job description given above can also be applied by employers as a template in designing a suitable work description for recruiting and assigning tasks to new database administrator employees.

Did you find this post useful in knowing more about a database administrator job? Please leave a comment in the box below. You may also share your database administrator work experience if you have one with other readers.

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