Credit Investigator Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 18, 2023
Credit Investigator Job Description
Credit Investigators help determine the financial status of clients before approving loans to them.

Credit Investigator Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

If you are looking for information about the credit investigator job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities commonly performed by the role, then this post will be helpful to you. Please, read on:

What Does a Credit Investigator Do?

Credit investigators are responsible for performing credit analysis of clients to decipher their financial status as well as their ability to make complete and regular repayment of loans before extending finance to them.

They work for banks, credit management companies, trading organizations granting credit sales/payment terms, and lending institutions.

Their job description entails performing credit checks on each loan applicants to determine the customer’s credit worthiness, as well as mitigating the risk that the organization will undertake by granting the loan.

Credit investigators utilize clients’ financial history, credit ratings, and credit scores to ascertain the probability that the loan will be repaid by the applicant.

Their role also entails reviewing credit applications, undertaking background checks, and investigating credit standings, as well as collaborating with credit rating agencies to help them evaluate and judge the financial capability of the individual/organization.

Investigators assume the lead role in credit approval process performing direct analysis, due diligence, and credit presentations. They also recommend risk rating, review documentation and close loans.

Their work description also involves underwriting and executing both loan and derivative structures and serving as a primary contact on credit portfolio and complex borrowing relationships.

To become and work as a credit investigator, individuals must have a degree in Banking, Finance, Business Studies, Management, Administration, or Accountancy.

It is also requires that the individual is discreet and able to maintain the confidentiality of consumers’ private credit information.

They must possess efficient data processing skills, excellent customer service and telephone skills, as well as relevant experience in conducting background investigation to ascertain financial status of credit applicants.

Credit Investigator Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Credit investigators perform various functions with the objective of preventing bad debts and mitigating risks.

The typical credit investigator job description consists of the following major tasks, duties, and responsibilities:

  • Scrutinizes customers’ accounts and levies credit charges as per the interest rate
  • Investigates credit standing and financial history of individuals and business establishments applying for loans
  • Responsible for processing personal and business loan applications following the bank’s policies and procedures
  • Collects relevant information through reliable sources to determine credit worthiness of applicants
  • Notifies customers of the approval and rejection of credit either via emails or phone calls or both
  • Undertakes personal visits to confirm residential and business addresses
  • Responsible for collecting debts from defaulters with penalty charges
  • Responsible for reviewing credit applications and conducting background investigation
  • Responsible for processing credit applications after confirming financial status of applicants
  • Interviews individuals and business owners via phone calls and visit
  • Responsible for the verification of information provided by customers for credit
  • Conducts investigation on the history and credit standing of loan applicants
  • Collaborates with credit rating agency to get required information
  • Undertakes research and collects information on social behavior and credit report of individuals
  • Actively work to maintain and improve portfolio quality and prevent loss
  • Stays abreast of legal and regulatory changes and industry trends.

Credit Investigator Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

If you are seeking to work as a credit investigator, employers or recruiters will likely require that you possess certain qualities, qualifications, and experience to be able to perform the objectives, purpose, and obligations set for the credit investigator role.

Shown below are major requirements most recruiters will expect applicants for the credit investigator position to satisfy to be considered for the job:

  • Education: To become a credit investigator requires a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, or a related field with major coursework in finance, accounting, and economics. Most organizations also require that candidates complete formal credit training
  • Knowledge: Credit investigators require experience in conducting investigations, undertaking records review, audits, or related work in the lending or financial industry
  • They also require knowledge of accounting, taxation, tax laws, bank policies, procedures, and government regulations. It is also important that they possess knowledge of credit analytics, business development, portfolio management, and the ability to lead cross sell efforts
  • Computer skills: They require proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office tools and spread sheet software
  • Communications skills: They require the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, and must be able to communicate with diverse groups and populations
  • Organizational skills: Investigators require the ability to effectively prioritize tasks and manage multiple assignments
  • Confidentiality: They must be discreet with their clients’ private credit information
  • Time management skills: They require the ability to meet deadlines and manage relationship manager and client expectations
  • Collaboration skills: Credit investigators must be able to work in a team-oriented environment
  • Interpersonal skills: Their job requires them to work collaboratively with external agencies to derive relevant information on clients; hence it is important that they possess strong interpersonal skills for relationship building and establishing rapport.


To hire a new credit investigator for their companies, recruiters’ need to publish the job description of the available position so that interested and qualified persons can respond to it.

To enable you make the perfect description of the position that will boost your chances of attracting the best qualified credit investigators to apply to your offer, you can easily apply the sample job description shown above.

This post is also helpful to individuals interested in the credit investigator career in improving their knowledge of the duties and responsibilities commonly performed by the role.

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