Court Clerk Job Description Example

By | August 28, 2023
Court Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Court Clerks ensure all administrative processes associated with court proceedings are taken care of.

Court Clerk Job Description Example

What Does a Court Clerk Do?

A court clerk is an administrative worker who controls the clerical functions associated with the court’s proceedings.

They tackle an expansion of each day responsibilities and are a fundamental part of the judicial system.

A court clerk is expected to be competent, self-inspired, and a professional individual to be able to discharge his/her duties effectively.

This position is entirely different from a court reporter or law clerk. It is a unique position that comes with its own set of requirements and responsibilities.

Now, let’s look at the finer details of the job description of a court clerk before checking out the summary of their duties and requirements.

The job function of the court clerk is administrative in nature. In fact, he/she is like the administrative assistant to the judge and other court officials.

His/her roles hover around handling of court files. This includes maintaining court records, securing information for the judges, and administering oaths.

Other duties and responsibilities of court clerks include authenticating copies of court judgments and orders, and obtaining information from litigants, witnesses, and attorneys.

The court clerk is responsible for handling all court’s receipts. This includes receipts for court fees, fines and licenses.

It is also the responsibility of the court clerk to receive requests for licensing and to issue permits and licenses as well.

Additionally, he/she is expected to keep accurate record of all receipts and permits issued and fees collected.

Other licenses issued by the clerk on behalf of the court are wedding licenses and property titles.

He/she is tasked with recording and documenting the outcome of court appearances and scheduling meetings and appointments.

The clerk also schedules cases to be called by the court.

The primary place of assignment for court clerks is the court. However, the duty post of each court clerk may vary.

While some are required to work in the Supreme Court, others may be assigned to assist judges and court officials in other kinds of courts, such as the court of appeal, high court, or district court.

The duty post of a court clerk may slightly affect his/her responsibilities and qualifications required, but the primary duties remain almost same across all levels of court.

The court clerk works in tandem with court judges, lawyers, police, court officials, and other agents in the legal system to ensure that court functions are diligently carried out.

His/her work description also entails organizing the court room to make sure that court proceedings are carried out in a neat and tidy environment.

He/she equally ensures that materials necessary for smooth operations of the court, such as papers, pen, and electronic equipment are always in place.

During court appearances, it is the responsibility of the clerk to open the court room, announce the arrival of the judge, and ensure orderliness in court proceedings.

In a nutshell, the job description of the court clerk is centered on ensuring the smooth operation of proceedings in the court by providing assistance to officers of the court.

While in some counties it is the duty of the court judge to appoint the clerk, in some other districts, the responsibility lies on the citizens of the district.

To be appointed a court clerk, one must possess a set of skills and qualifications. Though having a degree is not necessary, it is a plus and might be the motivating factor behind your appointment as a court clerk, especially in higher courts like the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal.
However, all that is required in terms of academic qualification is a high school diploma.

Also, irrespective of your academic qualifications, most court clerks start as deputies so as to learn on the job.

Being an administrative role, other skills, including record keeping, interpersonal, and computer skills are necessary to succeed on this job.

Court Clerk Job Description Example

The court clerk plays important roles in the legal system as they ensure court processes run smoothly.

The duties, tasks, and responsibilities majorly performed by court clerks are shown in the job description example below:

  • Prepare dockets of cases to be called by the court
  • Receive inquiries for licensing and permits and issue such permits and licenses upon approval
  • Collect court fees and fines
  • Reply to inquiries from the general public, judges, court officials, and lawyers
  • Maintain records of court appearances and proceedings
  • Administer oath to witnesses, judges, and grand jurors
  • Ensure that information, materials, and evidences presented in the court are secured
  • Maintain good relationship with judges, court officials and other law enforcement agents
  • Ensure that the courtroom and surrounding environment are kept clean and tidy all the time
  • Ensure smooth and organized proceedings in the courtroom by making sure that all materials required for smooth court proceeding are put in place before each hearing
  • Ensure orderly hearing by calling the court to other when there is chaos
  • Opens the court door, announce the arrival of the judge, and read out cases
  • Present all exhibits related to cases during court hearing
  • Train and coordinate the activities of support staff and deputy clerks
  • Examine the authenticity of legal documents submitted to the court.

Court Clerk Resume Preparation

The above sample job description can be of help to you if you are making a resume for the post of a court clerk.

The functions and responsibilities of the position highlighted in the work description are the relevant information you need to make the job experience section of the resume, which most employers would like to see.

The section assures hirers that you have the necessary experience to do the job effectively, especially if they need someone who has been on the job before.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Court Clerk Job

The following are important skills and qualities most employers hiring court clerks would usually require from applicants:

  • The first requirement for this position is high school diploma. A degree in administration related discipline may be considered an additional advantage but not too important
  • Secondly, the court clerk must have good communication skills (both oral and written). In addition, an exceptional record keeping skill is necessary. Book keeping and accounting skills are also necessary since the clerk is expected to be in charge of issuing receipts and collecting court fees and fines
  • The court clerk is equally expected to be proficient in MS office applications
  • Personal traits like honesty, accountability, and transparency are must have for a court clerk job.

Court Clerk Skills for Resume

For the fact that the above skills and qualities form part of employers’ requirements for the court clerk job, they will therefore make your resume stronger if used in creating the skills section.

For that reason, you can ensure to acquire the qualities and then present them in your resume as the skills you will be bringing to the job; this will certainly catch employers’ attention.

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