Correctional Officer Job Description Example

Correctional Officer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities

Correctional Officers ensure prison inmates conform to rules and regulations guiding them. Image source:

Correctional Officer Job Description Example

What Does a Correctional Officer Do?

A correctional officer works in prisons and correctional facilities where his or her primary responsibility is to monitor the behavior of inmates.

His/her job description entails making sure that rules and regulations guiding the activities of prison inmates are always maintained.

He/she is expected to carry out routine check in and around the prison to make sure that inmates are not in possession of drugs or potentially harmful weapons.

The role of the correctional officer also involves constant interaction with prisoners awaiting trials or convicted inmates, making sure that they behave well and remain within the facility.

In most cases, the officer maintains orderliness in the prison environment by talking calmly with prison inmates.

However, times may arise requiring him/her to exercise some level of physical force in correcting unruly behavior of some inmates.

Correctional officers are also charged with the responsibility of screening visitors coming into the facility and guarding the entrance against intruders.

They also ensure that prisoners carry out their daily schedule diligently. They assign duties to inmates and supervise them to ensure completion. They also ensure that inmates are properly fed.

Their work description also involves booking incoming inmates and keeping proper record of old convicts.

They also assign inmates to cells and ensure that old ones are securely shifted to new cells or facilities when the need arises.

They carry out daily head count of prisoners in the facility and intercept jail fights and break plans.

It is also the duty of the correctional officer to discipline erring inmates.

They maintain the cleanliness of the prison cells and prison environment and provide prompt assistance to ailing inmates.

They arrange for movement of inmates to hospitals and escort them to court as well.

A correctional officer is often assigned with the responsibility of ensuring that convicted criminals perform all activities geared towards their rehabilitation.

In addition, they prepare reports on the conduct and behavior of inmates and their response to corrections.

To be employed as a correctional officer, you must possess at least high school diploma or G.E.D.

A degree in criminal justice may also be a plus. In addition to this, you shall undergo a training program upon employment to prepare you for the role.

Apart from the educational and training requirements to be employed into this position, you are expected to possess some personal attributes required of any correctional officer.

Some of these personal qualities are security consciousness and high level of intelligence, agility and physical strength, instructive communication skill, and attentiveness.

Other necessary traits include outstanding team work capability, decisiveness, resilience, open-mindedness, and ability to unravel plots.

Correctional Officer Job Description Example

Correctional officers perform various tasks, duties, and responsibilities as shown in the job description example below:

  • Guard the entrance of the facility to wade off intruders and check visitors properly
  • Maintain law and orderliness in and around the prison environment
  • Carry out routine check in and around the prison environment to make sure that inmates are not in possession of harmful objects and drugs
  • Seize drugs, harmful objects and/or contraband from inmates and report the inmate
  • Monitor inmates to make sure they diligently complete their daily schedule or punishment, as well as make sure that they carry out all correctional responsibility assigned to them
  • Take daily head count of inmates and book new convicts. In addition, assign new convicts to cells
  • Prepare reports on the daily activities in the prison and the general behavior of inmates
  • Ensure that the prison cells and surrounding environment are always clean and tidy
  • Ensure that inmates behave appropriately during outdoor activities
  • Unravel jail break plots and ensure maximum security of the correctional facility
  • Arrange for transport and convey/secure inmates to and from court or hospitals
  • Organize social and educational activities and encourage inmates to learn useful social and educational skills
  • Ensure that inmates are well fed.

Correctional Officer Resume Preparation

In the course of preparing a resume for the post of correctional officer, the sample job description shown above provides the right information for making the job experience section of the resume.

This section shows employers the duties and responsibilities that were carried out working as a correctional officer.

Requirements – Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills – for Correctional Officer Job

Here are the major qualities and skills you will need to perform effectively as a correctional officer, and also to win the heart of employers when seeking the job:

  • A correctional officer must possess at least high school diploma or G.E.D. Most times, this level of academic qualification is enough to get your application accepted. A degree holder can also work as a correctional officer; preferably a degree in criminal justice or psychology. Upon employment, you are expected to undergo training and test to prepare you for the role
  • A correctional officer must be very observant. He/she must have the ability to unravel jail plots. In addition, an outstanding problem solving skills is needed.
  • He/she must possess good communication skills. An instructive style of communication is preferable to enable him/her manage inmates’ behavior and activities
  • High level of intelligence, agility, alertness, and physical strength is also required in the discharge of his/her duties
  • A correctional officer must have camaraderie spirit. He/she must be able to work with members of a team to achieve orderliness within the facility.

Correctional officer Skills for Resume

The above qualities and skills a correctional officer needs to excel on the job can also be adopted when writing the skills section of a resume for the role.

Using such information in the skills section makes the resume more attractive to employers as they could see you have the qualities they are looking for to hire a new correctional officer.


This post has provided exhaustively the duties, tasks, and responsibilities that usually make up the job description of correctional officers in the prisons and other facilities.

As an employer, you can create a job description for your new hires with it; and if you are interested in working as a correctional officer, you will get to know more about what they do.

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