Construction Site Foreman Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | August 15, 2023
Construction Site Foreman Job Description
The construction site foreman’s responsibilities also involves monitoring and maintaining schedules for workmen and sub-contractors.

Construction Site Foreman Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

The information in this post, which focuses on the job description of a construction site foreman, has been written to help you understand their functions.

The duties and responsibilities that most companies would like their workers to carry out have been included in the construction site foreman work description example.

If you are actually searching for a construction site foreman job, the information in this post also throws lights on the key requirements that most employers/recruiters would want you to meet.

Please, read on to learn more about the construction site foreman career:

What Does a Construction Site Foreman Do?

A Construction Site Foreman is responsible for leading, managing, and coordinating the construction and installation of equipment, meter stations, O&M projects, and capital projects in accordance with company policies/procedures and required regulations.

The construction site foreman job description entails preparing construction estimates and job plans, AFEs, and compiling and filing of all required construction documentation.

It also involves monitoring and maintaining schedules for workmen and sub-contractors, and ensuring the best skills are applied by each workman.

The construction site foreman is responsible for documenting daily activities, material/parts used, testing, inspections, and visitors; and creating and maintaining positive working relationships with crew members, vendors, suppliers, and sub-contractors.

They are involved in ensuring that safe housekeeping and work practices are followed at all times, and organizing the crew members for accomplishment of tasks.

Most companies needing to hire a construction site foreman usually require interested individuals to possess some skills and abilities to be able to perform proficiently on the job.

Some of the qualities and abilities you need to have to succeed as a construction site foreman include 5+ years of experience managing construction crews, previous experience in construction management or in other related fields, and familiarity with construction management software.

Others include strong leadership qualities, strong negotiation skills, and deadline and detail-oriented.

You are also expected to have expert knowledge of issues affecting residential/commercial construction and remodeling, including trades, practices, procedures, techniques, tools, equipment, materials, specifications, quality control, cost control, and safety.

Educational Qualifications

In your search for a new construction site foreman job, you are required to provide proof of academic qualifications.

You will have more chances creating a resume that guarantees success in your quest for a new construction site foreman job, if you can present a strong portfolio with demonstrated skills and abilities.

In the role of a construction site foreman, a High School diploma or equivalent with additional vocational school certificate in construction training is required, though higher degree is preferred.

Construction Site Foreman Salary: The average salary of a construction site foreman is $58,486 per year.

Construction Site Foreman Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The construction site foreman performs various tasks, duties, and responsibilities, which are highlighted in the job description example below:

  • Assisting the superintendent with overseeing and management of onsite personnel and subcontractors
  • Supervising all features of construction project from planning to implementation
  • Allocating resources for assigned projects and operating heavy equipment, OSHA 10 preferred
  • Ensuring that contract activities are properly coordinated and that tasks are completed on time
  • Organizing tools, plant, machinery, materials and workers, and supervising construction activities
  • Recognizing materials and equipment that could be needed and ensuring construction is executed accurately, following plans and specifications
  • Training employees and maintaining detailed and accurate site reports
  • Managing project well and communicating project progress to chief stakeholders, such as engineers, architects, and the client
  • Ensuring workers are qualified and well-informed about their roles and creating assignments according to skill sets
  • Issuing reports and progress updates, making decisions related to supplier and vendor relationships, and ensuring safe working conditions and compliance with all safe operating procedures specific to the industry.

Construction Site Foreman Job Description for Resume

If you are making a new resume or CV and have some work experience as a construction site foreman, it will be wise to show it in your resume by adding the professional or work experience section to it.

In the professional or work experience section of your resume, you will highlight the major duties and responsibilities you have carried out as a construction site foreman to show that you have been successful performing the role.

This information can help a great deal to convince the employer/recruiter that you will be successful on the new job and to give you an interview appointment.

This is especially so if the new job requires having some construction site foreman work experience to be effective in it.

You can apply the construction site foreman job description sample above in creating your resume or CV’s professional experience section.

Construction Site Foreman Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success

Most recruiters or employers have set certain requirements prospective candidates should meet to be considered for hiring for a construction site foreman job. They include:

  • At least 5 plus years of previous experience in construction or other related fields
  • Valid state driver’s license and experience in running construction crews
  • Familiarity with construction management and paperwork
  • Strong leadership qualities and excellent oral/written communications
  • Excellent personal organizational habits
  • Knowledge of good business practices regarding budgeting, estimating, and scheduling
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint), Windows, Internet, and Email
  • Aptitude in math, good work ethic, and good time management skills
  • Deadline and detail-oriented, as well as problem-solving abilities
  • Team working skills and ability to work to tight deadlines and budgets
  • Critical thinking skills and team-building abilities
  • Understanding of the building regulations, health, safety, and first aid.


This post will help you to learn about what the role of a construction site foreman entails if you are interested in the career.

With this knowledge, you can make the right decision about going for the construction site foreman career or not.

Also, if you are an employer/recruiter needing to attract the best candidates for the vacant construction site foreman position in your company, you can apply the sample job description above in making a detailed description for the role.