Club Hostess Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

Club Hostess job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Club Hostesses ensure the comfort of their guests.

This post presents in-depth information on the job description of a club hostess, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they typically perform.

What Does a Club Hostess Do?

A club hostess works in a high-class restaurant or club, just as the job title implies. Their job description entails duties and responsibilities similar to those of the traditional hostess.

They ensure clients are seated comfortably on their visit to the club, and are also managed in orderly manner.

In addition to the roles above, club hostesses may also be employed to function as live customer service representative.

They are expected to move around the establishment to make sure all clients are well taken care of, and to see to the enjoyment and satisfaction of customers.

They are also expected to oversee the activities of other members of staff.

Though the club hostess is required to check if other members of staff are doing their jobs properly, she still does not have any supervisory responsibility.

If she detects any lapse in other members of staff, she is expected to report to the kitchen manager, head waiter, or other supervisors in the club.

There may be instances when certain customers are displeased with the services offered at the club.

In such circumstances, the hostess will have to make the effort towards pacifying such clients. But if things get out of hands, she will revert to the appropriate supervisor to help put things right.

The club hostess work description also entails working together with the management and other members of staff of the company in order to ensure top quality service delivery to clients.

She will ensure all clients are having a great time. In simple terms, she will act as the ear, eye, and mouthpiece of the restaurant.

Other duties of club hostesses also include leading clients to their seats and making sure they are properly served.

She will entertain clients after they have passed through security and have found their own seats.

Proper handling of guests by a club’s hostess usually encourages guests to buy more items and to come back again, thereby enhancing the revenue of the organization.

She is expected to dress well and attractively, and also to be jovial and highly interactive.

She is expected to wear cheerful looks always as this can impact on how clients respond to the company’s offers.

The club hostess is the very first person that guests will see when entering the restaurant, therefore, she should be fully aware of her role and play same to perfection.

To succeed on the job, the hostess should work with a positive attitude and handle things as if she owns the club.

Club Hostess Job Description Example/Sample/Template

To work as a hostess in a club can be fun, but it is also demanding as you deal with guests of different background. Here is an example of job description, detailing common duties, tasks, and responsibilities that club hostesses typically carry out:

  • Have good knowledge of the design of the restaurant or club as well as the menu
  • Direct clients to any room or section of the building they may need to assess, like the restroom, etc.
  • Help clients in choosing their food or drink from the list on the menu
  • Know about the position number of all the seats located at the bar
  • Be fully aware of how to provide water for clients and also where to gather such guests when their tables are ready
  • Provide needed answers to clients seeking clarifications on items on the menu
  • Feel comfortable and at home in the presence of clients; this is further promoted by good knowledge of menu and modus operandi of the restaurant or club
  • Ensure that clients are always comfortable by talking to them when necessary to ensure they feel welcome
  • Offer the right entertainment item to lone clients, like magazine or newspaper
  • Make sure the restroom, shower, and other parts of the club or restaurant is kept clean.

Club Hostess Job Description for Resume

If you need to prepare a resume for use in seeking a club hostess job, the above sample job description will be of good use to you.

The highlighted tasks and responsibilities for the role are relevant information for making the work experience section of the resume, which helps employers to see that you can perform on the job excellently.

Club Hostess Requirements: Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities for Career Success Job

A club hostess stands a greater chance of succeeding on the job if she has developed the following abilities, knowledge, and skills:

  • Possess excellent skill in customer service
  • Ability to maintain friendly and clean demeanor, irrespective of the situation
  • Possess professional ethics to enable easy dealing with unruly or impatient customers
  • Ability to respond quickly and intelligently to requests or questions from clients
  • Possess excellent decision-making skills
  • Ability to work under stressful condition
  • Possess perfect verbal and written communication skills
  • Possess excellent organization skill.

Club Hostess Skills for Resume

The highlighted skills above are also what most employers normally require when screening applicants for the job of club hostess.

To make a good impression on the minds of employers and be considered for an interview, it is wise to prepare the skill section of your resume with the above given skill set for the position.