Category Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 6, 2023
Category Manager Job Description
Category Managers develop strategies for the success and profitability of their units.

This post presents exhaustive information on the category manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the category manager role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Category Manager Do?

A category manager is an individual that oversees the management, pricing, sales, and in some cases the distribution of a particular type of product that is offered by a company.

As a specialist in a particular product category, his/her knowledge of that product will enhance its marketing/promotion and pricing and make it visible, readily available, and enticing to customers at large.

The job description of the category manager usually entails being responsible for placing orders for new inventory (when old stock depletes), organizing products within the company, and pricing of products within the category/section that he/she is in charge of.

He/she also plays a role in the profitability of a company (optimize sales within a category) by increasing the quantity of products being sold within the particular category he/she is in charge of, and also increasing the pace at which there is turnover in inventory.

The manager in some cases oversees a number of categories or a number of products within a particular category.

He/she must also have good knowledge of the need of consumers in relation to the product, the company’s sales target, and the buying practices that are related to the product category.

In a bid to optimize sales, the category manager work description also covers maintaining a good relationship with re-sellers/re-distributors that purchase from the company, and also develop a satisfying relationship with other customers.

Maintaining a good relationship with re-sellers will ensure a smooth and steady flow of products in and out of the firm (in the form of sales and replacement of stock).

The effective management of a good relationship between the category manager and re-sellers/customers is the key to the success of a product category.

It is also through customers that the manager will know the kind of product that best suits his/her target customers.

He/she is also responsible for the negotiation of prices, delivery, and terms of payment with re-sellers/re-distributors, which tend to determine the profit size/margin of the product (usually because they buy in bulk).

When it comes to marketing of products, it is the category manager that makes sure there is a successful marketing method which usually entails putting up the right product at the right time, and also at the right price.

His/her description also involves making plans and forecasts to maximize profit. He/she makes sure there is a balance between forecasts and actual sales.

Category Manager Job Description Example/Template

Category managers perform various functions to achieve success for their products, both in terms of sales and profitability.

The job description example below highlights primary tasks, duties, and responsibilities that characterize the role:

  • Develop and maintain cordial relationship at all times with re-sellers/re-distributors, as well as with customers
  • Carry out procurement (placing of order, making necessary payments and documentation of purchases) of new products for the category and take stock of inventory at all times to know when it is time to place orders for new products
  • Create and develop long term plans and strategy for the success of assigned product category
  • Create exit strategies for products that are not successful in the market
  • Analyze data concerning the particular products in a bid to understand trends and consumer needs
  • Make sure that product category is positioned at an easily visible place for customers to see
  • Work hand-in-hand with the marketing team to determine pricing models and any form of promotional activity that will enhance sales
  • Relay information about new products and changes (as the case may be) to important teams within the organization
  • Help in the development of budgets and management of expenses
  • Attend to customers’ needs effectively.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, Abilities – for Category Manager Job

To be hired for the category manager position, most employers may expect you to meet the following requirements:

  • Communication Skill: A good category manager must be able to communicate effectively with both customers and top management within an organization. That is to say that he/she must possess good communication and interpersonal skills
  • He/she must display good signs of being creative, especially when it comes to thinking and thought patterns
  • He/she must have a competitive attitude so as to be able to thrive in the market place, and must be aware of trends concerning not only his/her products, but also that of fellow competitors
  • The Category Manager must have good analytical skills and also be able to forecast market trends in order to ensure availability of products for consumers at every point in time
  • Good negotiation skill is needed to succeed in this career, especially when it comes to procurement and purchases
  • A degree in Business management/administration, marketing, or any other relevant discipline is usually required
  • 2-5 years of experience as a category manager in any organization
  • Solid knowledge of basic computer operations.


If you are an employer in the process of hiring for the position of category manager, the sample job description provided in this post can help you in writing one for your company.

You can simply edit content of the sample copy to capture important duties and responsibilities peculiar to your business operation and create a good work description that can get you the best category managers available.

You will also find this post useful if you are aspiring to get into the category manager career and want to learn about the role. The detailed tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the position shared in this article will surely improve your knowledge of the career.