Business Project Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 11, 2023
Business Project Manager Job Description
Business Project Managers ensures team members understand and execute projects in line with the objectives and goals of their organizations.

This post provides detailed information on the business project manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the business project manager role.

What Does a Business Project Manager Do?

A business project manager can be described as one whose responsibility is to deliver every project on time within the available budget and scope.

The business project manager job description entails managing the available resources and seeing to it that the project is executed on time.

This position requires the project manager to have a background in business; and the must-have skills needed to excel in this position are excellent management, budgeting, and analysis skills.

The business project manager heads the project team and is skilled at getting the best out of projects and people he or she supervises.

He/she plans, supervises, and sees to the timely completion of projects; he/she works with projects teams.

Project managers normally work directly with the top management team of an organization in order to organize, coordinate, and prioritize on projects that are in line with the achievement of the firm or business general objectives or goals.

It is the duty of the manager to assign tasks to each member of the project team according to their strengths, and to make sure the team members understand the business objective(s) and execute the project in line with the organization’s objective(s).

It is also the role of the business project manager to ensure that the project team is provided with the relevant resources needed for the efficient and timely execution of the project(s).

He/she prioritizes and/or gives preference to activities or projects that will lead to the attainment of the business’s general objective(s).

His/her work description also involves communicating with the project team to be in the know of current progress of each individual and/or group project(s); updating the top management on the progress of each project and getting feedback from them.

And when necessary, the project manager re-prioritizes on projects that will lead to the attainment of the organization’s general objective(s).

Business Project Manager Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Business project managers perform various functions to ensure that projects under his/her supervision are well coordinated and executed efficiently and on time. These activities are carried out bearing in mind the objectives of the organization.
The sample job description below shows the kind of duties, responsibilities, and tasks business project managers are expected to perform in most organization:

  • Responsible for coordinating internal resources and vendors for the smooth execution of the project(s)
  • Ensure that project(s) are delivered on time and within the budget and scope
  • Responsible for the availability and efficient allocation of resources
  • Responsible for the development of a detailed project plan to monitor the progress
  • Responsible for developing project(s) objectives and scopes, involving all relevant stakeholders and also ensuring technical feasibility of the project(s)
  • Responsible for managing the changes in project scope, schedule, and cost
  • Measure project performance using the appropriate tools and techniques
  • Perform risk management analysis in order to minimize project risk
  • Create and maintain project documentation
  • Responsible for managing the relationship with clients and stakeholders
  • Responsible for establishing and managing the relationship with vendors.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the role of a Business Project Manager

A typical business project manager usually possesses certain skills, abilities, experience, and qualifications that enable him/her succeed in this role.

When hiring for the position, employers usually set them as requirements that applicants must meet to access the job, they include:

  • Must possess excellent client-facing and internal communication skills
  • Must be able to communicate fluently in both spoken and written English
  • Must possess good organizational skills and must pay attention to details
  • Must be able to multitask and prioritize assignments
  • Must have a good background in a business related field of study
  • Must have experience working in a similar role or as a project administrator
  • Must be proficient in using Microsoft office applications
  • Must possess good interpersonal skills
  • Must be able to plan and manage efficiently
  • Must have good leadership and analytical skills.


This post will be useful to you if you are an employer needing to hire a good business project manager. You can apply the sample job description as a template in creating the perfect description of the business project manager job in your company.

With a detailed description, you can improve your chances of attracting the best project managers for your business that you desire.

You will also find this article helpful in learning about what business project managers do if you are interested in a career in project management.