Brink’s Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

By | August 16, 2023
Brink’s Hiring Process
To be hired at Brink’s you will need to successfully pass through the company’s hiring process. Image source: belfasttelegraph.

Brink’s Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The hiring process at Brink’s involves various stages, including the job application and interview processes you must successfully complete to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Brink’s recruitment process and improve your chances of gaining employment with the Company:

Brink’s Company Overview

Brink’s, professionally known as Brink’s Inc., is a private security and protection company in the United States, specifically headquartered in Virginia.

The company’s brand and reputation is recognized globally, and currently serves over 100 countries, having around 134,000 employees.

It is engaged in the operation of about 1,100 facilities and 13,000 vehicles.

This establishment was born out of the Pittston Company after Pittston sold its assets in 2000, and then changed its brand name to The Brink’s Company in the year 2003.

Moreover, Brink’s conducts most of its businesses outside the U.S., and is worth billions of dollars by revenue.

The Brink’s Hiring Process

Brink’s usually finds candidates to hire into various positions by applying its hiring process.

The Brink’s hiring process consists of the following stages:

  1. The Job Application Process

To become an employee at Brink’s, you have to begin with submission of your application online.

This is normally done by visiting the company’s site and filling the application form with all the necessary information that will be required from you.

During the online application, you will be asked to choose a specific job category. After that, the website will bring you the list of jobs within the category that you have chosen.

Click on your preferred job, and apply for it.

Your personal information, such as names, location, phone number, gender, and email, and any other necessary details will be needed to be filled.

2. Assessment Test

The job assessment test is one of the most important areas to look out for when applying for a job, since passing the test will make you continue the recruitment process.

This process is a questionnaire, containing specific number of questions that are based on the applicant’s role and personality.

This assessment test will help the recruiting team in identifying an appropriate staff to work at Brink’s.

Before the commencement of the test, you will be notified and given detail information via your email on how to participate.

Passing this assessment test will require you to know what the role you applied for entails.

3. Interview Process

When Brink’s contacts an applicant for interview, it shows they have interest in the applicant’s expertise and would like to make him or her part of the work team.

In similarity to other organisations, Brink’s conducts two types of interview most times.

The first interview will be conducted by the recruiting team via a phone call, and it normally last for some minutes.

The second and last interview will be an in-person interview conducted by the hiring manager or a group of professionals at Brink’s.

The in-person interview is always a tough experience, especially when your role is highly significant to the company.

Many of the Brink’s interview questions will be based on your role, expertise, salary expectation, availability, and what you know about Brink’s.

Early preparation prior to the interview is highly recommended to ensure that you successfully pass the interview.

Here are some things to note when preparing for an interview at Brink’s:

  • Make some research about Brink’s, and have solid knowledge about the company’s history, values, and culture.
  • Don’t sound clueless or unsure when answering questions.
  • Try as much as possible to have more knowledge on what the interview process entails. You can enquire from an existing employee at the company who is occupying the role you applied for.

4. Orientation

Newly employed individuals at Brink’s normally undergo a compulsory orientation programme before they start working with other employees.

The orientation is always taken seriously by the company, and is conducted to ensure that the new employees are well-informed about their duties/responsibilities in their various departments.

The orientation also educates the new employees about the company’s policies, history, and culture. It lasts for just a day or two, depending on the role.

How Long Does Brink’s Hiring Last?

Receiving an employment-call from Brink’s after you must have successfully completed the company’s hiring process might take a bit long most times.

According to some employees, it takes about 2 months to get employed after the interview, and it doesn’t take that long sometimes (depending on the role).

Just like other large organisations, Brink’s has a very large number of applicants who want to get a job. Making a selection and choosing the appropriate employee(s) is the identified cause for a delayed response.

Brink’s Jobs and Careers

Brink’s offers various jobs and career opportunities, including the following:

  • Customer retention representative: This employee is responsible for maximizing opportunities to re-establish excellent customer service, and then working with clients who are highly concerned about the home security alarm accounts. He or she also urges clients to benefit from a security system through Brink’s while attending and consoling clients with sad feedbacks about the company’s service.
  • Cashier: This employee is in charge of recovering opening cash box from guard services in Brink’s and maintaining the register, silverware cart, and beverage counters. He or she also writes daily menu on board and restocks paper/food items for cafeteria operations.
  • Vault processor: This employee is very important to Brink’s. He or she helps to process and verify outbound and inbound liability while guaranteeing accuracy. A vault processor is also responsible for monitoring the process performance and machines in order to guarantee efficiency.
  • ATM coordinator: This employee is the main point of contact for potential ATM customers. He or she coordinates the activities performed in the operation of different ATM fields, offers a very good customer service and helps to link the communications between Brink’s branches and its customers. He or she is also responsible for the maintenance of the ATM database, and then makes sure that the branch of the ATM is able to access emergency cash.

What to Expect Working at Brink’s

Working at Brink’s gives you an opportunity to grow your career efficiently and network with fellow colleagues that are well-knowledgeable in your field.

Most of the employees at Brink’s are very friendly and everyone gets to experience a good work life balance at the company.

Very good wages are being paid, and guidance is always provided to perform a responsibility that seems impossible or difficult.

However, some previous employees at Brink’s dislike the company for not having reasonable and considerate managers who don’t care much about the welfare of employees.

There are also lots of work to do and difficult tasks to perform, depending on your role.


Brink’s is a thriving establishment that is known all over the world. Thousands of employees have been privileged to secure a job and then build a successful career there.

The information provided in this article will help applicants learn the best ways to submit a job application and sit for an interview successfully at Brink’s and increase their chances of being hired at the company.