Boeing Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

Boeing Hiring Process
You chances of getting employed at Boeing are brighter if you knew the company’s hiring process. Image source: pbs.

Boeing Hiring Process: Job Application, Interview, and Employment

The hiring process at Boeing involves various stages, including job application and interview processes you will need to complete to be employed by the Company.

Please, continue reading to learn about the Boeing recruitment process and increase your chances of gaining employment with the Company:

Boeing Company Overview

Boeing is an American world renowned aerospace company that is engaged in the design, building, and sales of airplanes, satellites, missiles, rotorcraft and equipment used in telecommunications.

The company is ranked among the top aerospace manufacturers globally, and also the no 1 exporter in the U.S in terms of dollar value.

Boeing began has been in operation since the year 1916, after William Boeing founded it in the month of July 1916.

It is headquartered in Chicago Illinois, and is currently led by Dennis Muilenburg – CEO and president of the company.

The Boeing Hiring Process

Boeing usually finds and hires competent employees through an established hiring process.

The Boeing hiring process consists of the following stages:

  1. Job Application Process

Submitting an online application is the initial thing to do when applying for a job at Boeing.

Simply visit the company’s career site and fill an application form and submit.

The form will require some necessary details from you. Ensure to provide all the required information so the recruiting team can treat the application seriously.

Personal information, such as your name, phone number, location, email address, and a few other details will be required to be provided in the application form.

The online application might also request for your resume or CV, so ensure to include it.

2. Online Aptitude Test

After the completion of your online application form, you will be notified to know if you can proceed to the next stage of the hiring process – the aptitude test.

The test may involve three sections:

  • Situational judgment test: During this part of the test, you will be given some scenarios that you might experience as a Boeing employee; you will have to detect the best and most horrible courses of actions. It would be necessary for you to apply common sense, and the appreciation of the criteria to succeed in a professional environment, and to offer appropriate responses.
  • Numerical reasoning test: This test is conducted to examine if you are ably to understand formerly unseen passage – including its data. You will need to calculate basic GCSE mathematics, and each question in this test must be answered in less than one minute.
  • Technical test: This particular test is conducted to examine your practical skills. For instance, if an applicant is seeking for engineering, IT, or data analytic roles, he or she will undergo a test based on the crucial skills, mechanical, or programming knowledge.

3. Phone Interview

Once you have passed the aptitude test successfully, you will be contacted to participate in a phone interview conducted by a professional at the company.

You should consider this interview to be an opportunity for you to show your passion and potential skills that make you appropriate for the position chosen.

It is usually a competency based interview, and will focus on your personal motivations for the job and your resume or CV.

It is recommended to review your resume and create instances of scenario where you exhibited the vital skills of an ideal employee.

4. Boeing Assessment Centre

A screening exercise at the Boeing Assessment Centre comes after the phone interview. If you pass the phone interview, the recruiting team will contact you to come to the Assessment Centre to participate in some exercise alongside other applicants.

The exercises you might undergo are:

Boeing Group Exercise: this group exercise is being conducted to know if you are able to work with a team efficiently. During the task, various Boeing workers will closely detect your problem – solving skills when working with a team. It is advised to confidently share and argue for your ideas, but be prepared also to make contributions to the input of someone else.

Presentation exercise: This exercise is conducted by the recruiting team to test your communication skills.

During the exercise, the assessors will be observing your body language and manner of approach to know if you are able to deliver a professional presentation, participate in group discussions, and make your audience understand your opinion.

While making your presentation, try as much as possible to make frequent eye contact with your audience, stand straight, and don’t rush your words.

5. Final Interview

Participating in a final interview is the last stage of the hiring process. It is an in-person interview usually conducted by senior personnel or with some managers.

The duration of the interview depends on the role you applied for. But generally, it doesn’t take more than an hour to conclude.

The Boeing interview questions may include:

  • What do you do when an assigned task seems impossible to handle?
  • How would you relate with an intolerable manager?
  • What is your salary expectation?
  • Do you have any tangible reason why you should be hired?
  • What was your former work experience like?

According to most employees, the final interview is not as difficult as people assume. However, that shouldn’t prevent you from making preparations towards the interview.

When preparing for the interview, it is recommended to:

  • Perform a research about Boeing.
  • Be ready to provide strong reasons why you should be employed.
  • Don’t be in a rush to answer questions, but ensure to be brief when answering questions.

6. Orientation

Newly employed workers at Boeing usually participate in an intensive training and orientation, which educate and inform them about their roles and the principles of the company.

Some positions do not require a long-term training, while some demand very long training which last several weeks.

In addition, Boeing has a special department responsible for the orientation and training process, and they also make it a bit easy for participants to undergo the process.

How Long Does Boeing Hiring Last?

After the completion of the Boeing hiring process, it might take up to a few weeks or months before you get a call for employment.

This is due to the large number of people that were also interviewed for the same position that you applied for.

The company needs sufficient amount of time to decide who the job would be given to.

Boeing Jobs and Careers

The jobs and careers that are offered at Boeing are numerous; however, here are the major ones:

  • Aerospace engineer: This employee is responsible for designing, gathering, writing control software, demonstrating performance, and working on a flight test program. He or she will also work with the companies building the most evolved weapons system globally in the high quality environment of advanced and hypersonic weapon systems.
  • Operations controller: This employee is responsible for preparing monetary reports, budgets, and financial prediction regularly. He or she also monitors accountants to ensure that analysis and accounting tasks are being performed correctly.
  • Logistics and inventory specialist: This employee receives and tracks every material that is delivered to the site, and assures a secured delivery to the correct party. He or she is also in charge of moving materials between warehouses using a whole documented traceability.
  • Senior software developer: This individual is responsible for providing technical guide in designing and developing software. He or she will also assist in maintaining and upgrading already existing software applications.
  • Aircraft maintenance technician: This employee is responsible for inspecting and supervising transit aircraft activity, routine and non-routine line upkeep services. He or she also has a responsibility in inspecting, servicing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing of aircraft engines and airframe.
  • Business operations specialist: This employee will collaborate with the team in charge of commercial aerospace licensing, to integrate and execute their plans, programs, strategies, and processes so as to achieve business objectives and goals.

What to Expect Working at Boeing

Working at Boeing gives you the opportunity to get yourself educated more about your profession and then build a successful career.

There is opportunity for advancement, and the company has a very good culture.

Most employees commend the management for providing an amazing work life balance and large benefits. However, some previous employees at Boeing make complaints about the company not paying a wage that is worth your service.

However, some previous employees at Boeing make complaints about the company not paying a wage that is worth your service.

You might find it hard to get assistance from co-workers when performing a very difficult task, and the company does not promise job security.


Boeing is a company that has helped thousands of professionals to secure a job, by providing employment opportunities for them.

They are known for creating flexible working hours for their employees, and providing a good platform to learn and advance in their careers.

Gaining employment at Boeing can be easier if you follow the ideas on the hiring process at the company shared on this page.