Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk Job Description Sample, Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities – #2

By | September 3, 2023
Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk job description, duties, tasks, and responsiblities
Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerks provide various support services to the billing, collections, and payroll departments. Image source:

Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk Job Description Sample – #2

The billing and payroll accounting clerk position in a company offers various support services to the billing, collections, and payroll departments.

Individual who work in this position are responsible for accurate and speedy processing of all billing and payroll issues.

The billing and payroll accounting clerk job description usually entails identifying and distributing all incoming billing claims; processing and maintaining payroll records, and producing needed payroll tax payments.

This is an important role within a company and requires individuals who have the ability to pull information together and do a perfect analysis of it, in order to identify and provide solution to problems.

The accounting clerk responsible for billing and payroll is also expected to display a great deal of professionalism and promptness to duty in dealing with difficult customers or clients which they might have to face in the course of their work.

Accuracy and meticulousness in performing tasks are also important to the work of this clerk to ensure quality delivery and customer satisfaction.

He/she should be able to quickly adjust to frequent changes in the work place, manage several competing requests, and handle delays or unanticipated events.

Sample Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk Job Description

Here is a sample description for the job of an accounting clerk who is involved in billing and payroll duties.

  • Follow established guidelines, policies, and procedures in performing all areas of weekly payroll processing and balancing for several divisions
  • Gather, arrange, and input payroll date correctly and timely
  • Ensure reports are balanced and records are properly maintained
  • Perform weekly and monthly billing processing for several divisions
  • Process clients’ invoices per contracts delivered
  • Responsible for taking collections and posting payments correctly
  • Provide appropriate answers to clients’ questions
  • Create several reports using Excel and make sure all records are properly maintained
  • Responsible for initiating and creating debit and credit memos
  • Provide solutions to invoices with problem by carrying out relevant investigation
  • Ensure all incoming and outgoing mails are processed
  • Establish, calculate, maintain and process payroll for hourly and salaried employees every two weeks
  • Operate and examine payroll register and reports to detect possible errors for correction
  • Ensure accurate records of payroll by carrying out regular system updates in areas like status changes, benefits deductions, time off accruals, and tax withholdings
  • Process garnishments, child support orders, any other involuntary deductions for appropriate deduction and payment
  • Provide agencies of state and federal governments needed payroll and billing information.

Preparing a resume for the billing and payroll accounting clerk:

You will need to have a good resume ready if you are looking for a new job as an accounting clerk responsible for payroll and billing functions.

To create such resume requires information about the job, like the one conveyed in the job description example above.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Position of Billing and Payroll Accounting Clerk

The following attributes will aid the effectiveness of the individual performing the role of an accounting clerk for billing and payroll.

These form some of the requirements employers usually demanded from applicants when hiring for the position.

  • Completed high school and obtains a diploma or its equivalent, however, possession of Associate Degree in Accounting is preferable
  • Two to three years experience working with Payroll processing or other relevant experience
  • Strong ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time, prioritize assignments, and ensure details are followed in executing tasks
  • Possess two to three years bookkeeping experience with strong knowledge of general principles of accounting, its processes and procedures
  • Ability to keep information with the highest level of confidentiality and apply utmost discretion
  • Ability to operate and utilize adding machines, personal computers and printers
  • Possess working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Outlook, and Excel applications; and QuickBooks
  • Possess outstanding problem solving skills; written and verbal communication skills; and the ability to work independently without much supervision.

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