Best Jobs for Sociology Degree Graduates

By | October 20, 2023
Jobs for Sociology Degree Graduates
Sociology degrees offer opportunities to access some of the most exciting jobs.

Best Jobs for Sociology Degree Graduates

This post provides detailed information on some of the best jobs you can get as a sociology degree graduate, including what they do and the salary they earn.

Update: This article was first published in 2018, however, our editorial team has confirm that the various jobs presented here are still relevant for anyone with a sociology degree today and beyond 2018.

The world is not ruled by doctors, engineers, and financial experts alone; sociologists too share in the booty and they pull their weight in certain areas of human life, in which even an engineer or doctor may not be able to feature.

This post focuses on employment opportunities for sociologist in the coming year, that is, best jobs for anyone with a sociology degree.

Here they are:

Advice Worker

A sociologist graduate can work perfectly well as an advice worker. His/her duties and responsibilities are highlighted below:

  • Providing helpful information to the organization’s clients via email, phone call or in person
  • Maintaining administrative systems and confidential case records
  • Ensuring confidentiality and impartiality whenever he/she is dealing with clients
  • Setting up focused support groups
  • Providing talks and training to external organizations or internal staff
  • Compiling statistics and writing reports on various services provided and cases covered
  • Keeping updated information about policies and legislation
  • Leasing with both external organizations and internal departments
  • Referring the clients to various external sources where they can get help, like special case workers, social workers and solicitors
  • Mediating on behalf of the client, like attending meetings, making phone calls or writing letters
  • Promoting any service on offer by the organization and also distributing various publicity materials
  • Providing support for clients and helping them to decide on what the best course of action is, based on available information
  • Conceding all available options and also identifying all possible course of action.

Advice worker salary: The salary for this position is between £23,000 and £36,000 yearly.

Community Development Worker

The sociology graduate can fit perfectly into the task of a community development worker. His/her responsibilities are highlighted below:

  • Identifying community needs, issues, assets and skills
  • Providing general administrative duties
  • Challenging any inappropriate behavior
  • Encouraging community participation in activities
  • Overseeing the proper management of the limited budget available for specific community project
  • Planning, coordinating, and attending various community events and meetings
  • Training and recruiting voluntary and paid staff members
  • Mediating in matters of community conflicts
  • Liaising with individuals and interest groups in the community to establish new services
  • Raising and properly managing funds
  • Preparing community policies and reports
  • Helping to raise awareness of the general public regarding issues that are relevant to the community
  • Ensuring that people at the community have their say
  • Building effective and collaborative link with other agencies and groups• Developing new sources of resources and evaluating all existing programs.

Community development worker salary: He/she is paid between £15,500 and £26,000 yearly.

Family Support Worker

The need of the family can determine what the role of the sociology gradate is in this job. However, his/her general duties and responsibilities are highlighted below:

  • Carrying out initial assessment of the needs of the families to enable easy identification of what they need and proper planning on how to meet such needs
  • Undertaking regular meetings for caseload review with families and individuals during community and home visits so as to ensure that the family is fully supported and progressing in their bid to achieve their desired outcomes
  • Working together with social and health care professionals, colleagues and multi-agency organizations for proper evaluation of caseloads required and to also access any progress already recorded
  • Adhering properly to all professional practice legislations and standards, including inclusion policies, diversity, equality, safeguarding, and confidentiality
  • Being up to date on local service provision knowledge to ensure appropriate referrals and signposting
  • Managing commitments administration and personal workloads
  • Providing help to children with development and learning challenges
  • Improving on parents’ understanding of various play and education strategies
  • Providing adoptable budgeting and home management advice to parents.

See detailed family support worker job description.

Family support worker salary: It is between £17,000 and £24,000.

Social Worker

The sociology graduate can also perfectly fit into the role of a social worker. He/she is expected to work with young people as well as their family members. Some of the duties they are required to perform are highlighted below:

  • Conducting interviews with families and individuals to review and assess their peculiar situations
  • Writing and undertaking assessments that meet specified timescale and standards
  • Offering support and information
  • Managing and organizing support packages that will enable family members and individuals lead life to the fullest
  • Making decision and providing recommendations about the right course of action for family members and individuals
  • Making referrals to and also liaising with other agencies
  • Participating in various multidisciplinary teams holding meetings on child mental health and protection
  • Preparing reports and maintaining accurate records for legal actions.

See detailed social worker job description.

Social worker salary: The salary is between £ 26,041 and £34,876.


If you have a degree in sociology and are looking for the best jobs you can get into, you can check out the areas that we have recommended in this post.