Client Services Manager Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Client services manager job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Client services managers are also responsible for ensuring that staff in the department are trained to provide excellent service to company customers.

Client Services Manager Job Description Example

What Does a Client Services Manager Do?

Client services managers are generally responsible for overseeing the activities of client service staff to ensure the needs of customers are met and their problems resolved.

The client services manager job description involves contacting clients to identify their needs, and then facilitate the process to meet the needs and requirements.

They also maintain regular contact with clients to ensure satisfaction with received product/service.

In performing their duties, client services managers act as a bridge between an organization and its clients; they ensure client satisfaction by duly fulfilling orders and on the other hand maximizing profits for a company.

Client services managers develop policies and procedures for the resolution of client issues and problems.

They take responsibility of arising client issues and proffer recommendations useful in addressing such problems.

They also ensure unsatisfied clients are compensated with free services, products, or discounts.

In fulfilling their role, client services managers provide customers with an elaborate explanation as may be required by them.

Client service managers oversee the hiring, orienting, and training of staff for the department.

Their work description also entails supervising and directing the activities of client service employees to ensure they comply with acceptable standards and achieve set objectives.

They also review personnel performance to acknowledge high-performing staff or counsel under-performing ones.

As part of their duties, client services managers set and enforce standards for client relations.

They develop policies and regulations necessary for ensuring client satisfaction.

They also carry out product/service assessments to ensure they meet the specifications set by clients.

Client service managers prepare and work around annual budget to achieve set objectives.

Their roles also involve ensuring the customer services unit of an organization delivers courteous and polite services to clients.

They coordinate and organize projects as well as implement strategies necessary for attaining project goals.

They may liaise with the production, marketing, and sales team to ensure products and delivery align with client services objectives.

They also monitor and ensure the customer relationship management database is up-to-date.

To access the client services manager job requires at least a high school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree in customer care management.

Some of the qualities necessary to succeed on the job include organizational, follow-up, and communication skills.

Client Services Manager Job Description Example/Template

In fulfilling their role, client services managers perform various tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

Given below is an example of the job description that dictates the work activities of client services managers in most firms:

  • Plan and organize the fulfillment of client orders to ensure timely delivery
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures necessary for meeting the requirements of clients and ensuring a satisfied clientele
  • Assist in resolving clients’ issues/problems by listening to complaints and proffering solutions effective for satisfactory resolution
  • Supervise company employees to ensure they comply with set client service standards in carrying out job duties
  • Prepare and manage budgets in order to achieve set targets and objectives
  • Proffer recommendations to clients and aid them in selecting suitable products/services that best meets their requirement
  • Maintain excellent customer service and ensure the customer service team adhere to acceptable standards for client service
  • Contact clients to ensure they are satisfied with received products and services
  • Collaborate with the marketing and sales division of a company to ensure their work operations align with the objectives of the client services unit
  • Communicate with clients to identify their preferences and facilitate the process to meet their needs and expectations
  • Designate work territories to client services staff and establish strategies necessary for achieving set targets
  • Provide clients with regular update and periodic statements to keep them abreast on changes in trends
  • Assess products/services to ensure they are up to the specification set by clients
  • Provide detailed explanations of product/service features to clients to aid their decisions on product choice
  • Carry out surveys and research to evaluate customer satisfaction level and discover better techniques for ensuring a satisfied customer base.

Client Services Manager Resume Preparation

If you are looking to create a client services manager resume, the above listed functions for the role will be useful in completing the work experience section of the resume.

If you have been a client services manager before, making the job experience part of your resume can be easy and fast by applying the sample job description provided above, which consists of the major duties and responsibilities of the position.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Client Services Manager Job

The qualities listed below are the usual requirements most employers will want you to meet to access the client services manager job:

  • Education and Training: To become a client services manager, you require at least a high school diploma. Having a Bachelor’s degree in customer care management increases job prospects. Prior experience and certifications in customer service are also essential for the position
  • Communication Skills: Client services managers are well versed in effectively communicating with clients to render services and resolve issues
  • Organizational Skills: They are able to coordinate the activities of client service teams to ensure delivery of high quality service
  • Follow-up Skills: Client service managers are adept at maintaining contact with clients to obtain feedback and ensure satisfaction.

Client Services Manager Skills for Resume

A resume for the client service manager job will be more effective if it has a section for highlighting the relevant skills that you have for the position.

Showing employers the skills you are bringing to your work that will enable you to carry out your job description effectively will convince them of your ability to actually succeed on the job.

The above required qualities provide the relevant skills for the position that you need to acquire and highlight in your resume’s skills section to capture employers’ attention.


If you are aspiring to work as a client services manager, the job description provided in this post will help you learn more about what they do and to prepare yourself for the job.

The sample job description above is also helpful to employers as a template in designing a work description that suits their firm’s requirements for the position in recruiting new client services managers to their organization and assigning tasks to them.

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