Assistant Operations Manager Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 2, 2023
Assistant Operations Manager Job Description
Assistant operations manager provides quality support to the operations management office to ensure company’s operations goes smoothly.

This post presents detailed information on the assistant operations manager job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements you may be expected to meet to be hired for the assistant operations manager role by most employers/recruiters.

What Does an Assistant Operations Manager Do?

An assistant operations manager works as a deputy to the manager in charge of an organization’s operations. He/she is responsible for carrying out different functions within the organization or company.

The assistant operations manager job description entails mapping out plans that will be of benefit to the company, making sure that the plans are put into good use.

It also involves helping in the sales and distribution of products offered by the company.

He/she is also in charge of making sure that there is smooth movement (delivery) of goods/services from the company to customers at all times.

The major role that an assistant operations manager plays is that of helping the senior manager in creating and managing the company’s staff schedule, and also in allocating daily tasks to capable staff.

In the process of recruitment, the assistant conducts interviews (or pre-interviews as the case may be) for prospective employees before sending them to the manager for further screening.

His/her work description may also entail providing training to fresh employees and helping them to ease into their new job (i.e. get accustomed to their new routines and procedures).

With the guidance and supervision of the operations manager, the assistant works hand-in-hand with the different units within the organization to make sure that every task that is being carried out in the company, is at least at par with already set-out benchmarks, or if possible surpasses the benchmarks.

He/she tackles operational issues in an effective and professional manner and may also be the one to complete the necessary paperwork that has to do with the company’s workers, such as employees’ payroll and performance sheets.

Assistant Operations Manager Job Description Example/Template

The assistant operations manager performs various functions in support of the senior manager of the department in ensuring a smooth flow of the company’s operations.

Here are typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities that assistant operations managers usually perform in most firms:

  • Provide support to the operations manager in the day to day running of the organization
  • Develop work rules and guidelines for company employees
  • Identify what is required for staff to carry out their duties
  • Schedule projects and ensure assignments are carried out as planned
  • Work hand-in-hand with top management staff concerning work/operational issues and other activities
  • Draw up reports regarding operations in the company and pass them to top management whenever it is requested for
  • May be responsible for preparing yearly budget for the company so that at the end of the year, performances(profits or losses) will be analyzed alongside the budget that was used
  • Serve as a guide to fresh employees so as to make sure that they adhere to company rules and that the result of their various tasks meet company standard
  • Oversee financial issues and the development of long term goals that enhance company growth
  • Carry out evaluation of company’s present operational goals and suggest ways of improving important areas
  • Maintain and organize company’s facilities
  • Educate operations team on company policies and excellent service standards.

Requirements – Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities – for Assistant Operations Manager Role

If you are applying for the assistant operations manager job, the following are common requirements you may be expected to meet by most employers to qualify for the role:

  • Must possess good communication skills on all fronts and must be someone that gets along pretty well with other people, i.e., musty have good interpersonal skills
  • He/she must also portray good leadership abilities
  • Must be able to work and deliver within limited time range or frame
  • Should be able to work as part of a team on a regular basis
  • He/she must have good analytical, problem solving, and organizational abilities
  • He/she must have a good understanding of how an administrative setting operates and also know what is required at any given time
  • A degree in any management or business related field
  • Experience of not less than 2 years in an administrative capacity
  • Certification in basic computer appreciation programs is also of great importance.


The sample assistant operations manager job description provided in this post will be useful to you if you are an employer looking to hire for the position.

You can use it to quickly create a detailed description for the assistant operations manager role that you are hiring for and get the best candidates to respond to your offer.

Also, people who are interested in the operations management career will find this article helpful in learning about the duties and responsibilities of the assistant manager.
Having this knowledge will enable them to make up their minds on getting into the career or not.