AAA Customer Service Representative Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 13, 2023
AAA Customer Service Representative Job Description
AAA Customer Service Representatives help members derive the benefits provided by the Association. Image source:

This post provides detailed information on the AAA customer service representative job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be asked to meet to be hired for the AAA customer service representative role by most employers/recruiters.

What Does an AAA Customer Service Representative Do?

AAA customer service representatives are responsible for ensuring excellent customer service delivery to the organization’s members.

The AAA customer service representative job description entails counselling the public on derivable benefits by AAA members, such as AAA credit card programs, AAA Premier, and AAA Plus.

It also involves promoting the sales of associate and primary memberships; assisting members with membership issues; and carrying out necessary changes on existing memberships.

The customer service representative’s role at the American Automobile Association, also involves processing reports and transactions where necessary.

He/she is expected to meet and exceed the minimum member satisfaction scores consistently.

He/she applies cross selling techniques and Touchpoints to promote positive member relations and improve the value of Club membership.

He/she provides assistance to members on all travel needs, including points of interest and accommodations.

The provision of AAA publications and other materials to members is also part of the duties of the customer service representative.

He/she is also responsible for making motel and hotel reservations for members, as well as counsel members on city tour/special package or on available travel promotions.

The AAA customer service representative work description also entails assisting members in obtaining inter-American/International Driving Permits; helping members to obtain car rentals; and taking passport photos.

It also includes selling travelers checks and various travel products; as well as selling all Club products to members, including entertainment tickets.

Customer service representatives at AAA are also involved in advising members on the importance of getting total travel protection, including AAA Premier, Associate Membership, AAA Plus, and other products whenever necessary.

They may also refer members to financial services and AAA Insurance Agency for review of homeowner and auto coverage.

Their tasks also involves providing assistance to association’s members on various reservation options, including amusement tickets, accommodations, ground transportation, and ferries by providing rates schedules and making bookings.

The description of the American Automobile Association customer service representative’s work entails receiving payments for various products and services from walk-in members, including travel agency purchases, membership dues, amusement park and entertainment tickets, and atlases.

He/she may also be required to perform the closing procedures for the branch and assist with the cash report and other activity reports.

AAA Customer Service Representative Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Customer service representatives working at the American Automobile Association, AAA, perform various functions in helping the association’s members interact effectively with the organization and derive the benefits due them as members.

The type of duties, tasks, and responsibilities assigned to customer service representatives at AAA depends on the major role they are expected to play.

For instance, customer service reps on insurance will have their job description somewhat different from those on road services, and from those at the branch office. Their work description will basically reflect their primary roles.

The following job description example aptly highlights the kind of duties and responsibilities commonly assigned to individuals who work at AAA Emergency Road Service as customer service representatives:

  • Receive through telephone and respond to requests for emergency road service professionally with assurance and empathy
  • Request the necessary information from member needing emergency road service and ensure a high degree of accuracy in entering data into an automated dispatch system; apply software programs to help in accurately mapping the location of the member and identifying tow destinations
  • Attend to members concerning arrival times, policies, products or services, and delays; ensure members’ requests and/or complaints are resolved to their satisfaction by applying problem-solving skills
  • Identify and take advantage of opportunities to cross sell programs, including promotions, battery service, and memberships
  • Carry out other job-related tasks as may be directed by management.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for the AAA Customer Service Representative Role

To be hired for the role of a customer service representative at the American Automobile Association, you may be expected to meet the following requirement:

  • Possess High School Diploma or an equivalent qualification such as the General Education Degree (GED)
  • Strong ability to operate as a team player and to easily adapt to changing conditions and priorities
  • Strong sales skills
  • Strong ability to maintain a high degree of customer service and to recommend and sell products and services to members
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to be able to exchange information effectively through spoken word both on the phone and in person
  • Strong basic mathematical skills; excellent problem-solving skills; and good knowledge of computer software programs
  • Strong ability to operate and maintain office equipment, give attention to detail, and to write information accurately and neatly
  • Strong ability to keep official information confidential
  • Previous work experience taking calls
  • Strong ability working in a high-stress, fast-paced environment
  • Strong geographic knowledge of AAA Club territory as well as the ability to read maps.


This post provides information about the duties and responsibilities, as well as a sample job description of customer service representatives working for the American Automobile Association, AAA.

This information can be applied in creating a detailed description of the position if you are an employer looking to hire for the role.

The information is also useful to individuals interested in starting a career with AAA as a customer service representative. They will be able to learn a great deal about the position and so will be able to make the right decisions about the career.