20 Common Wonderlic Test Sample Questions and Answers

20 Common Wonderlic Test Sample Questions and Answers.
You can increase your Wonderlic test score by practicing with sample questions.

20 Common Wonderlic Test Sample Questions and Answers

This post provides carefully selected samples of common Wonderlic test questions and answers to help you better prepare for the example to make a high score.

The test examples shared are similar questions to what you will actually encounter at the Wonderlic exam; they give you good ideas on the areas to focus your studies and preparation on.

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Are you acquainted with the Wonderlic test? This is not just one type of test. This is made up of different tests that can be used to assess diverse things.

There are some tests you will be required to take before you become employed and there are some that can be used to assess how good you are as a student.

There are also some tests that are just for testing how motivated you are on a job or project.

Through some of these tests, you will learn more details about your current character, and so much more.

If you would like to get a quick look at the common Wonderlic test sample questions and answers, this article will be of great help:

20 Common Wonderlic Test Sample Questions and Answers

Here are common Wonderlic test sample questions and answers to boost your knowledge of the exam:

  1. Round 907.457 to the nearest tens place

A. 908.00
B. 910.00
C. 907.50
D. 900.00
E. 907.46

Answer: B 910.00

  1. What is the price of cloth of 5 yards, if 1 yard is sold for $0.5?

A. $5
B. $2
C. $2.5
D. $2.55

Answer: C $2.5

By taking this free sample Wonderlic test, you are testing your cognitive ability as an intelligence test that evaluates a person’s ability to process information and problem-solve.

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  1. The ratio of the heights 1.50 m and 75 cm of two persons can be expressed as

A. 2:1
B. 1:2
C. 2:5
D. 1:50
E. 1:1

Answer: A 2:1

  1. The ratio of Bobby’s income to her savings is 4:1. The percentage of money saved by his is:

A. 5%
B. 10%
C. 15%
D. 20%
E. 25%

Answer: D. 20%. Formula: his savings: income + savings × 100

  1. The ratio of 5:9 is equal to

A. 37.55%
B. 35.75%
C. 47.35%
D. 55.55%
E. 75.75%

Answer: D. 55.55%. Formula: ratio 5:9 is equal to = (5/9) × 100 = 55.55

  1. The sixth month of the year is

A. August
B. September
C. January
D. June

Answer: D June


  1. SCRUPULOUS is the opposite of

A. Rigorous
B. Punctual
C. Negligent
D. Conscientious
E. Meticulous

Answer: C Negligent


  1. Does DIY mean “do it yourself”?

A. Yes
B. No

Answer: A – Yes. DIY is an acronym for “do it yourself”

Odd One Out:

  1. In the following set of words, which word does not belong?

A. Sanction
B. Designation
C. Approval
D. Authorization
E. Permission

Answer: B – Designation

Word comparison:

  1. ANTECEDE and PRECEDE: The meaning of these words are:

A. Similar
B. Contradictory
C. Neither similar nor contradictory

Answer: A – These two words, antecede and precede, have the same meaning which is going before something.


  1. ——– is to CLEANING as MEDICINE is to CURING?

A. Chore
B. Dirt
C. Soap
D. Germs
E. Shiny

Answer: C – Soap is a something used for cleaning as medicine is something used for curing.

Checking and Speed:

  1. These five pairs listed below, how many of them are exact duplicates? Truman. H.W. Trumen, H.W.Salif, O.L.Salif, O.J. Grinberg, A.L. Grinberg, A.L. Havanos, B.G. Havanos, B.G. Lichtenstein, D.W. Lichtenstein, D.W.

A. 1
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

Answer: B – Grinberg, A.L. and Havanos, B.G. are the two pairs that are exactly the same.

Deductive reasoning:

  1. If the first two statements are true, is the final statement true? 1. Black haired people are kind. 2. I am kind. 3. I have black hair

A. Yes
B. No
C. Uncertain

Answer: C – According to the first statement, we know that black-haired people are kind. But, that doesn’t mean that all people who are kind have black hair. So we cannot know for sure if the third statement is true.

General Knowledge:

  1. Which of the following has the biggest diameter?

A. The sun
B. The moon
C. Earth
D. Venus
E. A basketball

Answer: A. The sun

Math word problems:

  1. If 5 cookies cost $0.30, how much will 30 cookies cost?

A. $1.50
B. $1.80
C. $2.80
D. $5.30
E. $30.00
F. None of the above

Answer: B

Math word problems (ratio):

  1. Joe and Clifford have 56 marbles together. Clifford has six times the amount of marbles that Joe has. How many marbles does Joe have?

A. 8
B. 12
C. 32
D. 46
E. 49
F. None of these

Answer: A

Math word problem:

  1. A car travels 100 feet every 2 seconds. How far will it travel in 36 seconds?

A. 1,670 ft
B. 1,836 ft
C. 200 ft
D. 286 ft
E. 1,480 ft
F. None of these

Answer: F

Number series:

  1. In this series, what is the next number? 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, __.

A. 40
B. 48
C. 24
D. 88
E. 42
F. None of these

Answer: B – Each number in the sequence in the above series increases by 4.

Math word problem (percentage):

  1. 17 lung diseases are curable out of 20; the percentage of lung diseases that are curable is?

A. 17%
B. 72%
C. 85%
D. 87%
E. 90%
F. None of these

Answer: C – 85%

Math word problem:

  1. Tony, Bill, and Geoffrey form a business agreement in which Tony receives 20% of profits, Bill receives 70% of profits, and Geoffrey receives the remaining 10%. The amount of $6,600 was the total profits for the month of June. How much more would Geoffrey receive if they had equal profit sharing?

A. $1,540
B. $1,820
C. $1,900
D. $2,180
E. 2,200
F. None of these

Answer: A


You can see from this post that for you to excel on the Wonderlic test, you must practice and learn the techniques required, and also read through past questions and answers as many times as you can.

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