10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Test Scores

Wonderlic Test Scores
A high score in your Wonderlic test will increase your chances of being selected for the job or role above other candidates.

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Test Scores

This post helps you learn how the Wonderlic test is scored; the range of high and low scores, the average score, and where you are rated on the percentile range of human intelligence by your Wonderlic score.

How Wonderlic Test is Scored

It is very easy to understand the scoring for the Wonderlic test. Out of a total of 50 questions, you get one point added to your score for every correct answer.

If you can answer 20 questions correctly, that means you have gotten 20 scores. The highest level of score you can achieve is 50, while the lowest is 0.

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Test Scores

Here are important things you ought to know about the Wonderlic test scores:

  1. The Average Score for the Wonderlic Test

The average score for the Wonderlic test is 20 out of 50. An average of 10 and above scored can be considered acceptable but the scorer is seen by most employers as suitable for less demanding professions.

Average test scores can remarkably vary between different professionals. For example, if you are aiming for a cashier’s position you can go with 21, but for a chemist, an average score of 31 is required.

As an applicant, if you can score well, you will set yourself apart from others competing for the same position.

You need to set a higher than average Wonderlic score if you want to increase your chances of being hired.

Completing the test in the allocated time of 12 minutes is not so easy, but you will get more scores and credibility if you can answer all the questions.

  1. A Good Score on the Wonderlic Test

The definition of what is a good score on the Wonderlic test varies, though the average score is 20.

Over and over again, the quality of the score can be compared to the types of position an applicant is pursuing.

For a systems analyst position, the score is 32 and the electrical engineer needs 30 scores, while an accountant needs 28, and so the list goes on.

  1. Delivery of the Wonderlic Test Results

The Wonderlic test results are seen as what belongs to the issuing company or organization because it is very difficult to set up your score unless the enterprise agrees to share the results with you dependent on their policy.

  1. The Wonderlic Scoring Methodology

The Wonderlic test taker must answer 50 multiple-choice questions in 12 minutes or less and the Wonderlic group test is available in more than 10 languages.

The questions become more challenging as you progress through the test, and each correct answer adds one point to your final score.

The Wonderlic score is calculated based on how many questions were answered correctly in the given time limit of 12 minutes, and the unanswered questions are scored as zero.

A Wonderlic test taker of average intelligence, like an IQ of 100, is represented by a score of 20 points, while a Wonderlic test taker who scores a minimum of 10 points is considered illiterate.

To achieve the highest Wonderlic test score, you will be required to answer all of the 50 questions to get 50 points before or within 12 minutes.

And you can score the lowest points, which is 0, by providing incorrect answers to the questions.

So, do you want the highest or lowest points? Sure you would want the highest points, but you got to be serious in your preparation to achieve this.

  1. The Wonderlic Scoring vs. Mensa Scoring

Mensa is an association for those who have an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) that falls within, or above the 98th percentile of the whole population.

The Mensa association, with its intense interest in intelligence testing, has carefully associated how your Wonderlic Score relates to your IQ.

  1. The Wonderlic Score’s Ability to Predict an NFL Player’s performance

History has made it that each year the National Football League’s (NFL) players would be chosen based on their high school and college football careers and their physical abilities.

In 1970, Tom Landry’s Dallas Cowboy during his hey-days considered utilizing the Wonderlic test to evaluate a draft prospect’s mental keenness and personality traits to decide which candidate would be most suitable working on the team.

Even to date, the Wonderlic test is still used as part of the National Football League’s Scouting Combine.

During the National Football League’s Scouting Combine, new NFL players have the opportunity to display their skills in the presence of the head coach and football scouts.

  1. How to Improve the Wonderlic Test Score

Are you worried about how you can make your Wonderlic test go successful? Are you a new applicant aspiring to land a dream job?

It is a common experience to feel nervous preparing for the Wonderlic test because even those who have taken it before still give the exam serious attention in order to get a good score.

Finding the Wonderlic test difficult or failing many times doesn’t imply that you have low cognitive skills.

The key to excelling on the test is to know the right approach to tackle the test, the subjects, and the question formats themselves, and take a lot of effective practice tests.

  1. Don’t Cheat In Order to Make Good Scores

Another way to beat the Wonderlic test is to focus on your own test, and not look for help from another person.

You will not be allowed to continue the test if you are caught cheating, and your potential college or employer will ignore the test score or even disqualify you from attending their school or being selected.

You should further make inquiries whether objects such as calculators, protractors, textbooks, notebooks, or dictionaries are allowed to enter with you to the exam venue on the test day.

  1. Practice to Improve the Wonderlic Score

Getting as much practice as you can is the next thing to do to improve your Wonderlic score.

There is an online Wonderlic practice test where you can learn the tactics of getting good scores on the test.

However, you can also practice through printed materials depending on your choice.

Getting enough practice will help you get familiar with the timed environment of the Wonderlic exam.

There are sample question banks that are designed to look like the original questions.

The sample questions will assist you to enhance your exam experience and improve your score greatly.

  1. The Wonderlic Test Score Percentiles

The Wonderlic test results can be charted similarly to common IQ tests like the Standard-Binet or Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, though it’s not an IQ test.

The Wonderlic results can be stored on a bell curve, with the highest and lowest scores representing the highest and the lowest percentiles, with the middle representing the majority of scores.

A score of 40 or higher represents the top 1%, and a score of 27 or higher represents the top 25th percentile, while a score between 17 and 26 represents roughly the middle 50th percentile, and a score of 16 or below represents roughly the lowest 25th percentile.


You post has shown that you cannot attain a high Wonderlic test score level without learning the right techniques.

The information in this article provides the tactics anybody preparing for the Wonderlic test should learn o beat the test.

Preparation for the Wonderlic test includes taking some practice tests whether online or offline and learning other methods required through constant practicing.

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