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How to Make a Great Score in Wonderlic Test

Start practicing for Wonderlic test today!

Wonderlic Test

If you are expecting to take the Wonderlic Test, it is important to know that:

1. The test consists of four categories  

The Wonderlic Test is in four categories: Numerical Reasoning (Math), General Knowledge, Abstract

 (Logical) Reasoning, and Verbal Reasoning,

However, much of the exam will consist of mathematical word

 problems, with many of them on fractions.

2. Short test duration

The most challenging thing for most candidates taking the Wonderlic Test is the short time to complete the exam.

You will be given 50 questions to complete in 12 minutes or 30 questions to complete in 8 minutes for the Wonderlic Quicktest (WPT-Q).

Whether you are taking the standard Wonderlic test of 50 questions in 12 minutes or the Wonderlic Quicktest (WPT-Q) of 30 questions in 8 minutes the time here is really short and gets lots of candidates nervous.

So, how can you answer all or most of the questions correctly within the time allotted?

The answer to that question is, “Practice, Practice, and Practice!”

You need to prepare for the Wonderlic exam by practicing for it.

You need to make your preparation result-focused and increase your ability to make top score by using proven and tested tools and techniques.

Fundamentals to Boost Your Wonderlic Test Score (Plus Free Practice Test)

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The package also include free practice test to help you further master the expected questions, gain confidence, and improve on your time usage.

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Wonderlic Practice Test

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